Harry's Bond Part 3

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Chapter One: At the Dursleys

Exiting the train, Hermione, Emily and Harry bade goodbye to their friends and quickly made their way to Hermione's parents. Ron and Luna promised to see each other over the summer. It looked like a budding friendship had started there. Ginny and Neville each gave Emily a hug and with a wave to Harry and Hermione left to see their family.

Harry and Hermione had arranged with her parents to stay two weeks with the Dursleys and then return to the Grangers. After hugs and kisses from Jean and Dan, they went to meet his uncle, with trepidation in their eyes. They had discussed this on the train but couldn't see any way out except to deal with it straight away. He had tried to talk Professor Dumbledore into letting him stay at the Grangers or the Burrow, but the Headmaster firmly told him that his mothers' blood protection must be renewed at his relatives place. He didn't have to stay all summer, but he must stay at least two weeks. There were still Death Eaters out there looking for Harry and now Hermione as well. Word had quickly spread that the two were married.

Hermione had suggested they move straight to the Potter Manor, but Harry wasn't sure if the wards were still in place. They had only visited the manor for a few minutes.

"Hello Uncle Vernon," said Harry, "you remember Hermione from last year don't you."

"Hello Mr. Dursley," greeted Hermione politely.

"Come on boy, I don't have all day," replied Uncle Vernon.

"Uh… Uncle Vernon, we need to talk… about my stay," said Harry nervously.

"What about it?"

"Um… HermioneandIaremarried," Harry said very fast.

"What did you say boy?" bellowed Uncle Vernon. "Married? Don't be ridiculous, you're too young to be married!"

"We've been Soul Bonded and magically married," said Hermione.

"What's Soul Bonded mean?" asked Uncle Vernon.

"It means out souls are magically connected, we share thoughts, emotions and magic." said Hermione. "Our power has increased exponentially from a normal wizard-witch pair. The wizarding world considers us legally married. Age is of no consequence. In point of fact, we love each other more deeply than is possible in the Muggle world. Professor Dumbledore married us in a ceremony at school a few weeks ago."

"That is preposterous, what will the neighbours say? Never mind what your aunt will say!" exclaimed Uncle Vernon, growing beet red in the face. "Why are you even coming home if you're married?"

"Professor Dumbledore insists that I have to return to Privet Drive again, otherwise we would live elsewhere. It's only for two weeks each year until I turn seventeen," Harry added.

"Do you wish to take it up with Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked.

"No…no… uh… I'll have to talk with your aunt. She'll be furious. Your Aunt Marge is coming for a visit, and you know how she is. You'll both need to stay out of her way, or there'll be trouble.

"We understand Uncle Vernon. Uh… we'll need another bed for Hermione, mine's not big enough for both of us," Harry reminded him.

"We don't have another bed. Aunt Marge will be using the guest bedroom. You'll have to make do. And no funny business either!" replied his uncle.

Uh Oh! This could get awkward. You'll get the bed, I'll kip on the floor, thought Harry to Hermione.

Nonsense, we'll both fit in the bed, it's only for two weeks. We'll spoon, so it should work, and besides, I want to sleep with my husband!

Harry blushed. Well, love, I'm all for sleeping together, but the bed is really small and lumpy.

Maybe Professor Dumbledore or Professor McGonagall can arrange something. You can owl them as soon as we get settled. Hedwig needs the exercise, after being cooped up on the train all day, Hermione replied.

Walking back to the car, they glanced back at the station. Hogwarts never seemed so far away as now. They got in the back seat and Uncle Vernon drove back home.

I really wish I had been allowed to stay with your parents. They, at least, would have accepted me, thought Harry. 'Well, it's only two weeks, what could happen!' Lots!

It'll be alright Harry, I'll be with you to help. You know we can do magic outside school now that we are married. We were emancipated as soon as we were fully bonded.

We should visit Potter Manor as soon as possible Hermione, We had better get Dumbledore to check the wards. As soon as we can live there, the better I'll feel.

