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bla bla thoughts

" bla bla" talking

bla bla inner person

You're my best friend

Chapter 1-friendship blooms into love

Sasuke Uchiha and sakura Haruno have always been close friends, living next door to each other in their beautiful mansions since they were 3 years old.. They were always together in almost everything they did, weather it be going to and from school or studying, it was always with each other. On one sunny day 2 annoying blonds started to bother them. Ino who was sakura's best friend was asking sasuke out! meanwhile naruto was asking sakura out on a date! Sasuke then said" Ino i'm not your man and never will be!" Sakura punched Naruto which sent him flying into a tree. Eventually he got up. Naruto then said" Hey Sasuke are you going to do anything that your girlfriend just punched me?" Sasuke then told naruto that sakura was not his girlfriend! Then sasuke punched him. When Naruto gets up Ino punches Naruto because Sakura is not sasuke's girlfriend. Then Sasuke and Sakura leave holding hands so Ino and Naruto will get Jealous. While holding hands with Sasuke, Sakura started to blush. Sakura was blushing because deep down in her heart she is in love with Sasuke. Then Naruto said "hey Sasuke and Sakura If your going out then kiss." Then Sasuke and Sakura started to blush so they ran home. After a couple of hours sakura decided to call sasuke.


How come Sasuke isn't answering his phone Sakura thought.


"Sasuke what took you so long to answer the phone?"

" Sakura I got in a fight with Itichi So my dad wanted to talk to us. After my dad talked to us him and my mother left."

" oh. sorry. I'm just freaked out about what happened with Naruto and Ino"

" I know. Hey Sakura would you like to come over and do something?"

" Sure i'll be over in a couple of minutes"



"come on in sakura."

" what do u want to do sasuke?"

" well let's go to the park. There will be fireworks tonight."



The fireworks started. When they ended Sakura gave Sasuke a kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately they wern't alone. "Hey Sakura I thought you didn't like sasuke" said Naruto!

Sakura then was freaking out so much that she was crying.

"Sakura are you OK?" asked a worried Sasuke.

" Sasuke i'm not OK"

Then Sasuke gave Sakura a hug.

Sasuke then said"Naruto look what you did. I can't believe you made Sakura cry"

"Sakura lets go"



"Sakura are you OK now?"

" yea i'll be fine. I should go home it's getting late now.Bye"

"Bye Sakura"

Sakura goes home

The next day when Sasuke and Sakura arrived at school they went to a table where they usually found their friends at in the morning. Sakura's 3 best friends are ino, Tenten,and Hinata. Sasuke's 3 best friends are Naruto,Neji, and Kiba. Ino then told Sasuke and Sakura that there is a new girl at school named Kin. Ino also told them that kin is from the sound village. Then ino pointed to a girl and told Sasuke and Sakura that, that is kin. Then Sasuke went over to Kin and asked her out. Sakura over heard and ran inside of the school to her locker.

Ino was going to go follow her but sasuke had stopped her.

"Ino what's wrong with Sakura?"

" I don't know. Help me find her"


When Sasuke and Ino found Sakura She was crying.

"Sakura what is wrong?" asked a worried Sasuke

Sakura said"Go away I don't want to talk to you!!"

Sasuke then left his best friend

"Sakura will u tell me what is wrong?"

"Ino i'm in love with Sasuke."

"oh. well we better get to class."

In Sakura's first class Sasuke kept on asking questions like," are you mad at me or are you still my friend?"


"Sakura why won't you talk to me?"

"Sasuke have you ever thought that you might be annoying Sakura" ,said a very annoyed Naruto.

"Naruto do you think Sakura is mad at me?"


"What did I ever do to her to make her mad"

"You talked to that new girl kin. Sakura and Kin don't like each other"

"I never knew that"



I think i've gone death said naruto.

me too replied Sasuke.

Sasuke meet me outside the school after school said Sakura.

Many classes over

Sakura was outside waiting for Sasuke when she saw Kin and Sasuke walking together.

Sakura tried to run away when she ran into someone. That someone happened to be Kiba.

"Kiba i'm so sorry"

"It's ok Sakura"

" Kiba do you want to walk home together since we live on the same street?"

" sure. Sakura do you like Sasuke more than a best friend?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Because when you ran into me i saw Sasuke and Kin walking together so I thought you were jealous."

"Oh. "

"Sakura do you want to go out with me?"

"Kiba "


'I would love to go out with you Kiba"

" Thank you so much Sakura"

" Kiba i can't hide my true feeling about you"

They finally make it home

About 30 minutes later at Sakura's house


"Sasuke what are you doing here?"

