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Chapter 4: I Kissed a Girl

P-proof?" Allen stuttered staring at Seth.

"Yes, proof," Seth answered, "Since you two are so happily taken by each other, then I want to see you guys kiss."

Everyone's POV

Kanda's eye twitched slightly and he stood up preparing to knock some since into Seth. Lenalee, with her quick thinking, took her clipboard and used it to block Kanda's path. Kanda stopped and looked over at Lenalee, questioningly.

Lenalee just gave Kanda a small shake of her head before turning towards Seth. "Seth," Lenalee cooed giving her best smile, "haven't you ever been in a relationship where you waited a while before getting into the kissing part."

"No," retorted Seth, "I always kiss my girlfriend after the 1st day of going out."

At this everyone just stared at Seth amazed, with their gazes showing slight disgust. "What?" Seth asked, glaring at some of his classmates who chuckled.

Lenalee cleared her throat slightly, gaining back Seth's attention. "Well, Seth, Allen is definitely not like that. He's the type of person that gets embarrassed by things such as kissing. Just look he's blushing right now," Lenalee sighed.

"No I'm not," Allen denied burying his face in his arms in order to hide his blush. Seth looked over at Allen curiously. Allen, feeling his stare, lifted his face slightly and glanced up at Seth.

'Hmmm...I wonder if I do that...' Allen thought before making up his mind and giving his cutest smile to Seth. Seth, caught off guard, blushed and backtracked slightly.

"F-fine then! For now I give up, but those two only have until after class. Then, I want to see them kiss," Seth huffed and walked over to his seat mentally beating himself up for blushing.

Kanda sighed and sat back down, wishing he could just find a way to get in trouble so this would all end. Also, even though he would never admit this to anyone, he wished that Allen would have given him that smile instead of Seth.

Lenalee, because she has read so many BL mangas, was able to tell what Kanda was thinking and she found herself giggle quietly. She then, turned around, in a quick whirl, and walked back to her seat.

Everyone, but Allen, failed to notice that a piece of paper had slipped from Lenalee's clipboard and glided gently to the middle of Allen's desk. Allen was planning on giving it back without looking at it, but as he reached for it his name caught his eye.

Allen, being the teenager he was, let this curiosity get the better of him and he read the whole piece of paper. Allen, couldn't believe his eyes. Had he really just read that? Just to be certain, he read it again a few more times before finally letting it sink in.

Allen was shocked and his face definitely showed it. Kanda, who looked over at Allen, noticed his shocked face and wondered what could make him look like that.

Lavi, who also saw his face, was wondering the same thing. "Allen, what's wrong?" he asked causing Allen to jump slightly.

Allen turned over to Lavi and his surprised eyes met with Lavi's worried ones. Allen blushed and waved his hands slightly. "It's nothing," he said unconvincingly before turning around right as the teacher walked in.

Lavi and Kanda exchanged glances before Lavi sighed and decided to start a note with Allen.

Note Between Lavi and Allen

Lavi: Allen, you know I'm not stupid, something is obviously up. So, just tell me already.

Allen: Actually, I just remembered that I didn't do my math homework last night...

Lavi: Allen...I'm in your math class and we didn't have homework last night.

Allen: Aw, well that explains why I didn't do it.

Lavi: Allen just tell me.

Allen: Don't worry about it.

Lavi: Aw come on Allen don't be that way. :'(

Allen: ...Sorry...

Lavi: Ugh, fine. If you don't want to tell me then I won't ask you again. By the way, do you really plan on kissing Kanda?

Allen: Well uh...yes. I mean, I would hate to have to fail this mission.

Lavi: Yeah. Wait, now that I think about it, couldn't we have just got Jerianna to wear a skirt and do this mission for us?

Allen: ...O.o Don't tell Kanda this.

Lavi: Oh believe me, unless I have a death wish then, there is no way I plan on telling him this. Oh, it looks like Lenalee and Kanda are writing a note. I bet it's about you. :P

Allen: Um...

Lavi: Just kidding!

Allen: ...

Sometime between the note that Lavi and Allen were writing Lenalee and Kanda started writing a note.

Note Between Lenalee and Kanda

Lenalee: Are you happy?

Kanda: About what?

Lenalee: That you have a reason to kiss Allen.

Kanda: It's almost like forcing him. I'm not like Lavi, I don't use every chance I get to score more points.

Lenalee: 1st of all: that's probably why Lavi is going to win.

2nd of all: you just realized you like Allen anyways, so of course there's no way you would of did anything before now.

