Second attempt at a lemon hope I'm getting better warning this one contains rape one shot. I do not own Naruto and I never will.

Forest of death

Hinata was running threw the forest it was her second time trying to get chuunin and so far so good until she hit a branch knocking her out for about a good day or so. For Hinata things were getting bad to worse first she finds herself tied down with her arms and legs spored out wide giving anyone a good look at her body. Once she came to her senses, she realized she was completely naked with a gag in her mouth with a bunch of grinning shinobi looking right at her sex and her boobs. Fear struck in Hinata's eyes as one of the shinobi pulled down his pants and positioned himself between her legs. His grin was savage as he pushed himself into her braking her in one foul swoop. Each one of the nin noticed the pain in her eyes and talked to each other in whispers. She had finally realized it when there was an abrupt jerking on her arms she was being raised up for all to see her and to take two of the three holes. Hinata quickly activated her byakugan to see if anyone was approaching her. Just as she had feared an enemy nin was approaching her from behind to take her in the ass. She saw him grin as he was getting closer and closer to her second hole. She screamed into the gag as she felt the second penis penetrate and moving up and down. Hinata started to sob as the nin in her pussy was about to cum in her. Each one of the nins took turns cumming in her till the nins had enough of there little whore. "Hey slut." one of the nin started "we had a good time with you keep this up." The other five smiled and went on there merry way only later ti be eaten alive by a giant snake.

Sorry this was so small but this was the most I could think of.