I know this isn't really kosher, but I had to ask somewhere. The fic is below, this is not a review of the book. I've been hearing buzz and I wanted to know who else might be interested in it. I finished Breaking Dawn, it wasn't what I expected, but she pulled it all together in such a wonderful, compelling story. I found I liked it. I've been reading around the web, and some people are saying they'd like to see a book picking up from BD about Nessie and Jake. I'd never thought of it till now, but I'd like to read that myself. I'd like to see what happens with them. Her growing up, what Edward and Bella would think of their 'Son-in-Law' and their daughters changes. The challenges Nessie faces being different. Not completely human, wolf or vampire. It's sort of interesting. I guess I just wanted to know how many of you might want to read the same thing. Think she'd do it if enough of her fans asked? I get the impression she feels she's finished with the Twilight saga after Midnight Sun.

And now, the mini fic. Since we aren't supposed to use this as a place for personal messages. Lol. I got this idea from a friend who's child really did give 'love bites'. 'Cause hugs are just too easy right?

Dad was half right. I did like biting Jacob. But he was wrong about the reason. He did not taste good. Unless you consider wet dog a good flavor. He was my Jacob. I know he cares about me just as much as my mom and dad. It's different, but I know it. We have a special bond. We have since the start. Even when we didn't know what that meant. He's my friend. I know he doesn't mind. I like to think my biting him now and again reminds him that he belongs with me. We are a family. Vampires, wolves and grandpa Charlie. Curling up next to his warmth now, I give him a gentle nip again. His low rumbling chuckle is comforting. No. He doesn't mind the love bites at all.