"So what are you gonna do?" Sookie's piercing green eyes stared at Lorelai who was deep in thought, waiting for an answer. She sat down next to Lorelai and hung her arm around her neck, resting her head on Lorelai's shoulder. Lorelai's gaze was focused on one dot in the center of the floor. She had so many things to think about, how would he react? How would they react? The only thing she knew for certain was that she was keeping this baby.

"I have to tell them" Lorelai's meek voice broke the silence. She straighted her back against the base of the bed and turned herself around to face Lorelai. She stared into her eyes; they were the one thing that she could always rely on to tell her how Lorelai was feeling.

"When?" She asked hestitantly.

"Tonight, at dinner." She told her.

"But don't you think that you should tell Alex, first?" Sookie pleaded. Lorelai bit her lip, tears once again began to glaze her blue eyes as she stare at the walls, as if the answers were written for her. "I mean, what if they flip out and call his parents, or even worse, they call him. And now not only does he know he's going to be a father, he knows from Emily and Richard and not from you." Sookie hoped her logic would somehow make it into Lorelai's head.

"I'll tell him today." Lorelai didn't lose focus on the wall as she spoke.

"When?" Sookie asked her, swaying her head, trying to make eye contact.

"I'll call him now. See if he wants to go do something." She blinked her eyes to refocus. Leaning her arms against the end of the bed, she lifted herself to her feet and made her way to the opposite side of the bed. As she approached the phone her pace slowered. She made a full stop in front of the phone and stared at it. She half-heartedly hoped it would ring so she would have an excuse not to have to call - but she would lose her courage, she knew she would. Her eyes set on the handle, and she stuck her hand out, hovering about the receiver. She wriggled her fingers a few times before finally she snached up the phone and quickly dialed the number she had dialed lightheartedly so many times before.

"Hello?" It was Alex's voice. She thought about hanging up, slamming the reciever down and fleeing to the bathroom. But she knew that would only make the battle twice as long - she'd be right back where she started.

"Hey, Alex?" Her voice shook as the words left her mouth.

"Lorelai?" His voice sounded surprised.

"Yeah, hey..." her voice trailed off into the silence. She almost expected him to hang up the phone.

"What do you want?" He asked coldly.

"Would you mind if we got together today? You know, just to talk? I have something really important to tell you." The desperation in her voice was apparant. This was made obvious by two things: the look on Sookie's face as Lorelai turned around, the fact that he agreed to come out. The time was set for 2:00pm. She had one hour to talk herself out of showing. Lorelai hung up the phone and let out a loud sigh as she dropped her body onto her bed.

"You want me to stick around until it's time to go? You know, so you don't back out?" Sookie was standing over Lorelai as she closed her eyes and flopped herself backwards onto the bed. She shook her head.

"And Sook?" She added.

"Yeah?" Sookie's voice was more chipper than the occasion asked for.

"Thanks" Lorelai opened her eyes and smiled at her. Sookie was still standing over her, smiling back. "I think we should leave now. So i don't chicken out. We can go and walk around. Meet him in the park when it's time." Lorelai suggested. Sookie nodded, reached out her hand to help Lorelai up. They raced downstairs and told Emily they were going to the mall as they headed out the door. She was out the door faster than Emily could even protest.

As Lorelai and Sookie walked around the park, Lorelai was only half committed to their conversation about who was cuter: Rob Lowe or Rick Springfeild? She had never really taken the time to notice as she walked though the park, but today she couldn't help but see all of the parents, and children. How old all of them seemed to be. Her hand lay over her stomach as her strides became shorter and shorter. Her mind was definitely not with the conversation anymore.

"Lorelai? Hello. Lorelai!" Apparently her mouth wasn't with the conversation anymore, either. She shook her head out of her daze. She looked confused toward Sookie who had been calling her name. "I said, I see Alex. it's 1:50. Do you want to go over there now? I'll stay back here, maybe hide in the bushes or something." her face concerned as she stared intensely at her best friend.

"Sookie, I don't think you need to hide in the bushes, I'll go over there just... make yourself scarce?" It came out meaner than she had intended, but she couldn't help how she was feeling. She looked at Sookie apologetically and kept walking toward Alex. His back was turned toward her, obviously suspecting she'd be coming from the opposite way. His thick black hair blew a bit in the wind, and he stood with his feet spread apart. He wore ripped jeans as he always did. Alex came from a very different lifestyle than Lorelai did, which is probably what she saw in him to begin with. She approached him and tapped him on his shoulder. He turned his head to the side to see who it was and when he recognized Lorelai turned to face her. His blue eyes looked almost straight though her and his mouth was curved in a permanent frown. She smiled at him, but he did not return the gesture.

"Hey Alex, look. I--" she stumbled over her words. "I have something really important to tell you." she tried again, successfully.

"So you said" His demeanor did not change. She stared at him, his body language and his facial expressions. She had forced him to come out and meet with him after she hadn't seem him in nearly a month. He had left her, left her for another girl, left her with this child. There was no easy way to say what she had to say, no easy way to tell him that at the age of 16, both he and she would be the proud parents of a baby, baby whatever it was going to be, so why prolong the situation? Especially since her heart seemed to be breaking into more and more pieces the longer she stood before him."

"Hey look Alex," she started. She might as well come right out with it, right at the beginning, right? "Look Alex. I just wanted you to know that I found out I was pregnant today." Lorelai instantly felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from her shoulders. For the first time all week she could breath. But then she looked back at Alex, expecting something from him, a reaction. All he did was stare at her. "Alex?" She looked at him.

"What?" His voice still cold.

"Say something. I just told you I was pregnant. You know, me and you, we're having a baby. You act as if I just told you 'hey, I'm thinking about getting my hair cut."

"Lorelai, I don't know what you're trying to do, or who you've been with since we broke up, but don't try to tell me this baby is mine. Don't you dare try to pin this on me!" Alex's voice grew louder with each word and his fists so clenched she almost swore he was going to punch her. As he finished his sentence, before she could get a word in edgewise, he turned himself around and calmly strutted in the opposite direction.


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