The Race for 1000

Summary: When Lenalee learns that both Lavi and Kanda like Allen, she sets up a competition, using a point system that she made up, in which whoever gets 1000 points first gets to be Allen's Boyfriend. Yullen and Laven

Author's Note: So this is my first fanfic. YAY! Anyways I wrote this whole chapter last night because I couldn't go to I don't know how good it is. I'm not sure if this is AU or not but I think most fanfictions are AU in some way.

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Kanda Allen Lavi


Prologue: The Hell on Earth

Lavi was doing his best to pay attention in his English class, but Allen's sleeping face was unbearably cute. When Lavi looked around the classroom he found that a certain raven-haired boy was also finding it hard to pay attention to the dull voice of their English teacher Mr. Perry(named after an English teacher I know.)

Feeling Lavi's stare, Kanda lifted his gaze from Allen's face, and looked at Lavi. Lavi smiled at Kanda before giving him a I-know-what-you're-thinking look. Kanda just gave Lavi his infamous 'Che' and turned his attention to the front of the classroom.

Lenalee, who had watched the whole scene, was beaming in excitement. Then, she picked up her clipboard and started scribbling down an idea she had just thought up. Lenalee sighed happily before accidentally thinking out loud, "I'm glad Allen fell asleep."

Everyone sweat dropped as the nearly blind Mr. Perry whirled around and glared at his students. "Who said that!" he bellowed at his class, scanning the sea of blurry faces. When the only answer he got back was complete silence, he was prepared to turn around, but then he noticed that one of the blurs wasn't a face. When Mr. Perry focused his eyes he saw that the face he didn't see was replaced by a head full of silvery locks of hair. Mr. Perry's eyes sent dagger at Allen's sleeping form as he picked up a dictionary that lay on his desk.

When Mr. Perry started walking towards Allen's desk the rest of the students swallowed and sent sympathetic looks towards Allen. As Mr. Perry drew closer to Allen, the other three exorcists started poking Allen trying to get him to wake up. But they failed miserably and they watched in dismay as a 10 lb. book was dropped on Allen's tender head.

The impact of the book made Allen yelp in pain and jump out of his seat, rubbing the spot where the book had hit. "What the h-," Allen had stopped and swallowed when he looked up at Mr. Perry's glare-of-doom.

Mr. Perry pointed to the door of his classroom, "Go to the principals office... NOW!!"

All the color in Allen's face drained at the thought of having to go to Principal Cross' office. But at the same time he didn't want to piss Mr. Perry off any more. So, reluctantly, Allen obeyed and he shuffled his was to the Principals' office.

As Allen sat in front of the office he thought back on how the exorcists got here in the first place.

Flash Back

Lenalee, Allen, Lavi, Kanda, and General Cross waited in Komui's office for the briefing of their next mission. Allen stared at his master amazed at the fact that Cross was actually there with them. When Cross noticed Allen's stare and he sighed letting out a breath of smoke. "What?" he asked meeting Allen's gaze.

But before Allen could voice his question, Komui walked in with his pink bunny mug in his hand. Lavi, noticed something was missing spoke up, "Ne, Komui? I was wondering...where are our mission details?"

Komui gave Lavi a confused look before answering, "What are you talking about? There isn't a mission." When Komui saw the confused look of the exorcists he looked over at Cross. "You haven't told them anything yet?"

Cross crossed(lol) his legs before answering with a simple, "no."

Komui sighed before looking back at the children. "In California a principal from a high school that supports the Order has passed away."

"What does that have to do with us?" interrupted an impatient Kanda.

"Well, the Order has appointed General Cross as the new principal of the school," Komui answered before waiting a second to see the children's reaction.

Allen and Lenalee were amazed that Cross had actually agreed to this, but at the same time, they were horrified at the thought of Cross being a principal. Kanda was still impatient, because he still didn't get what this had to do with him. Lavi just sat there looking at Allen's reaction, enjoying the cute face that Allen was making.

"Wh-What!? Allen gasped standing up from the couch and pointing at his master, "Why the hell would they want HIM to be the principal, and how the hell did you get him to agree?!"

Komui couldn't help but smile at Allen's reaction. "Well the school there is in dire need of discipline, and they thought General Cross would be the best for the job. So, Cross agreed on the conditions that he can discipline the students in trouble in any way that he wants, even if it's against the law. Also, the Order has decided that they want all finders and exorcists that are 18 or younger to attend that school. So, I have entered the four of you into the school as seniors."

Allen, who had still been standing, fell back onto the couch, horrified at the thought of having to attend a school where his master was principal. Lenalee was equally horrified, but she was horrified at the thought that General Cross was going to be place filled with high school girls. Kanda was angered at the fact that he had to attend 'The Hell on Earth.'

Lavi, who had taken everything in calmly, broke the silence by asking, "Wait, why is Lenalee and Allen in the same grade as me and Yuu-chan?"

Kanda whipped out Mugen and pressed it against Lavi's throat, who quickly put up his hands in defense with a nervous smile on his face. "I told you not to call me by my first name, idiot rabbit!!" Kanda growled.

"Now, now Kanda calm down and let me finish explaining," said Komui, waiting for Kanda to put Mugen away before continuing. "Well, General Cross has also made a deal that he will only stay as principal for as long as Allen attends the school so..." Komui trailed off wanting Cross to finish.

"So, I lied and said that Allen was 18, but had a Lolita-complex. Also, since during the time that we are in California we aren't supposed to have any contact with the Order, I told them that Lenalee was 17 because Komui wouldn't stop crying," Cross explained.

All eyes went to Komui who had suddenly attached himself to Lenalee's side, bawling on her shirt. "I don't want you to go, but they're making me!!" Komui cried as Lavi and Allen pulled him off the embarrassed Lenalee. Komui was still lightly sobbing as he sat back at his desk. "Oh...I almost forgot," Komui sniffed, "While you're attending school you're still expected to wear your exorcist uniform."

With that final word they reluctantly left Komui's office hoping that they'd wake up any second, and it would all be a bad dream.

End of Flashback

Allen sighed unhappily at the fact that, here he was, the first week of school, and he was already being sent to the principals office. When the door opened Allen's head shot up and he watched as a student limped out of the office with a horrified look plastered on his face. Allen looked up as his master walked out of the office.

'Principal' Cross looked down at Allen and smirked. "It's still the first week of school and you're already in trouble, idiot apprentice. So, what did you do?" asked Cross already thinking of ways to punish Allen.

"," Allen answered hoping that maybe his master would go easy on him for once in his life.

"Oh, you fell asleep did you?" asked Cross pulling out his hammer. " Well then as punishment you'll be suspended from going to class until you wake up."

When Cross raised his hammer Allen help up his hand in defense, "Wai-" BANG!!

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