"Sakura why didn't you wait for me when you said you would?"

"It would be rude"

"what do you mean?"

"you were talking to kin"

"oh sorry. Whats up with Kiba?"

"He's my boyfriend"

"Oh I see"

"Sasuke wats wrong?"

"It's that i would imagine that you would go out with someone more normal"


"Sakura do you have to yell at me?"

"Only when you talk crap about my boyfriend"

"Sakura i love you"

Then Sasuke kissed Sakura on the lips. Then Sakura Broke the Kiss.

"Sasuke if you love me then why do you love Kin?"

"I don't i was just showing her around'


"The principal told me to"

"oh sorry"

"I forgive you"

Then they started to kiss when there was a noise at the door"

Sakura opened it to see...

The person at the door was Kiba and Kin Together.

Then kiba said" Sakura why is sasuke at your house?"

"Because I love him"

"But I thought you loved me"

"I do but i love Sasuke More than you"

"Oh.well. Can we still be friends like before?"

"sure. Why don't you go out with kin?"

"Ok I will"

Kiba and kin leave.

"Sakura do you like Kin as a friend?"



"She is annoying and she hates me"


Then Sasuke did something that no one would believe he would do

Sasuke then pinned Sakura to a wall and kissed her. Then someone came to where they were. That person happened to be Naruto Uzamaki.

" Hey what are you two doing?"

... Came from Sasuke

"Naruto what does it look like we;re doing " Said sakura

" It looks like you two are kissing and getting ready to make out"

" Verry good dobe!"

When Sasuke said what he said to Naruto this made Sakura blush as bright as a tomato.

"Sakura whats wrong ?" asked a very concerened Naruto


"why are you blushing"

Then Sakura burried her face into Sasuke

" Will you stop scaring her dobe"

" Oh. Sorry Sakura"

" It's ok but i have a question"

" What is it"

"Will you please leave"

"Ok. I'll see you two later then'

Naruto Leaves

Then Sasuke pins Sakura against the wall and starts kissing her again.

" Sasuke I love you"

" Is something wrong"


Then Sakura cries because Sasuke won't say anything to her.

"Sakura! Please don't cry."

" Sasuke why won't you talk to me?"

"Sakura i am"

"But you wern't"

"Your misunderstanding the situation here"

"Sakura i love you too!"

"You do?"


Then Sasuke and Sakura went to the park. When they got at the park they sat underneath the Cherry Blossom Tree.



"What is your favorite kind of tree?"

"The Cherry Blossom Tree"


" Because it reminds me of you"

" Oh"

" Sakura"


"Lets go"


&They went to Sasuke house&

For 2 hours Sasuke and Sakura told each other what their favorite things are.

"Sasuke do you think i'm cute?"

"No, I think your beautiful"

With that Sasuke kissed Sakura

Then Sasuke and Sakura started to make out.

Yes! the day we've been waiting for

What are you doing in my head

I'm just stopped by just to let you know that i will be gone untill something really important happens.

Later at Sakura's House



Are you ok?


Knock Knock Knock


Ki (A character i just made up)



Sasuke come here

Sasuke comes to where Ki and Sakura are.

Sasuke this is Ki.

Ki this is Sasuke.

Sakura i'll be leaving. I'm only going to be in town for a couple of days. see you later.


Sakura closes the door.

Sasuke then pinned Sakura to the bed and Took off her shirt then her bra then her skirt and finally her panties.

Sakura then took off Sasuke's Shirt,pants, and boxers.

Damn she's fuckin hot!

Who are you?

I'm your inner person


Then Sasuke's inner went to the Kitchen to get some popcorn.



" I think we're moving too fast"


Sakura then pushed Sasuke off of her and got dressed. Sasuke wined but also got dressed himself. Sakura's phone started to ring. RING RING RING "Hello" Sakura said. "Sakura its me Sai" "What the hell do u want Sai?" " Well i want to see you again." " But didn't you go to rehab for fighting with Naruto last summer?" "yep so" "your not allowed to see Naruto and your not ever gonna see me if your going to try and pick a fight with my friends. CLICK "Sakura who was that", asked Sasuke. That was the idiot who picked a fight with Naruto last summer!"You mean Sai?" YES!" "Sasuke i'm sorry but your gonna have to leave" "why?" "i have some things that i need to do" "ok i'll see you later then"

3 hours later

sakura's mom and dad come home from work.

Sakura Sakura Sakura they yelled. Then they found a note on the table that says:

mom dad i went and stayed over at Hinata's house i will be home tomarrow morning.

love Sakura

the next day at school

Sakura was sitting at the table with her friends.

Then she felt someone grab her hand. She looked up to see...