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P.S. Lemon in this chapter (but nothing too terribly graphic).

Chapter 6

As the mass of students poured out of the school, Miroku waited by the entrance, scanning the area for his miko. He spotted her quickly, and for the moment he was content just watching her. He saw her toss her shiny black hair and flash her smile as she laughed with her friends.

As the group neared Miroku's location, Hojo approached Kagome from behind and tapped on her shoulder. They were now close enough that Miroku could hear them.

"Kagome! I brought you this herbal tea. It should work wonders for your gout." Kagome choked a little on the air she had just breathed.

"Thanks, Hojo," she managed to say.

"Kagome," he continued sheepishly. "Would you like to--that is to say--umm, well. . .may I take you to dinner tomorrow night?"

"Hojo, that's so kind of you, but--"

"She has plans," interrupted a certain handsome monk. Miroku approached the group briskly and stopped in front of Hojo.

"Who might you be?"


"Hojo, hmm? Well, Kagome's my girl, so back off." He draped his right arm around her waist and said, "Let's go home."

"See you tomorrow," she said, blushing, as she waved to her friends and began her journey home with Miroku.

"Gout, eh? Your grandfather sure is. . . imaginative." He chuckled.

"You didn't have to walk me home, you know," she said.

"I wanted to." He removed his arm and interlocked his fingers with hers. "So, is that guy related to Akitoki?"


"Obsession with you must run in their family."

"I guess so. Do you know what we're having for dinner?"

"Your mother said she's making your favorites, whatever those might be."

"I so love my mom! We must be having sake-steamed fish and white miso soup and soba! This is going to be the best night ever!"

"Indeed," he said with definite sexual insinuation in his voice, which wasn't noticed by the girl next to him currently fantasizing about food.

They walked in comfortable silence for the remainder of the trip. She pecked his cheek and smiled. She looked at him like he was all she needed in the world.

And he loved it. What is it about this girl?

They stepped into the house and slid off their shoes. "I'm going to shower before Mama starts making dinner, okay?"

"Will you require any assistance?"

"Thanks, but I think I'll manage without your kind and generous offer. Go hang out with Souta or something."

He pouted. "Fine."

Once Kagome was in the shower, Miroku decided it might not be a bad idea to spend time with her little brother. After all, he must know stuff about Kagome. Miroku smirked.




Finally, dinner was ready, the table had been set, and everyone was seated. "Everything looks delicious, Mrs. Higurashi," Miroku complimented.

They were half-way through dinner when Miroku felt Kagome's foot rubbing the length of his leg. He glanced at her; she smiled deviously for a moment before transforming her countenance into one of pure innocence.

Time for payback, he thought. He moved his hand from his lap to rest on her knee. They communicated with their eyes.

I'm strong enough not to let that affect me, she told him silently.

Oh, but I'm just getting started.

He slid his hand up slowly and stopped mid-thigh. She gasped slightly but quickly regained her composure. You can't win this, monk.

He rubbed gently over the inside of her thigh, and--

"Mama, may I be excused?"

"Sure, Kagome." She began to clear the dishes.

When the cleaning was finished, Mrs. Higurashi said, "Grandpa, Souta, let's go see a movie!" She wasn't as oblivious to the situation as Kagome thought.

Souta said, "But we just went to see--"

"I won't take 'no' for an answer!" As she ushered them out the door, Kagome could have sworn she saw her mother wink at her.

"Looks we have the house to ourselves," Miroku said, wrapping his arms around her from behind. He inhaled the light, flowery scent of her hair.

"So it seems," she said. She turned around, stood on her toes, and kissed him, softly at first, then with ferocity.

He reciprocated her kiss with equal passion and led her to the couch. He pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it backwards over his shoulder. He then pulled off her skirt in one tug and admired her.

He placed light kisses on her neck, towards her chest. He looked up at her abruptly. "Shall we relocate before we continue?" he asked. She nodded and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

They resumed their fervent kissing, and soon Kagome was frantically trying to remove Miroku's jeans.


"Yes?" She pulled his shirt off.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course. . .why?"

"I just. . . don't want to take advantage of you."

"Miroku, I'm telling you with all that I am that I want you to make love to me. Do I have to beg?"

"No, never." He kissed her forehead.

He removed the remainder of her clothing and his. He lowered her down onto the bed and positioned himself above her. He gazed into her eyes and brushed a stray piece of hair out of her face before plunging into her. He looked at her questioningly, and she nodded encouragingly.




Afterwards, he pulled her on top of him and drew the comforter over their entwined bodies; he was in perfect bliss.

The next morning, Miroku awoke early and watched Kagome sleep. Suddenly, though, her eyes shot open, alarmed, and he knew she remembered.


"I was in love with Inuyasha, and you and Sango had a thing going," she stated in a panicked tone. She pulled the sheets up to cover herself completely. "I remember now! Grandpa hit me in the head, and I thought I was in love with you."

"Kagome, don't—"

"And I forced you to do this. . . I've ruined everything! I'm so sorry!"

"Kagome, listen to me. You didn't force me into anything. I should be apologizing to you."

"No, you did what you had to."

"Since you remember now. . . does that mean you'll be going back to Inuyasha?" He didn't meet her eyes.

"Why bother? He'll be hung up on Kikyo forever. And more importantly, I already have everything I want."

"Do you mean--"

"Yes." She smiled. "I only want you."

She fit perfectly against him, and together they laid back down to watch the sun rise.




The next day, they spent the afternoon in a hammock next to the Goshinboku. Kagome held his right hand against her cheek.

"Hey, Kagome, it may be a little late for this, but. . . will you bear my children?"

She smiled and kissed him. "Of course." Kagome continued to fondle his cursed hand.



"We're going to fight this. . . together."




And together they jumped into the well for whatever was ahead on their path. The feudal fairytale wasn't over yet.

Author's Notes: That's the last chapter! I hope you liked it! There is an epilogue to come (but it's just for fun and really has nothing to do with the story).