Lucius Malfoy watched as Harry and Hermione exited the station. He had expected them to travel by Knight Bus, but this would be so much easier. He had gathered some of his friends to a little surprise he was planning for Harry and Hermione.

The trip from Platform nine and three-quarters to the Dursleys was mostly in silence. Hermione held onto Harry tightly as if afraid they would be separated again. She was key in helping Harry escape once again from Voldemort's clutches, but it was a near thing. The thought that formed in their heads, was terrifying. If not for the rings, even their combined power might not have destroyed the shade that had inhabited the diary.

Relax Hermione, Harry thought to her, I'm here to protect you. No one will be able to touch us once we're at my relative's place

I know, Harry, but we aren't there yet! She shivered, despite the warmth of the day.

Uncle Vernon drove on in silence, knowing they were talking to one another in their heads. It was quite disturbing, knowing that they were married before they were out of their teens. The neighbors would have a field day gossiping if they knew. Never mind, that he housed a wizard and a witch each summer. 'Odd,' he thought, 'Petunia seems to be glad to have them back, although Dudley is another story.' Unable to intimidate Harry, Dudley'd given up bullying him, but Vernon could tell his son harbored a great amount of resentment toward Harry.

As he drove, he noticed the traffic had slowed. There seemed to be a detour ahead. Turning left, to avoid the main stream of traffic, they traveled down a quiet street, not far from home.

Suddenly, the car stopped, for no apparent reason. Vernon was busy trying to restart it, when a dozen hooded figures Apparated in front and behind them.

"Down!" shouted Harry, as a series of spells hit the car. A green curse hit Uncle Vernon and he slumped over the steering wheel.

Hermione and Harry, acting instinctively, exited the car and dodged for cover. Several large trees on the street hid them, while they fired spells at the Death Eaters. Joining hands, they cast a powerful Protego charm around themselves. One of the Death Eater's curses bounced back at himself, killing him instantly.

The rings glowed bright violet as they summoned a powerful bludgeoning spell. Harry and Hermione knocked six of the Death Eaters unconscious, blasting them back several feet. That left five behind them, and they quickly spread out.

Hermione fired off a series of cutting spells and two more of the enemy fell. The three remaining, seeing their comrade's fall, Disapparated, leaving a large hole in the street where Uncle Vernon's car had once been. Uncle Vernon didn't make it out. No sign of his body was found.

Shaking heavily, Harry and Hermione could only stare at the devastation. Trees uprooted, body's lying everywhere. Another series of pops, announced the arrival of the Order members: Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, and Severus Snape.

Harry and Hermione knew the slimy Professor Snape, but the other three were unknown to them. After introductions (Nymphadora said, "Call me Tonks"), Moody asked: "What happened? We were following you to keep you safe, but lost you when you turned onto this street."

"There was a detour, and Uncle Vernon decided to take this street," replied Harry. "Death Eaters came at us, at least a dozen. They killed Uncle Vernon, and would have got us if we'd stayed in the car. We knocked six out with a bludgeoning spell, and killed three more. I think I may have seen Lucius Malfoy leading them, but I couldn't be sure."

"Good work you two. Sorry we weren't here sooner. We'll take care of the bodies and any memory charms on Muggles that may have witnessed this. Too bad about your uncle, do you want one of us to break the news to your aunt?" asked Moody.

"No, since it was Hermione and I that they were after, I'd better tell her," replied Harry.

"We'll escort you two the rest of the way. It's not far," said Moody.

"Thanks Mr. Moody. We're a bit shaky after that," replied Hermione.

They left the smoking ruins and side Apparated with Moody, Remus and Tonks to Number Four Privet Drive. They only had their wands and trunks left from the encounter. Fortunately, Hedwig and Crookshanks had been sent to the Grangers, in preparation for a visit later that day. Their trunks were the only things not destroyed along with the car.

After making sure that Harry and Hermione were safe, the Order members left.