3rd of all: I don't mean to sound like I'm on Lavi's side, but Lavi really likes Allen, maybe even loves, so of curse he's going to try and win any way he can.

Kanda: ...

Lenalee: Anyways, if you're worried about forcing Allen, then just write him a note. It's not that hard. Oh, by the way, how do you plan on getting in trouble?

Kanda: ... Wait, I have to wear this and think of the plan? Why am I the only one doing anything?

Lenalee: Well you don't have to have an attitude about it. Anyways, fine, I'll think of a plan and you write to Allen.

After reading the end of the note Kanda decided to write to Allen.

Note Between Kanda and Allen

Kanda: You don't have to do the whole kissing thing you know.

Allen: I was going to say the same thing to you...

Kanda: So...are we going to? Because I could always just beat Seth up.

Allen: If you beat Seth up people will probably realize who you are. Then, everyone would know that you came to school dressed as a girl. And, I'm pretty sure you don't want that.

Kanda: Yeah...

Allen: Plus, I wouldn't mind kissing you, for the mission I mean. And you could use the points anyways.

Kanda: What?

Allen: I have no idea, I just put that there.

Kanda: Okay... I still don't know about that kiss though.

Allen: ...Do you have someone you like?

Kanda: That was...random. Why?

Allen: Well, kissing someone isn't a big deal or anything. So, the only reason someone would be so hesitant is that either they're shy like me, or they like someone and wants to stay faithful to that person.

Kanda: ... That has to be the absolute worst logic I have ever heard. I'm surprised that someone like you could actually say such a stupid thing like that.

Allen: Well, you don't have to be a jerk like that. If you don't want to answer me then that's fine.

Kanda: The truth hurts. Anyways, yes, I do in fact have someone that I like.

Allen: Who?

Kanda: I don't think that's any of your business, bean sprout.

Allen: It's Allen! Geez, we're writing a note yet you still can't say my name.

Kanda: It's a secret, Allen. The class is about to end so we might as well do that kiss thing.


As soon as Allen had finished reading the note the bell rang. Allen's mind started racing and he hesitated before getting out of his seat.

Seth, on the other hand, practically jumped out of his seat before walking towards Allen and Kanda. Kanda decided that he would stay in his seat so that his and Allen's height difference didn't cause any awkward situations. But, he did turn his body in the chair so that he was facing Allen.

"So," Seth inquired getting close to Allen, "are you going to do it or are you still too chicken?"

"I'm going to do it," Allen huffed before slowly placing his hands on either side of Kanda's face and leaning over. Lenalee quickly grabbed her camera and got ready to take a picture. Lavi, stood behind Lenalee and his jealousy caused him to turn away.

Allen moved painstakingly slow for Kanda's taste and he wished Allen would just hurry up.

"At this rate the bells going to ring again and we'll all be tardy," chuckled Seth, amused by how slow Allen was going.

Kanda finally grew impatient and wrapped his arms around Allen's neck. Allen blinked and stopped, but it was only for a second because Kanda pulled him closer causing there lips to finally meet.

At first Allen's eyes widened in surprise, but it didn't take long before he melted into the kiss and closed his eyes. Kanda watched Allen for a second before closing his own eyes and deepening the kiss. Allen felt like his body was going to turn to gelatin at any second. So, he took his hands off of Kanda's face and he gripped Kanda's chair and he put his left hand on Kanda's lap.

Kanda pulled Allen closer and licked Allen's bottom lip. But before Allen could open his mouth to allow Kanda access the warning bell rang causing everyone to jump. Everyone looked at each other before running off to their next class.

2 hours later

The three exorcists sighed as they walked down the hall. None have them had made up a plan yet leaving Kanda stuck the way he is.

"You'd think a guy like you could easily find a way to get in trouble," sighed Lavi.

"What's that supposed to mean perverted rabbit?" Kanda growled wishing that Lenalee hadn't taken his Mugen from him.

"Well I'm just saying on all the movies the jerks always get in trouble at school," Lavi explained making sure that Lenalee and Allen separated him from Kanda.

Before Kanda could say something back to him a random teacher came up and put a ruler on Kanda's leg. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kanda asked the teacher in his girly voice.

"You're skirt is 3½ inches above your knee," the teacher announced to Kanda.

"Well thank you for pointing that out to me," Kanda retorted, "but I don't see why that has anything to do with you."

