Harry's Bond Part 3

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Chapter Six: Hogwarts, First Days

After the sorting ceremony, the Headmaster introduced the two new teachers.

"I'd like to introduce our new Defence Against The Dark Arts professor," the Headmaster announced. "Professor R.J. Lupin. Professor Kettleburn will not be returning to teach Care of Magical Creatures this year, and will retire to take care of his remaining limbs. In his place, our own Rubeus Hagrid will assume the post. Please welcome Professor Lupin and Professor Hagrid."

After much clapping and whistles for Hagrid, whispers could be heard from some of the tables.

"What a shabby looking professor," could be heard, whispered from the Slytherin table. "And that oaf Hagrid, what were they thinking."

"Harry, Professor Lupin was on the train," whispered Hermione.

"Yeah, and he was there when Uncle Vernon was killed too."

"That's right, I'd almost forgotten. I wonder how good he'll be?"

"Now to an important announcement," the Headmaster intoned. "This year the school will be guarded by Dementors. These creatures will not discern who is innocent and who is guilty, so I urge you to be extremely careful where you go. The Dementors are here at the request of the Ministry of Magic to ensure that Sirius Black does not enter the school. They will be stationed at all entrances and will not be fooled by attempts to avoid them." He looked at Harry and Hermione and the twins as he said this. "As you may have read in the Daily Prophet, Sirius Black is an escaped murderer and has been sighted near Hogwarts."


The morning after their arrival, Harry and Hermione rushed down to breakfast, eager to start the new term. Ron, Neville and Ginny were waiting for them. Emily and Luna greeted them from the Ravenclaw table.

"Did you hear about Sirius Black?" Ron announced. Not waiting for an answer, he proceeded to tell them the latest news from the Daily Prophet.

"He's an escaped murderer! Killed thirteen muggles and a wizard years ago."

"That's mostly what Dumbledore said last night, Ron," Hermione retorted. "Were you asleep, or too busy eating?"

Ron went red and mumbled something about starving last night.

"Ron, you eat enough for three people!"

"Well, I'm a growing boy!" This was said as he stuffed his face with his third helping of eggs, bacon and toast.

"Well, in any case, let's finish eating, we have our first class in ten minutes," Harry replied.

Professor McGonagall had just finished handing out class schedules and Harry noticed that they had Defence as first class of the day.

"Oh good, we'll get to see if Professor Lupin is any better than the last two teachers that taught Defence Against the Dark Arts," Hermione remarked.

"Well, that shouldn't be hard, since the first year, Quirrell had Voldemort growing out of the back of his head, and second year, Lockhart was a stupid ponce that only really knew how to obliviate people," Harry returned.

Entering the DADA classroom, they took their seats expectantly.

Professor Lupin, it seemed, was a talented teacher. After taking the roll, his eyes settled briefly on Harry and Hermione.

"Welcome to third form Defence," Professor Lupin exclaimed. "This year, I'll try something different in my classes. You've been woefully taught these last two years, I suspect. However, we'll try to correct that."

He proceeded to show the class some interesting spells that could be used to defend themselves, starting with Protego, the shield charm.

"Now most of you will be able to produce some sort of shield by this time, but perhaps not enough to really protect yourselves. Mr. Potter, I dare say you and Mrs. Potter know how to protect yourselves. Please come up to the front, and show us."

"Umm, Professor, maybe that wouldn't be a good idea," Hermione stalled.

"Oh? And why would that be Mrs. Potter?"

"Uh, well, you see… um…"

"What she's trying to say, Professor, is that we are probably going to damage the classroom if we cast our protection spells."

"I see. Well, let's try anyway. We'll move the class well back to observe."

Harry and Hermione moved to the front with some trepidation. 'Be careful Harry, he doesn't know about our special abilities yet'.

'You think Dumbledore didn't warn him?'

'I'm not sure. He seemed to know we are able to defend ourselves, but…'

'Point taken, we'll go easy, but if the spell is strong enough, our magic will protect us.'

Taking a defensive stance, Harry and Hermione unconsciously held hands and waited.

"STUPEFY!" Lupin suddenly yelled, as a red streak left his wand.

A golden glow surrounded them intercepting the spell, absorbing it and dissipating it before Harry and Hermione even had a chance to react.

