Revenge is sweet...

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Also although I love all the stories out there were Homunculus begins to reveal his hidden emotions and in effect become more human, I decided to scrap that idea and make him his same mysterious smug evil self

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I felt my senses returning to me, the weight of my fragile body and the awful pressure inside and all around me before it was too much for the glass to withstand and then the glass broke… I was free, or would be until the sorry soul who had summoned me had decided on his wish…

Homunculus sat crouched for only a moment among the broken glass, in no time he was sat on the broken cylinder that had released him moments ago. He composed himself with a shake of his head, throwing off small droplets from the strands of his hair perfectly falling down over his face. He grinned before opening his eyes and then came the inevitable introduction….

"Hello?" Homunculus managed a confused murmur.

He carefully scanned the room for any traps before realising he was sitting in the Alchemists house, in Wagner's office. There weren't any traps or any master for that matter. Homunculus carefully leapt and landed in the middle of the room. He continued scanning the room with a slightly awkward expression. He stopped to collect his thoughts, he was last stood in the square saying his good byes to Eike when that idiot human dropped the digipad and a tiny fragment ended Homunculus's existence again, when it struck him in the head.

If all that had already happened, then why did the demon find himself back at the Alchemists house…. And where was Doctor Wagner/Eike? Homunculus grinned at the thought.

Was he trapped in a paradox that he himself may have created? … No, he shook off the idea, he was far too intelligent to step into his own web.

After procrastinating for far too long Homunculus began to look, for nothing specific, for anything… That would give him some idea what was going on.

He didn't like his intellect, nor his patients for that matter, being tested.

He pulled out some books, knocking others from the shelf. He glanced over some notes, handwritten… Instructions on creation, ingredients, method … It was all here.

"How careless." Homunculus uttered.

He sighed, leaving the mess he had made and finally exited the room. He carefully climbed the stairs slowly reaching the top.

"Who's there?" he questioned after he had heard a door shut above him.

No one answered and no one was there, much to his annoyance. But there was something very unusual happening. Homunculus stood among the rubble of the ground floor of the Alchemists house. He glared in surprise at the four cracked and decrepit walls. Ahead of him was the front door, bent slightly inwards and damaged with time.

He narrowed his eyes at the realisation he wasn't in the 1500's, it was the present day and the Alchemist house was in the ruin, the way it should have been by now. Then he felt the presence, it was all around him, the spirit as he called it… He didn't like the sensation this thing gave him and he was sure it was ushering him to leave. Homunculus smirked, whatever this thing was he was a million more times superior. He turned and casually left through the door.