The teacher chuckled before smiling evilly at Kanda. "Well miss," the teacher started trying not to let his amusement show, "Principal Cross has enacted a new rule. He told us that any girl we see wearing a skirt that's over 3 inches above their knees has to be immediately sent to his office. I'm sure Mr. Walker can show you the way." The teacher walked away laughing.

Kanda's face paled slightly. "Alright that's it I'm done!" Kanda yelled before storming off.

"Well, at least, we're done with the mission" Lavi said chuckling lightly.

After School at Allen's Job

"Allen so nice to see you," Jerianna said cheerfully.

Allen looked around and took in his surroundings. "Wow, this looks pretty normal," Allen said surprised.

"Of course," giggled Jerianna, "What were you expecting a cosplay cafe or something? Don't worry, that's only on Halloween. You get to be the kitty." Jerianna patted Allen on his back and let out a laugh.

Allen stared at Jerianna for a second before her words finally hit him. "What?!" Allen gasped.

"Oh, come on, why else would I be so happy about you working here," Jerianna answered, "You see on the holidays we always have costume specials. And my dad's always wanted to see one of of waiters dress as a girl."

"Wh-why?" asked Allen starting to get a little scared.

"Well... let's just say that you'll find out," Jerianna cooed, "anyways your uniform is in the boy's locker room. Don't worry though it's a waiter's uniform not a waitress'. Though I have to say I'm a little disappointed at that fact."

"I'm not," Allen said thankful about the whole thing.

1 Hour Later

Lavi, Kanda, and Lenalee walked into the cafe. "Welcome guys!" Allen happily greeted them.

"Aw this is a disappointment. I was expecting you to be dressed in a waitress' outfit," Lavi pouted, "I guess my wet dreams will nev-" Lavi stopped talking because he was hit in the back of his head by the hilt of Mugen.

But the damage had already been done and Allen's face was redder than the inside of cherry pie. "I-I'll s-s-how you to y-your t-table," Allen stuttered trying to regain his posture. Allen quickly turned around and started walking forward. The other exorcists followed him. Lavi even with the aching pain in his head had a smug look on his face while Kanda was just glad to have Mugen back.

"Here's your table," Allen said pointing at the table next to him. He waited until they sat down before handing them menus. "I'll be back to take your order," Allen told them.

"Aw look at Allen. It's his first day and he's already all professional," Lavi raved. Allen turned around to hide his blush and walked away. "Hey, Lenalee? What's wrong?" Lavi asked Lenalee.

Lenalee was searching through her clipboard with a very confused look on her face. "I can't find the competition paper..." Lenalee answered Lavi.

"You probably just misplaced it, it's not that big of a deal," Lavi sighed waving his hand.

"You don't know Lenalee enough, Lavi. She never, ever misplaces anything," Kanda informed Lavi starting to get a little worried.

"That's right and I know for certain that I put it here. Which means it probably fell out..." Lenalee contemplated. The three exorcists looked at each other for a second and looked over at Allen.

"You know earlier he was acting all weird you don't think that maybe..."Lavi trailed off as he feared the worse.

"No, no I'm sure that Allen would have said something to us," Lenalee said being as optimistic ass ever.

"Actually, he did say something about me needing more points," Kanda remembered.

"You do need more points though," Lavi said accidentally changing the subject. "Why don't you try complimenting Allen?"

"Che, why should I compliment that bean sprout?" Kanda retorted.

"Minus 100 points!" Allen declared startling the other exorcists.

"W-what!?" the other's gasped.

"That's right. The paper fell out of Lenalee's clipboard today at school. And I figured that I should have some say in this. So, Kanda just lost 100 points for not being able to say my name correctly," Allen explained, "and if I'm not wrong that means that your back at 0."

Kanda didn't say anything and his expression was blank. 'Geez, Kanda you can't even say his name right hen you like him.' said that little squeaky voice in Kanda's head. 'SHUT UP!' thought Kanda really hating that voice.

"Well I guess you could do that," Lenalee agreed, "they are competing for you after all."At this Allen blushed and gave Lenalee the competition paper.

"By the way, Kanda, you said you had someone you like right?" Allen asked Kanda.

"Yeah..." Kanda answered. 'Wow maybe he's not as dense as I thought,' Kanda thought.

"So, if you like someone then why are you even doing this competition?" Allen asked with a confused look on his face.

Lavi snickered, Lenalee giggled, and Kanda just stared at Allen hoping that his stupidness wouldn't rub off on him. 'Never mind, he is as dense as I thought,' Kanda thought again shaking his head.

