Lil Info!
15 year old Bonnie Payne never fit in anywhere. She was pale like a ghost,
and she always wore black boy clothes and dark make up, to make her look dead!
She has blackish brown hair and blue eyes! She has a gift that's been passed
down through her Mom's side of the family. She's a psychic, able to see,
communicate, and even interact with the supernatural. She has a ghost pet,
well not actually a ghost, it's actually an Egyptian Goddess, in it's
animal form it's a cheetah named Bastet, in it's human form it's a girl
with long black hair, green eyes, wearing Egyptian dresses. Bonnie's soul is
unknown, meaning neither her nor anyone else knows about her soul, basically
it's somewhat of a lost soul. She believes in God, as Bastet does as


Bonnie yelled at her mother and her mother's new husband.
"Bonnie, you know your father…"
"He's not my father!""Bonnie!"

"It's true, remember! You said he's not my father at all, because he's not kin to me! So that means I don't have to move"
"Bonnie, you'll come back in the summer for your dad! But you have to go,
because I'm your mother and I said so!"
"I'd be better off in hell then going with James!"
"Is it because he's a yank?"
"No! Its cause our family was better off without him!" She said to her
mother's face. James put his hand on her shoulder!
"Bonnie, I know you never liked me at the start, but you just want your
mother to be happy! And I know I can make you happy! I got some family members
that work in a hospital up there…and I know they'll let you see the dead
bodies there and stuff…I know your curious about death, and dead bodies, and
that sort of stuff!" She rolled her eyes!
"Bonnie please!" her mother begged. She sat down and gave them a smirk.
"If I go, I can go to the hospital anytime I like, ok, and I can help out
around there! You got that James Abelson!"
"Sure, I'll let my sister know that!" She got up, and went to her room
and packed. Bastet was in her room lying on her bed. She started to pack, went
she turned and Bastet was in her human form.
"Need help with your junk" she said to Bonnie
"Funny, you start to pack over there!" two hours passed and James came
"Hey! I just called my sister from the Hospital, she got you a pass and
everything! That's your job now, you start the second we get there!"
Bonnie looked at him
"What's the Hospital called? And who's your sister?"
"My sister's name is Brenda Abelson and the hospital is called Kingdom
Hospital…but there are things about that place!"
"Like what?"
"Well four years ago, there was earthquakes and Dr. Stegman! She said the
place is haunted, but I don't believe in ghosts or stuff like that!" he
said and Bastet picked up a lamp and through it at him, luckily it missed.
"But I believe in Bastet! Anyway, she said Dr. Stegman is a crazy man, and he
broke her heart, sometimes he talks to himself, but he claims it was a boy
named Paul! She works on the top of the hospital to get away from him, so you
will work with almost everyone but Dr. Hook, because he's on break for a
month with his new wife, with a baby! You got it"
"Yeah sure!" She said back, she looked over to her radio and saw Bastet
turn it on. Bastet and Bonnie song came on,
"Bye bye baby don't be long, I worry about you while you're gone!"
They started to sing! James walked out of her room, They sang and finally got
done packing, Bonnie put on her ipod, luckily it had a full battery these last
three weeks. James took the airplane with all their stuff, as Bonnie, her
mother, her eldest brother and younger sister took the mustang!
"Mom! Bonnie's listening to her music to loudly!" cryed Hannah
"Shut up brat!"


"Hey Hannah guess what!"
"Don't you dare sing that song!"
"BLOOD, BLOOD, give them gallons of the stuff! Give them all they can


"Bonnie stop it! Hannah let Bonnie listen to her
music!" said their mother. "Hannah you're a brat!" said Bruce.
"You go Bruce!" said Bonnie! She looked out the window, counting stuff
and day dreaming. Bonnie closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep and
started to dream.


"Bye bye baby don't be long! I worry about you while you're gone!"
Bastet singing as she lying on the ground! A boy in leather came up, and picked her up!
"You should have stayed in Egypt!" He said
"Anubis! I wanted to see more of the world, like you did!"
"But one thing you forgot!"
"No, I didn't forget! About Mary! But…she rested….why are you still
here?" She touch her chest and she yell in pain
"That's for me to know, and Bonnie!" He looked at her, causing her to
jump back.
"Will Bastet be ok!" was the only thing she said! Bastet looked at Bonnie
with a smile on her face.
"Don't worry about me, ok!" Anubis turned with her in his arms and they
were gone. Then Bonnie heard an evil chuckle from behind. She felt a cold hand
on her shoulder….