"Well, that was unexpected!" Lupin goggled. "How did you do that?"

"Uh, well, that's part of our internal magical protection, sir," Harry replied. "We didn't have time to even think of the Protego shield spell. We're a little slow this morning."

"Maybe we'll try this again," the professor replied. He was a little shaken that his spell hadn't at least struck a recognised shield.


"Yes sir," they both replied.


"Protego," they both replied softly.

This time, a powerful shield did appear, dazzling the students and professor alike. At the same time, several chairs and Lupins desk were shoved forcefully away. Professor Lupin was slammed back against the wall, where he fell to the floor, groaning.

"Mother of Merlin! What was that?" Lupin groaned.

"Sir, we warned you. We tried to limit the power, but it's still hard to control," Hermione explained.

"Well, I think we'll assume you two have mastered that spell," he replied shakily. "We'll try another pair of students. Weasley, Longbottom, front and centre."

Both Ron and Neville were able to produce acceptable shields, although Ron's was a little weaker. As he went through the class, most students were able to produce some sort of shield.

"Excellent, now here's another one to try. It's the old standby levitation spell, but this can be useful in defence by levitating opponents out of the way. Not your usual expected spell, but useful, none the less."

Avoiding Harry and Hermione this time, the rest of the class caught on quickly, most at least making their opponent tip over or stumble.

"Okay, now let's see what Harry and Hermione can do," Lupin requested.

Harry and Hermione were nervous. They had never dueled each other before and were not sure they could even do that.

"Um, Professor, I'm not sure we'll be able to duel each other," Harry stated. "Our magic is tied too closely together."

"Nonsense Mr. Potter, this could be very useful in moving each other out of harms way," the Professor replied.

"Okay," Harry replied uncertainly.

As Harry and Hermione faced each other, an odd thing occurred. Apparently their magic sensed what they were about to do and both rose from the floor to head height and slowly rotated away from each other, so that they were back to back. A golden shield formed around them and then they shifted to the other side of the classroom.

The students gasped, and even Professor Lupin was astonished.

"Merlin's beard! How did you do that?"

"Dunno, Professor," Harry replied. "It just happened."

"I'd like to see you two after class, no, wait, please meet me this evening in this classroom at 7PM. I'd like to discuss several things with you."


"Well, that was interesting," Hermione mused after the class ended. "So, it looks like Professor Lupin indeed knows defence. Some of those spells he used are not in the book. Don't you think he paid more than passing interest in you, Harry?"

"Yeah, I wonder why. You don't suppose Dumbledore told him anything, do you?"

"Well, he did see us destroy the Dementor, but he seemed to focus on you, Harry. I suppose Dumbledore may have told him about the bond, but… It's weird, it's almost as if he knew you."

After their classes ended, they ate a hasty supper and proceeded to Lupin's Defence classroom where the Professor awaited them.

"Hello Mr. & Mrs. Potter. That was a quite remarkable bit of magic you two were able to produce this morning. I've been talking to the Headmaster, and he's brought me up to speed on most of your abilities. I had no idea that you were soul bonded. The soul bond is complete then?"

"Yes sir," Hermione answered. "Last year."

"Impressive. Well, I'll say this, except for control and a few new spells, there will be little that I can teach you this year.

"Mr. Potter--Harry, I knew your father and mother. We attended school together."

Harry gasped at this. A connection to his parents! There were so many questions he wanted to ask.

"You look so much like your father, Harry, but I see you have your mother's eyes. I can tell you so much about them."

An hour later, Harry had learned more about his parents than he had learned in the previous twelve years together. As Harry and Hermione returned to their room, they wished that his mum and dad were alive to share their joy of meeting with Professor Lupin.


The next few days passed without incident, although the school was still on edge with the Sirius Black escape.

Professor Lupin told them about Sirius Black and why he was sent to Azkaban. Harry learned that Sirius was his Godfather. The anger rolled off Harry and Hermione in waves when they learned this. The air fairly crackled with accidental magic as Harry raged at the traitor that caused the death of his parents. Lupin backed away, afraid for the first time in his life, at the display of magic that was forming around the teens. Chairs splintered, his big oak desk slammed into the stone wall and the lights flickered and went out.

