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Tsuna rubbed his eyes, fighting off the early morning grogginess. With a bit of a dazed expression, he pulled on his white work coat, pausing briefly on his way to the door to put some order to his hair in the mirror in the foyer. He sighed, giving up a loosing battle with the rebellious brown spikes.

He tiredly pulled the door open, ready to make his wa-

"Good morning Tsunayoshi-sensei!!"



Red and blue eyes glowered sullenly behind dark blue bangs, flicking over to glance at a fidgeting male nurse.

"...I'm sorry, but, you really, really scared me!" Tsuna explained hastily to an unhappy Mukurou as they entered the school gates. The Italian student frowned.

"All I did was say good morning to you, sensei. You didn't have to punch me in the face..." he pouted. Tsuna blanched.

"What was my reaction supposed to be?! You were right outside my door, just waiting there like a crazy person!!" Mukurou chuckled heartily as though the frantic man had just told a joke, and to the other students who had turned their heads at the commotion, that's how it would appear.

"But... I'm sorry Mukurou-kun..." Tsuna apologized sincerely, making Mukurou blink and heat up suddenly. Tsuna's 'sorry' expression was just too much for the black haired boy, who happily took in the view of those big amber eyes and small hands gripping a white lab coat with white knuckles...

Unfortunately for both Tsuna and Mukurou, not all students on campus at that moment appreciated the 'coziness' of their apparent conversation.

"Hah! Tsu-chan!"

No sooner had that delighted shout reached the pair that Mukurou narrowed his eyes and moved as close to Tsuna as possible. The elder man blinked, turning to see who had called him out in such an embarrassing way.

'Oh geeze... not today...' Tsuna mentally groaned, but gave a polite smile and bow to the young man strolling up to him. The reflection of the morning sun on gleaming white spikes of hair was killer on Tsuna's tired eyes, and he frowned at the ever present tattoo stuck right below a purple iris.

"Byakuran-kun, good morning...!" Tsuna greeted in as cheerful a voice as he could manage. He was awarded with the same smile Byakuran gave to everyone ever since transferring to Japan from Italy (along with Mukurou and his sister and a few other exchange students).

"Tsu-chan, it looks like you have something unsightly attached to your shoulder!" the white haired boy sang, pointing obviously at a smoldering Mukurou. Tsuna bristled in fear, paranoia clouding his ability to see that that 'thing' Byakuran was referring to was Mukurou.

"Ah?! What is it?! Mukurou-kun, get it off for me!! Please!!" he begged, clenching his eyes shut and becoming rigid. Mukurou rolled his eyes, reaching over and cupping Tsuna's chin, smirking when Byakuran's cocky grin slipped from his pale face.

"Naa, Sensei, there wasn't anything, Byaku-chin was just playing a cruel joke on you." the dark haired boy said in a calming manner. Byakuran's eyes narrowed while Tsuna exhaled in relief.

"Mou, Byakuran-kun! Don't scare me like that, I've had enough near heart-attacks for one morning! Oh crap it's morning! If I'm late to the staff meeting Hibari-san will kill me!" Tsuna shouted, gripping his hair. He gave a set of hasty bows to both Italian youths before rushing off into the school building. Mukurou's smile easily slipped off his face now that he was left standing beside a still waving Byakuran (who, incidentally, was still smiling).

"'Tsu-chan'...? Getting a little bold there, aren't you, Byaku-chin." the darker of the two drawled, mismatched eyes remaining straight ahead. Byakuran lowered his hands, shoving them into his pockets, his smile still smug as though he knew something everyone else didn't.

"Bold? Maybe a little. What happened to your cheek, Mukurou-kun? Sensei must really hate seeing your face so early in the morning, or, that's how it seems from an outside point of view." he said, sliding his cloudy purple eyes to fix on the side of his fellow classmates head. Mukurou shuffled his feet, turning to stare at the white haired boy.

"Since you saw that, that means you were waiting outside Tsunayoshi's apartment as well. Apparently though, some of us have more courage to show our face in front of the ones we stalk more then others." he said with a smirk. Byakuran smiled heartily right back.

"Even though you got hit rather then a kiss hello?"