Wake up

Hannah started to shake Bonnie to wake up,
yelled Bonnie!
"Bonnie!" said her mother! Bonnie ignored her and looked back out the
"I told her not to wake you, but anyways we're here" said Bruce! Bonnie
got out and saw Bastet walking from nowhere!
"HEY OVER HERE!" they heard, Bonnie looked over and it was James with a
"Is he cheating on my mom, now? This early! I mean seriously, we just got
" She thought. They walked over to Bonnie and her family.
"Bonnie this is my sister Brenda!"
"Wow, you look….prettier then he said…."
"You don't have to act or anything…you can say whatever you think about
"Good! He never told me you're goth!"
"I'm not goth, I'm emo, but I'm also a Christian!"
"O…" she said, Bonnie rolled her eyes. "Great my new step aunt is emo..."
Bonnie thought to herself, though she quickly snapped out of her thoughts when
Brenda handed her something.
"It's a pass through the hospital! I just need to make you a new one with
your picture!" said Brenda! James took Bonnie and the rest of the family,
including his sister, to his house, which was near the hospital.
"If you want you could walk a mile or so in the woods to get to the
Hospital!" said James looking at Bonnie happy like a kid in a candy shop!
Bonnie picked the basement for her room, and unpacked everything. She walked
up the stairs and almost ran into James.
"How did you get this place?" Bonnie asked him.
"When I was 18 I bought it from The Morlock Family!"
"Why would they want to sell this pretty house?"
"About 69 years ago, Chad and Judy Morlock had a son name Paul! He was crazy, all he did was hurt mice in the wood to see their heart beat…well his dad took him to the doctor because he thought he was crazy, he figured the doctor could take care of him, put him in a mental hospital, or give him pills or something, but in 1939 there was a fire, they found Paul in a tank dead and the doctor burned alive. Paul was only 15 and the doctor…I guess they say he was well into his 80's and! Well Paul family had another kid, for years they lived here, but since Paul's death the home just seemed off, like something was wrong with it, like something was lways here, watching, waiting, never doing anything, but it played mind games with them, they assumed it was because Paul's room was in the basement, and Paul haunted the place because he used to live here and his parents forced him to go with that crazy doctor that did
experiments on everyone, the guy killed half his patients, probably more than that, he was a real whack job. Well anyways they sold it cheap, and I got it!"


"You can see heart beats if you know what the hell your


"Cool!" she said, Brenda got Bonnie a new pass, one with her picture on it, and took her to work at The Kingdom hospital" Brenda took Bonnie to her own office on the top floor of the hospital.
"Bonnie whatever you do don't look down!" said Bastet.
"So Bonnie how old are you?"
"James never told you?"


"I'm 15"
"Tell me about yourself…cause now we're family in a freaky way…"
"I like black, purple, blue, blood red, and lime green. I love the dead, I
like things that freak or gross people out, I love music and write lyrics and
poems! I like to sing and play on the drums or guitar! I'm mad at James for
making us move up here from my real dad, and my friends. And I think James is
a no good…."
"Don't finish cause I know what you mean! James can be a brat sometimes,
or actually most of the time!"
"Is he the youngest?"
"The oldest…it just me and him" They talked about James, music and
everything. Bonnie found out Brenda is just like her, but emo instead of
"Bonnie, take this to Dr. Stegman please, and watch out, he's kind of
"Ok! I can deal with crazy people…I'm one of them!" they started to
laugh. Bonnie took the stairs cause she was never a big fan of elevators. She
got to the door of the hallway where Dr. Stegman's office was at. Bonnie
felt a cold breathe on the back of her neck. She turned on her Ipod: Thank
you for the Venom. That's what she was listening to as she looked for his
office, finally she paused her music and went in.
"Dr. Stegman?" she said. The room was black and cold as ice. She turned
on the lights, and she found him laying on the ground. She put the papers on
his desk and helped him to his chair.
"Get away!" He said, she could smell the strong scent of whiskey on his
breath. She got him a cup of water to help him to be sober!
"Who are you?" he asked.
"I'm Bonnie Payne… I guess you can say that I'm Brenda's new family
"Oh…she got married?"
"No, her brother…to my mother."
"That must suck for you!"
"Tell me about it!" He went through the papers, Bonnie was about to go
back upstairs but Dr. Stegman stopped her.
"Wait….take this to her!" He handed her a heart shape box.
"You like her?"
"We did go out until Dr. Hook and his…." He stopped what he was saying,
staring behind Bonnie, standing stone stiff.
"Dr. Stegman?"
"Hey Stegg? Who the shorttimer?" she heard from behind her. She looked
and saw a boy around her age standing directly behind her. .
"Well, I'll give this to her…I'll let you two be…" she know she
didn't hear come in, and he wasn't in the room when she got their, so she
thought it was best to leave.
"Hey shorttimer!" yelled the boy from the door. Bonnie turned around to
look at him and see what he wanted.
"What's your name?"
"Bonnie Payne…" she said, and then turned and started up the stairs.
She was almost to the top when she heard a scream, causing her to look over
the rail to see where it came from. She freak out and put her back to the wall
and sat down for a second. She looked over and saw Bastet.
"Told ya not to look" she said, Bastet helped Bonnie up to her feet and
they walked up together.
"I have to make you meet an old friend…I didn't know he was here until
we got here!"
"Who is it…what's his name?"
"His name is Anubis! Both of us came from Egypt!" She said. They finally
got to Brenda's office, but she wasn't there. She had left a note for
Bonnie, it said

