Attention my dear readers!

Alright I am super sorry I have been gone for so long. I feel like I have let you all down to some extent by not updating for... well, months. I have decided something about this fanfic though so please bear with me.

Truth be told this sequel is no where near as good or well written as my first NaruHina one. Never the less I will NOT give up EVER.

So... going on this... I am going to ask you all what you want.

This is the end of this fanifc but it is your choice. Do I continue to create a third NaruHina that is the sequel to this one? If you wish to know what happens or think that my writing is fine... then please by all means say yes. It's alright to say no though. I will continue writing on fanfiction... I just wanted to know if you all (since you are the readers) wanted more on this particular story/plot line.

Please review with answers,