You're My Best Friend Chapter 5

"is someone talking

'Is someone thinking

Bold is inner person

Italics is flashbacks

Sakura was laying down in bed till she heard someone in her room. "S-Sasuke-Kun?" Sakura said in fear. She sat up in bed and then she felt someone pull her beautiful long pink hair.


"Heh Sakura you know Sasuke likes girls with long hair. Time to say goodbye to Sasuke-Kun" the person said as she cut Sakura's hair. Karin was the person who cut Sakura's beautiful hair.

"Karin you BITCH" yelled 2 very pissed of blonds. Naruto Uzumaki and Ino Yamanka. "Sakura are you ok" Ino asked worried about her friend. Tears fell from Sakura's eyes as she remembered a memory from her past.

"Ino Ino I heard that Sasuke-Kun likes girls with long hair" said a girl with short pink hair and very bright emerald green eyes.

The blond haired girl glared at Sakura but smiled at her and said "Is that so" Sakura smiled and nodded her head "im gonna grow my hair out"

Sakura smiled bitterly at the memory. "Back then Ino was my enemy and well you were just bullies but now you are my enemy and Ino is my friend" Sakura said as she got up and punched Karin in the face.

"OWWW YOU'RE A BITCH SAKURA" Karin yelled and stormed away. Little did anyone know that Sasuke Uchiha saw Karin run off with a red mark on her face.

'What did Sakura do' he thought as he walked over to her house and let himself in and went to her bedroom. "Hey Sak-" Sasuke stopped mid sentence as soon as he saw that Sakura's hair was cut.

Everyone turned to look at Sasuke Uchiha. "Sasuke you don't like me now do you? You think im ugly now don't you." Sakura said as more of her tears fell.

Sasuke smirked at her and walked over to her and pulled her into a hug. "Sakura I will love you no matter what you look like. You are beautiful. I love you with short and long hair. Ino can you make Sakura's hair look better" Sasuke said and pushed Sakura towards Ino. All Ino did was nod and started to fix her friends hair.

The next day

Sakura was running late for school. "Damn it I don't have time to eat. Im not going to make it in time to school at this rate." Sakura Haruno was a very bitchy person in the morning. Sakura finally arrived at school and on time.

"Sakura-chan your late" boomed Naruto. Sasuke just shook his head and hit Naruto on the head. He stared at Sakura and saw that Sakura was afraid since all of their friends were staring at her hair. After sighing he got up off the table and walked over to Sakura and pulled her to his chest. "Sakura don't worry your hair looks fine" He murmured into her ear.

The bell rang so everyone headed to class. "Hey Sasuke-Kun we should go somewhere special today after school" Sakura said smiling and Karin and Kin heard and they just sneered and glared at her as they passed. Sasuke smiled a real smile and said "yeah"

Sakura laid her head on her desk bored out of her mind. Kakashi was absent so they had a substitute and the sub made them sit in assigned seats. Anyways Sakura laid her head down on the desk and started to fall asleep. Well that was till the stupid sub threw a reading text book at her head.

Sakura jumped up and was about to go off on the sub till Sasuke held her back. "Heh you're a stupid sub" Naruto said and the sub threw a book at him. "Oww" Naruto muttered. Sasuke had finally calmed down his girlfriend and they sat back down.

The bell rang issuing for them to go to their next class. "Sasuke-Kun he was so mean. He didnt have to throw a text book at me" Sakura whined while rubbing the bump on her head. Sasuke just smirked at his beautiful girlfriend.

"I know he was mean" Sasuke said smirking at Sakura.

************LUNCH TIME**************

Sakura walked to the cafeteria with Ino, Tenten, and Hinata. They all got in line to get their food. When they headed towards the table, they saw Karin and Kin flirting with Sasuke.

"Lets go find somewhere else to sit." Sakura said as she walked over to a empty table. Her friends followed her.

Sasuke looked for Sakura but could not find her. "Is something wrong Sasuke-Kuuuun" Karin purred into his ear but Sasuke paid no attention to her as he finally spotted his girlfriend.

Sasuke threw his trash away as he headed towards Sakura but stopped as Sakura told her friends something that made his blood boil.

"Ino-Chan, Hina-Chan, Ten-Chan I think I should break up with Sasuke because if I don't who knows what else might happen to me."

Sasuke stormed over to the pink haired girl and dragged her away from the cafeteria to the rooftop.

"Sakura I wont let Karin hurt you. Sakura I...Iloveyou" Sasuke said as he pulled her into his arms and held her like that until the bell rang.

Sasuke grabbed Sakura's hand and they walked to class together like that. Every time Sasuke saw Karin or Kin he would glare at them.

****************AFTER SCHOOL*****************

Sakura was at her locker getting all of her homework for the weekend. Ino came running up to Sakura.

"Hey Sak...I heard...that we are...going on a week." Ino said panting.

"No way" Sakura muttered to herself as she waited for her best friend to catch her breath. "That's wonderful Ino" She said and hugged her friend.

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