Dear Bonnie,
Sorry, I had to do something real fast, whatever Dr. Stegman gave you throw
it away. Your free right now, so go look around or whatever, but try not to
get lost in this big building, and maybe I'll see you in the hallway, but
come back around 1:57 ok. So I can take you back home!
From, Brenda!

Bonnie didn't want to throw Stegman's gift away cause it might hurt his
feelings, so she decided to open it. There was a picture of him and her
together, and it says on it that he's sorry about four years ago! And that
he still loves her, and he will do anything to get her back. Bonnie saw a ring
and a necklace at the bottom of the box.
"You know it's not right to look through other peoples things!" Bonnie
turned around and saw it was Dr. Stegman and the boy.
"She said throw it away, and I didn't want to hurt you feelings, so I
figured I'd open it up and see what it was!" The boy gave Bonnie a smirk
"She'll never go back with me!" Dr. Stegman sat down, with a sad
puppydog look on his face.
"Dr. Stegman does she even know about the gifts inside?"
"No…I don't know!"
"Well, show her the gifts…" Bonnie walked over and handed him the
necklace and ring. He looked up at her. She had a smile on her face.
"By the way how did you two break up!"
"I don't want to talk about it!"
"Well then I guess I'll see you later or so!" Bonnie said to him. She
walked out the door, but as she was leaving she turned around but she didn't
see the boy, only Dr. Stegman sitting alone. She walked to the elevator,
"What ya doing Bonnie?" asked Bastet
"Thinking about getting in the elevator!"
"Remember what happened in Tennessee!"
"The wires were old, they couldn't hold a girl who weighed 97 pounds and
a man who weighed 452 pounds!"
"Whatever!" Bastet said as she rolled her eyes! Bonnie looked at the
elevator, and went to the stairs, she climbed them until she got to the main
"Who are you?" asked a man.
"I'm Bonnie Payne"
"O, you're the new girl! You're the youngest in the hospital staff! My
name is Otto and this is Blondi, and that's Bobby!" said Otto, Bonnie pet
Blondi on the head
"He's pretty!"
"Thank you!" Bonnie, look at one of the screens and seen an old car like,
park next to a car that was beaten up.
"Who's cars are those?" asked Bonnie
"The beaten up one is Dr. Stegman, it's stayed there for four years!"
"What about the old one?"
"Bobby, see my eyes are not playing on me again, she see's it to!" he
said looking at Bobby.
"Well, then don't tell my mum!"
"Last time no one told her!" Otto said
"Well, I'm going to look around!"
"Ok, nice meeting you Bonnie, o….watch out for Dr. Stegman" Otto said
as she walked away.
"Why doesn't anyone like Dr. Stegman? He's nice to me." Bonnie thought, she
look at the clock it said 12:45. She walked around, and she ended up using the
elevator, going to the basement.
"Hey Bonnie!" Bonnie jumped and it was Bastet being accompanied by an
"Who's that?"
"I told you, that's Anubis!" They talked and walked around the basement
until it was 1:50.
"I've got seven minutes to get to the top so Brenda can take me home!"
"Ride the elevator" said Anubis, Bonnie did, but she freaked out every
time it stopped or would make a sound.
"Ready to go home?" asked Brenda
"Yeah…but can we take the stairs?"
"Sure!" when Bonnie got home she fell on her bed, she closed her eyes and
had a weird dream


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