"Just calm down Lorelai, calm down." Sookie's voice rang in the back of her head. They weren't enough, this was going to be the longest ten minutes of her life. Lorelai sat on the top of the bathroom sink, an empty cardboard box lay next to her and a tiny paper unfolded to reveal directions was tucked between her thumb and her pointer. She repeated the instructions multiple times aloud to herself.

"The clearest response - the applicator will say yes for pregnant and no for not pregnant." She looked down at her watch. The seconds seemed like minutes. "Only 6 more minutes, come on!" she screamed at the metal time bomb that lay ticking on her wrist. She jumped as somebody pounded on her door. "Hold on Sookie!" Lorelai snapped. Her hands were shaking with anticipation, and her eyes were watering. 'This wasn't supposed to happen,' she thought to herself. 'What would Emily and Richard think? What will they think?' she stopped herself. There was no use worrying about the future, when the future wasn't certain.

Lorelai glanced down at her watch again, only a minute had past. She slid herself off the corner of the sink and walked from one side of the bathroom to the other seemingly very rushed. Her head was down, counting every tile of the bathroom floor.

"Come on, Lorelai. Just let me in," Sookie's concerned voice echoed through the door. The handle twisted, but the door didn't give. Lorelai looked down at her watch.

"You can come in in 4 minutes!" she screamed through the door, "but I'm not letting you in before that." She walked to the door and leaned her back against it as she slid down the door to the ground. In her right hand was a long white stick with an empty screen. 'Still nothing.' she thought to herself. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, laying her head softly on her knee caps. Her eyes were opened, staring straight at her watch. She listened to the ticking of the seconds hand, as she tried to figure out how she would tell basically everybody she knew that she might be pregnant.

"Is it time yet?" Sookie's voice interrupted Lorelai's thought process.

"2 more minutes!" Lorelai screamed back, becoming more irritated and impatient by the moment. Lorelai lifted herself off the ground and once again began to pace. She stopped herself, and leaned her weight against the sink, both arms holding up her weight. Her head was up, staring herself right in the eyes, in her reflection in the mirror. She dropped her head abruptly, as an alarm went off. She stared at the stick which she held in her hand, and softly, she began to cry.