"Oh, waiterrrr," a voice called from behind causing Allen to leave them still confused.

Lavi smiled at Kanda. "You might as well tell Allen that he's the one you like," Lavi suggested.

Kanda didn't say anything and he turned around and watched Allen. 'His butt sure looks nice in that,' the little voice said. Kanda found himself blushing and he turned away from Allen's back.

"Oh, looks like someone is having naughty thoughts," Lenalee giggled loving every minute of it. Allen, always having the perfect timing, walked back to them right as Lenalee said this. Allen blushed again before clearing his throat and taking their orders.

5 Hours Later

Everyone was back at home. Allen was sitting on the brown, corduroy love seat, in the living room, reading up on his World Civilizations stuff. Kanda was sitting beside Allen doing Calculus. Lenalee was sitting on a chair by the love seat doing a psychology report. Lavi, who had already finished his homework, was sitting criss-cross on the carpet and reading an ancient book.

Lenalee was the first to get up. "Well I'm going to go to bed. Good night guys," Lenalee said before heading towards her room.

"Good night," the guys called after her before going back to what they were doing.

After a while Lavi finally stood up. "Before I fall asleep I'm going to head off to bed," Lavi informed them.

Allen looked up and smiled at him, "Good night," he said glad that Lavi wasn't going to fall asleep on the floor again.

It was now just Allen and Kanda in the living room, but neither of them paid any mind to this fact. At least not for another thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes Allen started shifting around trying to find a comfy spot. Kanda watched him for a few second before finally clearing his throat. "Why don't I get off here so you can lay down," Kanda suggested.

"Huh? Oh, no that's okay I'm not very fond of laying down on here," Allen said smiling at Kanda.

Kanda and Allen stared at each other for a second before Kanda turned away slightly. "Well, why don't you lay your head in my lap then," Kanda suggested again amazed that he was actually able to get something that embarrassing out.

Allen stared at Kanda for a second before blushing. "A-are you sure? I mean I'm sure you're already finished with all your homework so you don't have to stay here." Allen asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Kanda answered Allen looking back at him for a second before turning away again, "Plus I still have some Forensics stuff to do." That was a lie though. Kanda had finished all his homework about an hour ago. But, Lavi had spent an hour earlier teaching Kanda some ways to get closer to Allen.

"O-okay," Allen said before changing positions and laying his head on Kanda's lap. After about twenty minutes Allen was starting to get sleepy and Kanda's warm lap didn't help any. Soon, Allen fell asleep and the book he was holding almost fell right on him. But Kanda, who had been observing him the whole time, grabbed the book and placed it on the coffee table in front of them.

Kanda watched Allen sleeping. His sleeping face was still as cute as ever. Allen turned in his sleep so that the back of his head was laying on Kanda's lap. Kanda stroked the right side of Allen's face and his eyes traveled to Allen's lips. He could still feel the softness of them from when they shared that kiss earlier. Kanda watched them open and close gently as Allen breathed evenly, already in a deep sleep. In the end, Kanda couldn't help himself and he leaned down and kissed Allen.

What Kanda didn't know is that a certain someone was giggling as she watched Kanda's little voyeur. Lenalee sighed happily as she recorded Kanda's points down.

The Race for 1000

Point System:

Doing something nice or romantic for Allen: 20 points

Making Allen blush: 50 points

Kissing Allen: 100 points


In order for the actions to count someone other then the person doing the action must see the action.

Whoever gets 1000 points first gets to be Allen's boyfriend.

If either one of the challengers quit then the other challenger automatically wins.

Allen is allowed to subtract points.



1st- Kissed Allen +100 points

2nd- Called Allen Bean Sprout -100 points

3rd- Made Allen blush +50 points

4th- Let Allen sleep in his lap +25 points

5th- Kissed Allen(even if he was asleep) +100 points

Total points: 175

Lavi: 1st- Made Allen blush +50 points

2nd- Kissed Allen +100 points

3rd- Allen blushed during the kiss +50 points

4th- kissed Allen again +100 points

5th- Made Allen blush twice in a row +100

(during the bedroom scene Lenalee couldn't actually see Allen blush so those times don't count)

Total points:400

So, In case you haven't noticed I actually didn't end this in a cliff hanger. Yay!

Next Chapter: California has their annual Boutique of Lights and Lavi, Lenalee, and Allen are excited to go. Kanda wants nothing to do with the whole thing until Allen makes a promise with Kanda to spend the whole day with him. Of course Lavi and Lenalee are never far behind.