Great Minds Think Alike

Prologue -

She was lying there in the burning sun. Unconscious. Pale, red hair lay over her shoulder, shinning in the sun. She wore simple long, tan pants. Her outfit included long black boots that matched fine. A white blouse with black lace streaming through the top not pulled too tight. She had a light tan vest, which was also under a dark tan jacket. Her clothes were a bit torn in places. She was dirty. Blood patches were splattered all over her. A canteen lay next to her. The band of it was wrapped around her neck hanging off to the side.

The tall men looked down at her. They were patrolling the area and were about to leave when they noticed this beautiful girl on the ground. There were four of them. They all jumped off their horses and knelt down beside her.

"She's still alive," Wyatt Earp replied after placing his fingers on her throat.

Doc Holliday strolled over to her canteen and lifted it from around her neck. He stired the cap and lifted it to his nose. "Hmm, smells like whiskey!"

"Really? How strange," Morgan Earp said, astounded.

"Enchanting!" Doc replied, finding this girl to be a marvel and eager to taste the whiskey.

Virgil Earp rubbed his nose with his forefingers. "We should take her back to my place. My Allie girl will help her out. Take care of her. You know?"

"Sure, Virg." Wyatt replied to his older brother. "Doc? Won't you help me with her?"

"Of course, Wyatt. We'll put her on my horse." Doc started to cough and drew is handkerchief out but stopped himself to pick up the girl. "Let me first have a sip of her fine whiskey!" Doc drawled on his polished Southern accent.

"God, Doc!" Morgan shook his head.

Doc let out a teeth-showing grin. He took a sip of her whiskey and they all continued on their task. They lifted her onto Doc's horse as he sat right behind her. Her head leaned back onto his chest. He held her tight as they rode back into town.