Mukurou's smirk intensified, causing Byakuran's own to falter slightly.

"This here?" the dark haired boy started, touching the light bruise forming on his cheek. "This is perfect, actually."

He readjusted the book bag slung over his shoulder and began walking away, tossing a triumphant look over his shoulder.

"This just gives me a reason to visit the nurses office later."

Purple eyes narrowed under choppy white bangs.


Tsuna threw himself into the crowded teachers lounge, falling in a great flourish to the floor. The room fell into a sort of resigned silence before laughter and scoffs of 'that no-good nurse' flitted around without a care.

Blushing furiously, Tsuna began lifting himself up, only to be hauled up the rest of the way by strong grips on his arms.

"Ma ma Tsuna, you're entering the room in a funny way again!" came the cheery voice of Namimori High's Kendo teacher. Tsuna sighed, giving a warm smile to the taller (very much so) black haired man.

"Yamamoto, good morning." he said, dusting himself off. Yamamoto grinned back, his hands on the hips of his blue sweat pants. Tsuna instantly felt his early morning jitters die down, as they always did when this particular swordsman came around. He had just that special kind of calming affect that made you just want to take things easy.

"Na, is Hibari-san here yet?" the smaller of the pair asked, taking the cup of coffee Yamamoto offered and looking around. The taller man shook his head.

"Nope. I hear from Kusakabe that he stopped a group of students playing hooky, and is giving them a lecture." he said happily, though Tsuna instantly felt a rush of pity for the poor children who would no doubt have to stop by his office later for a patch job.


Tsuna's coffee was only just rescued by Yamamoto as a silver blur came torching across the room and took Tsuna into a spin. The male nurse yelped, clutching madly to the broad shoulders which were attached to the arms of the man attached to him at the moment.

"Go-Gokudera-kun! Put me down! Too high, too high!" Tsuna protested, kicking his feet frantically in search of the floor. There was a deep gasp and those feet did find the floor as Tsuna's captive released him.

"Yo, Gokudera!" Yamamoto handed a once again rattled Tsuna back his coffee and clapped a tall silver haired young man on the back, earning a glare from dusty green eyes.

"Hands off Baseball-nut." he snapped. His glare was instantly replaced with a smile and bright eyes as he looked back at the smallest of the group.

"Good morning Juudaime! Thank god its Saturday, huh!" he quipped, eager to make conversation. Tsuna sighed, offering Namimori's Music (piano) teacher the same warm smile he gave Yamamoto- though this one was a bit more exasperated.

"Good morning..." he said, even giving a small wave. Gokudera beamed, making sure to affix himself directly to Tsuna's side.

Tsuna himself didn't know why the half-Italian, half-Japanese man always insisted on calling him 'Juudaime'. It had been that way ever since Tsuna had first started working at the school a few years back, and had the absolutely terrifying job of helping the silver haired man to bandage some nasty burns (burns that he apparently didn't want to discuss how he had acquired, but it seemed to suspiciously occur after a large portion of the PE field was found 'exploded').

Tsuna allowed himself to relax against the window sill, making idle chit-chat with his two friends. Soon enough they were joined by Namimori's Physical Education teacher and Boxing team coach, the ever hot-blooded Sasagawa Ryouhei. After him the suave (and slightly air-headed) Italian as a Foreign Language teacher, Dino Chavillone sauntered over with a hand raised in greeting.

And so, Tsuna was at peace, just like this, things were fine.

He was even trying really, really hard to ignore the heated glares of the female staff members who all had their fierce, burning eyes stabbing into his back.

'What did I do..?! I'm not even doing anything!!' the nurse whined to himself, though it was all he could do since at that very moment, all attention went to the front of the room as Hibari was escorted in by his assistant, Kusakabe Tetsuya.

The air instantly went frigid.

"Meeting started. Are there any complaints about how this school is being run...?" Hibari inquired in his deep, perfectly even tone. As expected, there was silence, though Tsuna was tempted (deep down) to voice his own complaint. Hibari's eyes scanned the teachers and other staff, before turning to walk back to the door.

"Good. Meeting adjourned." he said to end any further need to be around a large group of people.