Entering the Dursley residence, Aunt Petunia was waiting.

"Where's Vernon," she immediately asked.

"We're really sorry, Aunt Petunia," Harry started, "Uncle Vernon was killed bringing us back."

A shocked Petunia could only gape. After she recovered her voice, she wailed, "Vernon! Oh Vernon! What are we going to do without you?"

Harry and Hermione tried to comfort her, but she collapsed, sobbing.

Later, after bringing her tea and comforting her, they explained what had happened.

"We had no idea that would happen; we wouldn't have put Uncle Vernon in that danger if we had suspected Voldemort's forces would try and intercept us," said Harry.

"Voldemort is back?" shuddered his aunt.

"Not exactly, Aunt Petunia. We saw him less than a week ago, but the threat remains that he could come back," replied Harry. "We are still safe here, and I can provide for your welfare. There are special funds available for this sort of thing. Professor Dumbledore will be able to supply details, but in any case, I have sufficient funds to cover any short term needs."

"That's okay Harry," she gulped back a sob. "Vernon had good insurance; we'll manage."

At that moment, Dudley made an appearance. Noticing the rings on their fingers, and seeing Harry with a beautiful girl that was apparently his wife, was too much for him. He didn't say anything, but Harry could tell that he wasn't happy. Now there would be two freaks living with them!

You'll have to watch Dudley, Hermione. He can be really nasty when he wants to be. He doesn't look too happy, and I think he leered at you. If he gives you any trouble, he'll be wearing that pig's tail permanently that Hagrid gave him first year.

"Where's Dad?" Dudley asked.

"He won't be coming home sweetums," Petunia broke out in a fresh bout of sobs.

Harry explained to Dudley and Dudley got very red in the face. "It's your fault!" he screamed. "If you weren't here, none of this would have happened!" He was about to take a swing at Harry, but Professor Dumbledore Apparated beside them. Producing a calming spell, he led Dudley and Petunia away. "I'm sorry Harry. We should have foreseen that Malfoy would send Death Eaters to attack you before you reached your home. I'll take care of your aunt and cousin and talk to you two later."

They hauled their trunks upstairs to Harry's bedroom. Opening the door, Harry was pleasantly shocked. Instead of the small bed and lumpy mattress, Dudley's broken things, and general mess, a new King Size bed and soft mattress awaited them. A nice dual desk in a magically enlarged room replaced the junk. If Dumbledore had done this for them, then they would gladly stay inside for two weeks.

They unpacked some of their stuff, clothes and some of their school things, but their wands were kept handy. Putting their clothes in the new dresser, they lay on the bed reminiscing on all that had happened that day.

Harry, we can't stay here, I saw the look on Dudley's face. He was ready to kill you!

We'll talk to Professor Dumbledore. If it looks like there will be serious trouble, he'll think of something, replied Harry. We only have to be here for two weeks, and maybe Dudley won't do anything. After all, there's two of us, and we'd be more than a match against him. I'm more worried about Aunt Petunia. She was really nice last summer, but now that Vernon is gone...

A knock on their door and the Headmaster entered. "Harry, Hermione, I think I've got Dudley and your aunt calmed down. They are both sleeping and when they wake up, they will think your Uncle Vernon was killed in a gas main explosion. The local news will mention this. This memory charm will expire in two weeks, when you leave here. By then, I'll have a suitable memory modification to replace that, so that they can get on with the rest of their lives."

"That's awful, Professor," Harry replied. "Aunt Petunia had been so nice last year, and now she'll think the village was not maintaining the lines properly."

"I'm sorry Harry," he replied. "It was the only thing I could think of on the spur of the moment. Your protection is my highest priority. In any case, in two weeks, a better solution will be worked out. Now, I think we'll bring you to Hogwarts in a few weeks for a couple of days. I need a favor from you two, which I'll explain when I send you to Hermione's parents in two weeks. The protection wards are still in place there, so you'll be safe. We need to escort you to Diagon Alley, but by then, you should be at the Burrow. We can arrange protection then."

