James Potter Must Die

James Potter Must Die


"Hey, you're late," said a pretty dark-haired girl.

"Yeah, sorry," James Potter replied, sitting opposite her on the table in the school kitchens. "Quidditch and stuff you know…"

"Yeah, I understand, I mean, you have to be ready for next season if you even want a chance to beat Ravenclaw," Kitty said.

James laughed lightly, "You think so?"

"Know so," she gave him a sweet smile and moved closer to him. She pressed a finger lightly into his chest. "But if anyone has a chance it will be Gryffindor, cause they have they best captain." She gave him a soft wink.

James grinned, looking quickly over his shoulder before moving forwards to kiss the dark-haired girl.

James Potter was the hotshot of the school. He was a sixth year boy in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, meaning he was a wizard. He was well-built and smart, making him the perfect choice for Quidditch Captain. He was also known to be the only son of a very rich ministry worker and future choice for Minister of Magic. He had a rough mess of dark hair and beautiful hazel eyes. He was wanted by all the girls of the school, dating him just once giving a girl instant credibility.

James pulled away from Kitty as a house elf came up behind him. "We'll have two butterbeers and some of your chocolate chip cookies," James said.

"Aw!" she exclaimed, "you always know what I'd fancy!"

James ruffled his hair, a habit that was loved by all his admirers. "It's only because you're so special to me, babe."


Half an hour earlier


"Yes, I see what you mean," James said softly. He followed Claire's gaze across the Quidditch pitch.

"But when Jackson suggested that feint, I was like noo!" she pushed a piece of hair behind one ear, "I mean, why even play Quidditch if you think things like that are a good idea?"

"Definitely," James agreed. "Why don't you kiss me again?"

"Absolutely," she reached forward and caught his head with her hand. She ran her fingers teasingly over his scalp.




"Well, My Mother is holding this dark arts fair thing," Gemma Lloyd said, her green eyes glimmering in delight.

"Dark arts?" James squeaked.

"Exactly and I know how much you love dark arts, James," she said, leaning close enough to him that her breath was on his skin.

James let out a nervous laugh as she dropped a hand on his thigh, "uh… yeah… course I do, sweetie."

She giggled, "Well, I knew that, silly." She dropped her lips to his, swirling her tongue inside his mouth.


After Potions


"So, I've decided to write an extra foot in the essay Slughorn gave us. Thought I would get better grades, I do want to publish all my potions essays after all, would be a real help for future students," Maria said.

James gave her a long, indecisive look, "well, yes, someone with your abilities and you spend long enough on those essays."

"I'm glad you noticed, James," she replied, winding her hand in his.

"Well, only for you," he said, pausing in the corridor and pressing her back against a wall. "Because you are so sexy…" he checked his surroundings and once assured they were clear, he pressed his lips against hers.

Okay, so I know I'm new to Hogwarts and Britain, in fact, but I'm sure they still don't have more than one girlfriend.

My names' Lily Evans and I have just been dropped into what will become the most hectic days of my life.

I'd never been considered as particularly special. I was short, slightly on the scrawny side, not desperately pretty or unusually smart. Despite my flaming red hair and sparkling green eyes, I wasn't noticed much. But that was all about to change. I was to become the one girl who broke James Potter's heart.

I'd just moved to Britain from Beaubatons School in France. It was just after my seventeenth birthday and my father had secured a very good job prospect managing a new branch of his company, in London. We'd left behind the beautiful French countryside and moved to the polluted city that was to be our new home. And I was set to be noticed finally.

So this is dedicated to Cool-Mulle, on her birthday! :P

Hope you like it and now you know why I was being so secretive earlier ;)

Love JLF xoxo