"Ah, wait, I'd like to say something...!"

Instantly Tsuna clamped a hand over his own mouth.

'What the hell did I just say out loud?!' he thought frantically, absolutely petrified at the fact that he had just gained every single pair of eyes in the room. And to be fair, he couldn't blame them all with their aghast expressions. He would think he was a dead man too.

In fact, he did.

"What was that... Sawada Tsunayoshi...?" Hibari asked in a tone that was far too deadly to be allowed so early in the morning. Tsuna gulped, a trickle of sweat running down his cheek.

"A-ah.. that's... I was just going to say... um..." he stuttered, eyes darting rapidly back and forth. Teachers and staff parted like the Red Sea as Hibari turned and began crossing the room in small, slow steps.

"Speak, Tsunayoshi. The classes will start soon and those who actually teach have to get to their classes, lest the students begin to loiter around." the tyrannical Principal said, making Tsuna wince. After all, he had always thought that the teachers looked down on him just because he was a nurse for the school and not an actual educator.

"Well... I just wanted to say... the t-teachers shouldn't let their students leave to m-my office if they're obviously... not... sick..." he trailed off as Hibari closed in. Luckily, Tsuna was sparred anything like what happened yesterday.

"Back the fuck up, Juudaime doesn't want you all up in his face!" Gokudera shouted, throwing himself in front of the smaller man. Hiabri narrowed his eyes, the light orbs clashing against Gokudera's own pair of angry green. This continued on for a moment or two, until the Principal broke it off by turning around again.

"Make sure your watch dogs are properly trained, Tsunayoshi. They might have to be put down." he warned, then left without another word. Tsuna breathed out a large breath he didn't know he had been holding, nearly collapsing from the relief.

"Maa, that guy pisses me off to the extreme..." Ryouhei growled, frowning at the door. Tsuna waved his hands with a nervous smile.

"M-mou, its okay, that's just how he is..." he reasoned.

"Sawada-san!" a female teacher snapped, standing with other like her, all with their arms crossed or on their hips. Tsuna gulped once more.

"As School nurse you shouldn't be calling out us teachers on how we do our job! How dare you accuse us of just letting our students leave whenever they feel like it!" she shouted, gathering support from her colleagues. Tsuna pulled back.

"I... I didn't mean it like that..! I'm just saying... I've been having Rokudou Mukurou-kun come into my office when he's not really injured... so I was just thinking that you could... double check to make sure the students who ask to leave are really feeling discomfort before letting them out..." he reasoned with a small voice. A few of the women scoffed.

"Rokudo Mukurou?! You want us to be stern with that child?!" a woman at the back spouted, sounding absolutely aghast. A large hand clapped down on Tsuna's shoulder, and he looked up to see his friend's all with amused smiles (except of course for one very disgruntled looking Gokudera).

"Well, because you're so cute Tsuna, I have to admit you're stuck when it comes to a few of the kids here who've taken a shine to you." Dino divulged with pity. Yamamoto laughed.

"I think he's got a point there! That Mukurou kid doesn't listen to anyone, and I don't think he really pays attention in class at all..." he said. Tsuna blanched.

'So instead of being bored in class he comes to scare me?!' the small brunette panicked. Just as another of the female staff opened her mouth for what was undoubtedly another rip at Tsuna's competence, she was blocked by what Tsuna could only see as several layers of broad backs.

"That's enough ladies. As fellow teachers in this school, I don't agree with anything you're saying." Dino reprimanded with a serious face.

"Yeah, A school needs a nurse. Who else is gonna help out when one of you starts getting a hot-flash or some kind of lady-shit in the middle of a class, huh?!" Gokudera snapped, upsetting the lot more then making them feel guilty. Yamamoto laughed and shook him by the shoulder until the silver haired man slapped him away, muttering in Italian (apparently nothing nice, as it made Dino frown and hit him).

"There there, the bell will ring soon, we've all got to prepare for classes now! Everyone have a good day!" The cheerful black haired Kendo instructor quipped, making the women blush and become disorganized in their flurry to get to their rooms as the bell chimed calmly.