"Um, Professor, We were wondering if you could check the wards at Potter Manor? We'd really like to move in there as soon as possible," Harry implored.

"I can do that, Harry, but I'd really prefer you two stay here. The blood protection your mother gave you is as strong as any that can protect you. I know that you are emancipated now, but it would not be safe, even with proper wards at Potter Manor. I'll see if I can devise some other way to ensure that you're safe at Potter Manor. In any case, the wards also protect your aunt and cousin. I'll see you two in two weeks, happy holidays." And with that he Disapparated.

"Harry, Hermione, can you come down for a minute?" Petunia asked.

Walking downstairs, Harry and Hermione wondered what she wanted.

"Harry, your mother was supposed to have this, but our mother gave it to me instead after Lily was killed." Petunia produced a small box and presented it to Harry.

"I think you might like it for Hermione," she beamed.

Inside was a beautiful ring, silver with a pair of hearts with an emerald and a ruby in the centre. Harry gulped and thanked his aunt. Hermione burst into tears when Harry placed it on her finger.

"Oh Mrs. Dursley, thank you, it's beautiful!" sobbed Hermione.

Returning to their bedroom, they pondered what to do for the rest of the day.

Well, we can study but we have plenty of time for that, so what shall be do? Oh ho, I see a gleam in your eyes Hermione.

Oh, I think we can find something to entertain ourselves! Hermione said, arching her brows. After a quick shower to scrub the sweat from their bodies, they lay down in bed after they each took the contraceptive potion and applied the contraceptive spell. Cuddling together, their bodies intertwined, Harry began kissing Hermione: on the lips, throat, earlobes, forehead and anywhere else he could reach. Hermione returned his kisses with mounting passion. Rolling together, Harry mounted her, stroking her breasts with a free hand, while his lips sought hers. Hermione moaned and her hand reached down to his erection. She was already wet, and hungered for him to be inside her. Guiding him into her, she arched her body against his, pulling his cock deep into her. They rocked back and forth for several minutes, the heat building in their bodies. Harry slowed his strokes, easing the sexual tension, wanting to prolong the sensation as long as possible. Hermione, let him pause for a moment and then thrust her hips harder, unable to contain the orgasm that was building in her.

Ringing her mother up, Hermione asked her to send Hedwig to the Dursleys, as they needed to send a note to Dumbledore.

Later Harry wrote a note to Professor Dumbledore thanking him for the cozy arrangements, and placing the note on Hedwig's leg, let her out the window.

Making it down the stairs, they found Aunt Petunia in the kitchen. "Can we help with anything?" offered Hermione.

"No thanks dear, you scoot outside and have fun, dinner will be in two hours," replied Petunia.

Harry still couldn't get over the change in his aunt's attitude. "If there's anything you need Aunt Petunia, let me know."

Walking over to the park, they lay down in the shade. A pair of eyes seemed to be watching them, but when they looked again, they were gone. It was an unsettling experience, so they moved to a different spot, more secluded. Relaxing again, Harry had the feeling of something watching them, although nothing could be seen.

Hermione, do you get the feeling we're being watched?

I'm not sure Harry, there's something just on the edge of my awareness, perhaps it's what you feel.

Odd, now the feeling is gone. Must have been an animal.

This feels creepy, Harry, let's go back.

Returning to their bedroom, they cracked open their school books and started in on their potions essay. After working for an hour, they each had the required two feet of parchment done. Calling it quits for the day, they sat on the bed, relaxing.

Lying back, Hermione played with Harry's hair, running her hands through it and mussing it up even more than usual.

Harry responded by tickling her. Soon they were both giggling and tickling each other. After a few minutes, they turned serious when Harry captured her lips in a searing kiss. She moaned and pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around him. The explored each other with their tongues, deepening the kiss. Coming up for air, they fumbled with their clothes and soon were naked. Rolling together, Harry kissed her ears, working his way down; kissing her throat, chest and capturing a nipple in his mouth. He sucked gently as the nipple hardened. Switching breasts, his mouth found the other nipple, then worked his way down her stomach to her naval. Sticking his tongue in her naval, he paused and kissed it. Then he worked his way lower again until he found her bushy mound. Licking his way to the entrance, he inserted his tongue and tasted her wetness.

