James Potter Must Die

Chapter 1

I was in the library that fateful afternoon. I was keen to get a move on with the work I'd been given today. I'd had three lessons and already I had three long essays to complete. I was sitting at one of the larger tables in the centre of the room, not attracting any particular attention to myself as all the tables in the corner of the room were occupied. Opposite me there was a girl with long, silky blonde hair and bright green eyes. I was sure she was in my year as I'd had a class with her this morning. The green serpent embroidered across her robes suggested that she was in Slytherin house. I smiled at her softly when she looked up but I was ignored.

"I'm-" my greeting died on my lips at her coldness, "-Lily," I whispered, my name inaudible.

I turned to my right, where three spaces across from me sat a sixth year girl from Ravenclaw. She was just as pretty as the girl sat across from me, with bright blue eyes and shoulder length, layered hair. She was reading quickly through pages in a large volume and making quick notes on a tatty piece of parchment next to her.

Two places to my left sat a girl in the same house as me, Gryffindor with dirty blonde hair and large, liquid brown eyes. As she was in my house, she answered my smile with a fake one of her own.

I settled back down to my work, trying not to let the other girls' unfriendliness get me down. My quill flew across the parchment as my eyes scrolled the facts in my potions book. I loved potions. Everything in potions always seemed so logical once you knew the formula. Not like life. Life had no logic to it.

My family was pretty normal. My parents met in their early twenties at college, they married after they graduated and my sister was born a few years later.

My sister wasn't naughty or an off-the-rails kind of child, she just happened to mix with the wrong people. Being nearly six years younger than her, I'd seen the friends she'd had and more importantly the boyfriends. My sister had had many boyfriends and they were always the same; rude, arrogant, chauvinistic pigs. I'd learnt to understand this kind of man and I was sure it was the kind of man I could see in all-star James Potter. I mean, how could these girls not know he was cheating on them.

I glanced up to see another girl walking over with her friends to the table, looking disgusted that this table was already occupied, I was sure due to the fact that they were from other houses. She was mid-conversation with the two girls that were with her.

"- I mean, it's really off-the-record and secret kind of thing, you can't tell anyone," she was saying. She played with a short strand of her fringe. "-But I'm dating James Potter." Her voice became an enticing stage whisper.

"No way!" exclaimed the friend standing beside her.

The girl opposite me and therefore closest to the newcomers lifted her head and glared at the girl that had spoken. "Excuse me?"

"Not that it's any of your business… but yes, you heard me correctly," the other girl said sweetly. "I am dating James Potter."

"That's not true," said the girl in Ravenclaw.

"And why not?" the girl that had initially spoken asked. I could see now that she and her friends were in Hufflepuff.

"Because I am dating James Potter," the Ravenclaw girl answered.

"Liar!" snapped the girl opposite, her green eyes sparkling fiercely. "He's mine."

"No!" the Ravenclaw argued.

"Girls, stop, there's no point arguing, you should know that James Potter is going out with me," the girl next to me, who was in my house, said calmly.

"Ugh! No way!" the Slytherin girl said, her voice rose. She backed her chair out so that it hit the Hufflepuff girl behind her. "HE'S-"

"Will you shut up?" I finally asked.

Six pairs of eyes were on me in an instance. "Did you say something?" the Slytherin girl asked.

"Sorry, it's just that this guy is cheating on you and you're fighting with each other?" My voice had increased in volume too.

None of the sixth years at the table or myself had noticed Madam Pince walk up to the table.

"Girls, I won't accept such noise in my library, detention, all of you, six o'clock outside Professor McGonagall's office," she told us coldly. "You, you, you, you-" her finger landed on each of the arguing girls in turn. "And you," lastly her finger landed on me.

"But-" I tried to reason with her.

"Now all of you out!" she said finally and her finger pointed towards the door.

I watched all four of the girls part as soon as they were through the door without even a word to one another. I made my way silently up to the common room, only pausing to notice that James Potter was talking to the Gryffindor girl from the library against the wall. The way he leant towards her made me feel sick. They didn't notice me as I walked past them and pushed open the portrait. Once again it was like I never existed.

What's this, you ask... an update :O I'm so glad I watched John Tucker Must Die again on Monday, completely reopened my desire to write this. Sorry it's short, just let me get to grips with the story,

With love JLF xoxo