Tsuna left after having to have Gokudera forcibly pried loose from his arm by Ryouhei, and the two silver haired men could now be found farther down the hall shouting obscenities at each other.

Though Tsuna was happy he had friends like that (an outsider could question if the other men thought themselves only of that level), he did wish that Hibari was willing to be his friend as well. Or at least act less like he wanted nothing more then to bite his head off.

Though, Hibari was Hibari, and Tsuna didn't think it was very fair of him to want someone to change who they were just because it scared the hell out of him. He thought of Mukurou in the same light.

The boy was a devil with a handsome face and smooth compliments, and really got on the short end of Tsuna's patience stick, but he meant well. Tsuna decided to calmly accept that this is just how the boy was, and it thats how it would be between them, then thats how it would be.


On second thought, Tsuna mused sometime around the fourth period bell, people should really just be normal.

"So you've come in for...?"

Purple eyes closed up above a fox grin.

"My ovaries hurt."

Tsuna sighed, eyes flickering to the far left.

"And you...?"

This person tossed his short ponytail over his shoulder.

"My cheek hurts from your greeting this morning."

Tsuna nodded calmly, turning in his desk chair to the far right.

"And you...?"

Steel grey eyes narrowed.

"I don't need a reason to be anywhere in my school."

Tsuna's palms, which had laid flat against his desk, suddenly tightened into fists as his irritation reached fever pitch. He faced the three men all gathered around from the two on separate sick-beds to the one leaning against the window.

"Byakuran-kun!" He began, pointing to the white haired boy who laid on his stomach with his chin propped up on his hands, his grin ever present.

"Yo, Tsu-chan!"

Tsuna twitched.

"You need to leave! You've got no real reason to be here! And stop calling me that!" he demanded. Byakuran pouted and pointed insistently to his throat.

"But my ovaries-"

"For crying out loud, boys don't have ovaries! And whats more, even if you did have them, they wouldn't be in your neck!" Tsuna interrupted, flailing his arms about. Byakuran gave a great pout and began rolling around clutching a pillow to his chest like a child who wasn't getting his way.

"But Tsuuu-chaaaan!" He whined.

"You heard him, you're not wanted here." Mukurou said with an air of superiority, crossing his arms over his chest. That being said, he left his face unprotected from the ice pack that was hurled directly at that specific area.


Tsuna glowered at the dark haired Italian, wiping ice-pack frost from his hands onto his white coat.

"Mukurou, you're the only one with an actual reason to be here right now, and I'm sorry for making that the case. Now just put ice on that and be quiet!" he ordered. Mukurou blinked and quietly placed the ice to his bruised cheek without another word. Hibari, who had been stewing in his own dark atmosphere over by the window, scoffed.

"The herbivore suddenly thinks like a carnivore lately..." he muttered, but because his voice was so deep, it was easily carried to Tsuna's range of hearing.

The brunette turned his head slowly, eyes narrowed and teeth set in a fierce snarl.

"Sensei, you're pouting face is just too cute!" Byakuran sang, hugging his pillow. Tsuna blanched.

"I'm glaring! Glaring!" he insisted, stomping his foot (which only got him a chorus of 'aaaww's from the two Italian youths).

"Never mind that! Hibari-san, you should be in your own office!" the nurse stated, trying to talk some reason into the eldest man. What was so appealing about the health office that it became the new hot spot to come hang out?!

"I can watch over things more carefully here then in that place..." Hibari replied, eyes glowering at the two students. Tsuna sighed agitatedly, throwing a pencil to get Byakuran and Mukurou to end their small fight (Byakuran had leaned over and began poking the ice pack on Mukurou's cheek, to which Mukurou abandoned the ice pack in efforts to bend Byakuran's fingers back).

"Listen..." Tsuna said quietly, placing his hands back on his desk and hanging his head. Instantly three pairs of eyes were on him, and a sense of seriousness reigned.

"I don't know why you guys are always coming in here. Mukurou-kun, you especially. But it really can't keep happening. You have responsibilities to your classes and to your work. Hanging out in here to get away from that wont help anything."

The three 'patients' glanced at one another, but it was Hibari that said what they had all been thinking.

