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Welcome to Hell

Welcome to La should have said welcome to Hell. I wasnt really in the mood to be here at the moment in a smelly taxi with nothing but two small suitcases and an i-pod stuck in my hand, while music blazed through my head.
I looked outside to see the passing trees and the darkening clouds knowing that soon it would be dusk and I would have to start my new life here. It was never in my wildest dreams that I would come to La Push or that I would be coming here by myself with nothing but what I had in my was sureal.

Here I was, an eighteen year old girl leaving here home in Canada to come and broden my life by being independent...but why here? All I could afford.

"Miss we are almost at the apartment you requested." the taxi driver said without looking back at me.
I pulled off my ear buds from my i-pod and tucked it into my black Guess bag. "Thank you." I said somewhat annyoed. It was not meant to sound what it did, but the jet lag was killer at the moment. I was getting ready with my things when I felt the taxi stop and I knew that I was here...wherever here was.

I payed the man 60 dollars for my ride...well guess I wasnt eating for a couple of days. Grabbing my heavy bags I heaved them up the stairs to the small and slightly old looking apartment where I would be staying. My heels which I had just bought as a parting gift clunked together on the rough wooden stairs as I pulled out my silver key that I had sent to me so that I would not have to deal with getting everything set up when I got here, knowing that I would be tierd and hungry.

Placing the key through the key hole, I twisted the door handle open and saw the stairs which would take me to my room number 9.
Walking with my shoes hurting and my arms burning, I made it up the three flights of stairs and saw my room number half hanging off the red door. I moaned as my body started to give up on me, but I made it somehow to the door and unlocked it.

Flicking on the lights I had my first look of what I would be staying in...a piece of crap. There was no furnature and the place looked like it had not been used in a couple of years.

"Im paying 600 a month to live in this?" I asked myself as I dropped the bags in the hallway and closed the door behind me. Deciding that I was too tierd and angry to eat, I searched the area as I looked at everything that would need to be changed: the paint, cuboards, new furnature, cleaner fridge and a practical bed. There was a small bed that had a old looking blanket and a dirty pillow on it. I wanted nothing more than to scream at something or anything to get out my anger at my living conditions, but I just sighed heavily and walked to drag my bags into the bedroom and unloaded my personal pillow and blanket.

Walking into the bathroom I seriously thought that I was in was dirty. Feeling as though I might be sick, I shut the door and closed the blinds so that I could change in privacy. Slipping into a pair of navy shorts and a white tank top, I threw the old pillow and blanket on the floor while I placed my new ones on the bed.

Sitting on the bed I ran a hand through my chocolate redish brown wavy hair and sighed. "So here we are Kara." I said to myself as I pulled off my heels and placed them carefully in the box which I had purcased them in. Shoes were love for me, and they were like my least they would be clean and well taken care of. It was a weird feeling knowing that I had no family here and hardly any form of transportation...being lazy I never decided to get my learners...something I regret now.

Feeling on the brink of tears and self pity, I shook my head and pulled out my rose covered i-pod as I slipped under my sheet and rested my head on the pillow. I scrolled through songs and playlists, trying to see what would put me to sleep or calm my nerves...All I Need by Within Temptation. A favorite song and one that I knew would relzx me. It worked better than I thought, because for I knew it, I had only made it to the chours before my eyes slid closed and my mind went blank.