Whoo! Here is chapter 1 of the sequel to Loved All Along. Well... I am giving the sequel a try. I hope you like it. I just came up with the plot and everything so it might be a little rough. Enjoy!

Just the thought of it made Hinata blush. There was no one to blush at. There was no one in her room. She had just been thinking about Naruto. She had been thinking about kissing him again. Hinata quickly shook the thought from her head, still a slight pink color lingering on her cheeks.

"I… kissed him… in front of everyone." She whispered to herself. Hinata still couldn't get over the shock of it all. Kissing Naruto in front of the whole village was never something she thought she would do.

"You are very modest, Hinata. You blushed at your own thoughts." Someone said calmly. Hinata stared, eyes wide at her cousin standing in her doorway.

"Oh… N-Neji!" Hinata gasped startled. "I was just-" she started.

"Thinking about Naruto? Yeah, I know." Neji commented smiling slightly, but still managing to keep his pale eyes serious.

Now that Hinata thought about it… that kiss that she had shared with Naruto, had been nearly two years ago.


"Please, Sakura! Please!" Naruto begged. "I'm starving!" he added throwing on a pouting face.

"No, Naruto! You know that we have just enough food to make it back. Maybe if you hadn't eaten so much yesterday we would have more!" Sakura said fuming trying not to wake the girl that rode on her back. Naruto whispered something under his breath, but Sakura pretended not to notice.

Naruto distracted himself by thinking of the one person that he knew would fill his mind completely with joy.

'Hinata…' he thought.

Lately, Tsunade had been throwing missions at Naruto left and right. Now he and Sakura were heading back to the village after a recon mission. Recon missions bored Naruto immensely. It was hard for him to hold back from attacking the people they encountered…

The encounter

Sakura crouched hidden behind the leaves on the branch of a tree just above the men. Naruto dropped down next to her carefully, so he wouldn't shake the branch.

"Remember Naruto... this is just a recon mission. We are only here to observe. No matter what happens we can't do anything," Sakura reminded him in a sharp whisper.

Naruto nodded, and both turned their attention below them. Two men, who appeared to be related, approached a small girl. The girl whimpered quietly as she cowered in the brush nearby. Her brownish blond hair hanging over her face and her dark eyes.

"P-please... I-I didn't do anything." the girl said shaking.

"Oh, come now Yumiko... you have done everything." one of the men replied shaking his head.

"Why? Why... w-would everyone leave? I thought you were happy there... elder Shinichi." Yumiko nearly whispered as tears came to her eyes.

"Yumiko, you are not able to understand. It was because of the children that we left. You included." the other man explained with fake concern.

The girl, Yumiko, shuddered and finally burst in tear filled sobs. "How could you?!" she shireked.

"Abandon the village? Well... our clan had its reasons." the man, that the girl referered to as elder Shinichi, said.

"Now... brother Shinichi... we must take care of this." the other man suggested, a wicked expression crossing his face. Suddenly the two men advanced on the girl.

"They... they are ninja!" Naruto whispered, shocked. "Are they going to attack that little girl?" he asked. Sakura didn't answer. She didn't take her sight off of the men. "We can't just sit here and do nothing!" Naruto spat. Sakura just shook her head. Her expression was full of pain. Naruto imagined that she must feel the same pain as he was.

One of the men grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her off the ground. The girl screeched. He threw her against a tree. Naruto and Sakura both heard a sickening crack as the girl's arm broke. The men tossed her around. They hit her and beat her.

Now she lay motionless on the ground. The men departed without a word. Naruto clenched his fists in pure rage. He was ready to beat the stuffing out of those guys... but it was Sakura who jumped down from the tree first.

She knelt down beside the girl, checking her vitals. "She's alive... her arm is broken... and her nose. She is unconsious." Sakura mumbled as she examined the girl.

"Yumiko... can you hear me?" Sakura whispered in her ear. Sakura couldn't help the tears from flowing. "We have to get her to the village," she said turning to look over at Naruto who had jumped down from the tree also.

Naruto and Sakura finally arrived at the village entrance, panting. "I will check in. Take Yumiko." Sakura commanded. Naruto gently held the child in his arms as he ran to the hospital.


Hinata sprinted to the hospital. She hadn't seen him in what seemed like weeks, when in fact, he was only gone for four days. All she had heard from Neji was that he was in the hospital.

I hope he is alright... she thought.

Bursting throught the doors, Hinata ran to the front desk. "Do you m-mind telling me what room N-Naruto is in?" Hinata asked breathless.

"Hmm... Uzamaki Naruto? Oh, he isn't checked in, but he is visiting someone. He should be in room 117," the recieptionist said cheerfully looking up from her clipboard.

Visiting someone?

Hinata nodded. "Thank y-you." she said as she rushed off. Just down the hall, Hinata spotted room 117 and skidded to a stop. She stepped in slowly, searching for that wonderful blond hair.

"Hinata!" Naruto exclaimed, shocked. Naruto ran over to her and picked her up in a tight embrace.

"I'v missed you," they both said at the same moment. Naruto set Hinata down and giggled with her as she laughed at their unison.

"This is a girl that Sakura and I rescued on our mission. I was just making sure she was ok. She is sleeping though," Naruto explained. He gestered toward the little girl. Hinata smiled at Naruto.

Brave as ever... She thought. Hinata gazed at the small girl laying in the white bed. There was something about her...

Then it clicked. She was a child of the Kumintoka clan of the Land of Water.

So... who is this girl? What is up with those guys that tried to kill her? Why did their clan leave? How will this effect Naruto and Hinata later on? Well, you will just have to wait for the next chapter for Tsunade to explain all that! What do you think? Am I doing good with the sequel? Please, please, review thanks!