"You're really thick headed, Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna blinked at the insult, and before he could open his mouth to form protests, Mukurou's happy smile cut him off.

"Oya oya, Sensei is so adorably naive." he drawled. Byakuran grinned.

"So innocent, Tsu-chan!" he sang, giving his pillow a squeeze. Tsuna banged his head on the desk.

"Don't come at me all together!" he pleaded, just about at his ropes end. Hibari huffed.

"The point I was trying to make, Sawada Tsunayoshi, is that you're not using what little brain you have to understand the obvious." he lectured. Tsuna furrowed his eyebrows.


Hibari sighed.

"This is why herbivores get devoured so easily." he muttered, pushing himself from the window and stalking over to the desk. Tsuna was about to back up, but Mukurou 'came to his rescue', in a weird manner of speaking.

The mismatched eyed boy popped up out of nowhere to sprawl himself out across Tsuna's desk, crossing his legs over and staring up at the male nurse.

"Tsunayoshi-sensei, I come here just to see you." He said for the world to hear. Hibari's head tilted and shadows hid his eyes, while Byakuran's smirk fell. Tsuna just blinked blankly.

"To... see me?" he repeated. Mukurou nodded. Tsuna frowned.

"But you're never really have a reason to see me..." he said absently, tilting his head in confusion. Mukurou (and the other two men in the background) blanched slightly. Mukurou lifted himself and reached out, cupping Tsuna's cheek to bring the man closer.

"Really Sensei, there are limits to how thick headed a person can be." he whispered, curved lips connecting successfully with the slightly parted pair of Tsuna's.

The school nurse blinked his large copper eyes, not quite registering that the warmth pressing against his mouth was in fact, Rokudou Mukurou, second year student at Nami High, kissing him. Though it didn't take the other two occupants of the room to figure it out.


Tsuna gave a deep, overly exasperated sigh while strapping an ice pack to the shaggy black head of a glowering Hibari.

"You're all idiots..." the nurse muttered, standing up and moving to check on the two sulking students who lay in separate sick beds. Hibari snorted, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Like I would just let those herbivores get away with doing as they pleased to the faculty in my school." he said. Tsuna stared at him sceptically.

"The one who got a concussion and nearly stabbed in his arm with a pencil can't talk!" he hissed, which seemed to end the conversation as Hibari glared out the window.

"You're all idiots!! I told you not to come in here before, didn't I?! Look what happened!" the male nurse scolded, even placing his fists on his hips like an unhappy housewife. The three remained completely quiet, none of them daring to look up and face the suddenly not-so-meek wrath of the school's 'Health Assistant'.

"'You know what, I hope those wounds you gave each other really hurt! That's right! I hope they get infected and your body parts fall off from gangrene and you're left with stumps!! And I wont care one bit because I warned you many ti-"

Tsuna stopped mid-rant, blinking a few times and turning to the door. Three students clutching various blood stained patches on their body stared with wide, horrified eyes in the doorway. Behind them, the Engineering/Shop teacher Spanner slowly took the lollipop out of his mouth with a messily bandaged hand.

"...Right, well... there was an accident in Shop and..." here Spanner glance over to the black clouds hovering over the three glaring young men who laid in bed. The blond coughed, signaling his students to back away slowly.

"...We'll just... walk it off then."

And with that they were gone, leaving Tsuna calling out to an empty hallway fruitlessly.

The brunette hung his head, arms hanging loose and limp while his eyes streamed a river of tears for the sake of his own lost dignity. It was all those people's fault. The ones behind him, acting as though they were innocent of everything. Innocent to making him into something they could use for their own weird amusement...

The dark aura spread quickly and intensely over Tsuna's own head, the three on the bed watching with hidden nerves as the male nurse looked over his shoulder with the eyes of a demon.

"You all want to be in here all the time..." Tsuna said, tone full to the brim with a deadly warning few had seen as severely as it was.

Mukurou swallowed excess saliva.

Byakuran drew back a little into the mattress.

And Hibari hid any reaction behind an eager smirk.

Tsuna fully turned himself around, advancing towards the beds with a killer intent burning visibly behind him with great dark flames.

"I'll make sure you have excuses to be in here for good!!"

The End

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