I never knew what it was like to have a family. I never knew what it felt like to care for someone, and for someone to care for me.

I know now.

Ever since I met Jake, my life turned upside down- for the better. He's more then just a friend to me. He's more then just a partner.

He's a brother.

He respects me for who I am, and he couldn't care less about my faults. And, in return, I respect him as well.

Some kats say that you can only count your true friends on one paw. I know now that they are right.

Not many kats can truthfully say that they'd trust their life in their `friend's' paws. Well I'm proud to say that I'm one of them that can.

But then again, other kats don't live the life I do.

A cream-colored tabby with a broad smile wearing a blue mechanic suite is how most kats see me. I'm known as Chance.

But when anger threatens the City, a tanish kat, wearing his tiger stripes on his arms proudly and his eyes having a dangerous set with a wicked smirk, steps out, defiant. Then, I'm known as T-bone.

A slim, quick-footed, caramel-colored kat stands beside me, at all times. By day, he's known as Jake, the kind mechanic who gives smiles to every kat he sees. By night, he's known as Razor, the technological genius who sends missiles to every kat he finds.

But either mask he wears-Jake or Razor-I know him as only one thing.


Brothers-maybe not so by blood-but by heart. And I know he sees me the same way.

I'll selflessly plunge head on into danger without batting an eye, as long as he's beside me. We protect each other, we watch out for one another. And I can't see how it's be if it wasn't like that, because we've never had it any other way.

Of course, I'll never tell him this. That's just the way I am.

But he already knows.

He already knows everything I feel-he reads me like a book. Sometimes I wish he couldn't-but he can-and so can I.

I can depend on Jake for anything, whether it's fixing a car or shooting down an enemy. He can get the job done-Jake and Razor both.

If he was ever gone-I don't know what I'd do. He's the glue that holds me, the shop, and the Swat Kat's together. He's my friend, my pal, my partner.

My brother.

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