Meanwhile, Hermione's hand sought and found his cock. She started stroking it lightly, feeling the wetness start at the tip. Rubbing more vigorously, she felt him harden.

They were both ready, and Hermione guided Harry into her. Lifting her legs, she rested one on his shoulder, as he slowly sank his shaft into her. When he had fully entered her, she gave a shudder and pressed herself even closer. Withdrawing slightly, they rocked together, increasing the pleasure. She wrapped her legs around his back and started bucking. Soon, the pleasure overcame them and Harry groaned, a hot thick stream shooting into her. Hermione screamed and came at the same time. The intensity of the orgasms stunning them both. His cock was still pulsing and her vaginal muscles contracting, drawing his sperm deep inside.

Panting, they relaxed in each others arms, sweating.

Wow, they both thought, that was really something else.

I didn't know how good sex could really be, thought Harry. You were fantastic!

Harry, I don't know how you managed it, but that was the best yet! Practice makes perfect!

Let's get cleaned up, we can't go back out smelling like a pair of animals in heat, chucked Harry.

The magic was still working it's way into them. Unknowingly, they had moved beyond ordinary Soul Bonding to a whole new realm of magic. Together they were more powerful than even Dumbledore. They were unaware of this, but they were to find out. The ring had ensured that they would be inseparable, for it had been passed down for many generations of witches. When Harry awoke the next morning, he would find an identical ring on his finger. Moreover, the rings could not be removed, and would bind the two even through death.

After a shower, they moved downstairs, and watched the tele until Aunt Petunia finished making dinner for the four of them. After they eating dinner, they excused themselves, returning to their room. The rest of the evening was spent in their room doing homework.

Hermione, I think it's time we went to bed. That workout, plus the train ride knackered me, and I feel you're tired as well.

Yes, dearest, it's time. Hermione decided to remove the new ring. Odd, this ring won't come off. I thought I'd remove it for the night. Well, I guess it stays on tonight.

It's a beautiful ring, and the design is interesting. Almost like it's alive. Harry thought.

Climbing into bed, they settled down, spooning each other, Harry's front to Hermione's back; Harry's leg over hers. Squirming around to get comfortable, they were soon fast asleep.

The next morning, before they made their way down to breakfast Hermione noticed that she finally had her period.

Harry, I'm not pregnant. My period has finally started.

Harry sighed with relief. They were still too young to have children, even though they knew that they wanted them later. Love, we have plenty of time, let's enjoy ourselves while we're still young. You know that I love you, and we'll have children later.

Harry offered to help with breakfast, but Petunia had already made a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage. The toast was almost ready and she had a jar of preserves on the table. Dudley was nowhere in sight, apparently leaving early to be with his friends.

"Aunt Petunia, is there anything we can help you with today?" Harry inquired.

"No, that's alright Harry. I have to see my solicitor this morning. Vernon's Will needs to be probated."

Harry gasped as he noticed that he had a ring on his right hand ring finger. It matched Hermione's new ring, but was a mirror image.

"Hermione, look! I now have a ring identical to the ring I placed on your finger yesterday! It looks like the reverse of yours. Ughh! It won't come off either!" Harry had tugged at the new ring, but like their wedding rings, it couldn't be removed.

"Mine won't come off either, Harry. I tried last night. We have to talk to Dumbledore about this."

Petunia examined the two rings closely, both had resisted all efforts to remove them, and when she touched them, a strong vibration could be felt.

After his aunt left the house, Harry composed another letter to the Headmaster, mentioning the rings and asking to meet with him. Attaching the letter to Hedwig, he stroked her and sent her off to deliver the note.