Finally, Harry calmed down when Hermione started rubbing his back soothingly, talking to him softly. "It's okay Harry, calm down sweetheart. They'll catch him. We can deal with this."

Harry took a deep breath and immediately the magic settled down.

"Harry," Lupin said shakily, "I think we need to teach you control of your magic. My classroom might not survive another outburst like that."

"Sorry, Professor, it's just the sense of outrage and betrayal I feel. He was their friend! How could he do that?"

"I thought I knew him, Harry. I would never have believed he could betray your parents that way. I suspect I know how he escaped, but now your life is in danger. If he betrayed your parents, then he would certainly be after you for revenge for destroying Voldemort."

Harry shuddered at this, but it also made him more determined to root out this evil man. Hermione could feel all the emotions and thoughts running through his mind.

'Harry, we have to let the Ministry handle this. That's their job. Relax Harry, let them do their job.'

'I-I can't, love. He as much as killed my parents. I don't understand… how could a friend do that?'

Remus looked at the teens and figured they were holding a private conversation in their minds. It was unnerving really. He had never seen silent communication before. Oh, James and Lily sometimes acted as if they understood what the other was thinking, but this was a whole different level. They were actually talking to each other without verbalising. Facinating, really.

"Uh, guys, we really need to talk about training you."

This broke the spell, and Harry and Hermione paid close attention. Professor Lupin set up a schedule of after hours training in his classroom. They were to meet for an hour every second night for the next two months. The other nights they were to practice meditation and control by themselves.


As September sped by, Hermione's birthday approached. Harry almost missed it, so concentrated on their studies they had become. Fortunately, he remembered a few days before and planned a special birthday party for her. Keeping this secret from her was difficult, but he learned not to think about it too much, leaving most of the planning to Neville and Dobby. Ron was too much of a blabbermouth to trust with this, and Ginny was not much better. Even Emily couldn't be trusted, although Luna guessed something was up. Fortunately, she kept it to herself.

Therefore, Hermione was clueless when the day came. She had completely forgotten her own birthday and was shocked when Harry wished her a happy birthday when they arose on the 19th.

"Oh, Harry! I completely forgot. However, did you remember? We've been so busy!" A huge smile lit her face as Harry presented her with a pair of emerald earrings. "Oooh, they're gorgeous. Thanks Harry," she squealed in delight, kissing him soundly.

The party that evening was a very festive affair. Neville had contacted all their friends and Dobby had decorated the Gryffindor common room along with providing a huge cake and butterbeer. Everyone had brought presents, some were just silly things, but Luna and Emily had obviously spent a good deal of time making a charmed pendant that changed colour when someone was trying to prank them. A tiny voice warned her of the impending prank. George and Fred were crestfallen when they saw this. It would now be even harder to prank them.

As the evening wound down, Harry finally steered Hermione to their room. A full snog quickly progressed to a very enjoyable session in bed. The room fairly shook with their lovemaking and hours later the exhausted couple finally fell asleep, still coupled intimately.

The next morning was Monday and they dragged themselves awake, took a quick shower and headed for breakfast.

Emily giggled as they came by the Ravenclaw table. She could see that they hadn't had much sleep and correctly guessed why. "Good morning sleepyheads," she greeted. "Someone had a late night?"

"Mmfff," Harry and Hermione chorused together. "'Mornin Em."

Luna joined in, snickering. "I bet we know how you two spent your night," she smiled softly.

Harry and Hermione turned beet red at this and scurried over to their table.

Unfortunately, most of the Gryffindor table noticed as well and guffawed loudly. Heads down, Harry and Hermione rushed through breakfast, their cheeks burning brightly. This only provoked more laughter until the pair retreated quickly to their first class.

'Ooh, I'm so embarrassed, Harry. We must look a sight. How did they figure out what we did last night so quickly?'

'Well, it could have something to do with your socks not matching, love,' he smiled.

'Harry, why didn't you say anything?' she stormed.

'Well, I just noticed that you have one of my socks and I have one of yours.'

The day just went downhill from there. Smiles and giggles met them everywhere. Only the Weasley twins knew how that happened.

"A right good prank…" Fred started.

"…that was, indeed," George continued.

"…And we bypassed…"

"…Hermione's pendant," George finished

A high five followed that successful prank.