Warnings-slash you no like you no read, toys, cross-dressing, bdsm, spank, Dom/sub, wordplay, and blood-play.

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Summary-Harry potter is the twin of the boy-who-lived, Lucas potter, and is neglected and ignored most of the time in favor of his twin. Tired of being ignored in favor of the chosen one, Harry runs away on his 5th birthday only to be captured by death eaters. Harry, the real boy-who-lived, is then given to the newly resurrected dark lord as a pet. What will the light do when they find out their only hope against the dark lord is the beloved pet of said dark lord? Why, call on the sailor scouts of course!!! Sailor moon/ HP crossover!!! Challenge fic from sailor steller moon

P.S. I'd like to thank both my beta's Ravenclaw-girl28 and Sam green.

'Hey I'm blue' thought.

-Hey I'm blue- mental speak

"Hey I'm blue" Parseltongue

"Hey I'm blue" normal

'Life is full of unsolved puzzles just waiting to be figured out. The problem is no one looks close enough for the answers.' - anonymous



James Potter, soon to be father, gulped nervously and looked over to his best friend.

"You don't think she's serious do ya Padfoot?" James said to his friend. Said friend gave him a 'better you than me' sort of look before grinning and replying.

"Well I'm sure she would if you went within fifty feet of her, but right now since you're here and she's there ya got nothing to worry about Prongs ol' boy. Of course, this is mainly your fault in her mind any ways." Sirius said good-naturedly. Actually, he was laughing internally at his friend's misfortune but trying to be supportive.

"Don't worry James it'll be over soon, no need to nervous" replied Remus Lupin-Back, James's other good friend, resident werewolf, mate and husband to Sirius Black a.k.a Padfoot.

Before anyone could say anything else a child's wail could be heard, and shortly afterwards there was a powerful burst of magic that shook . A second cry soon followed. James, Sirius, and Remus all rushed into the delivery room to see what had happened. When they arrived they saw Lily sitting back, exhausted, but with a glow surrounding her. In her arms lay two sleeping infants.

James looked with pride at his children. Lily looked up at him with a grin and whispered, "Let me introduce you to your sons. This is your eldest son, Lucas." She indicated the slightly larger baby. "And this is your younger son, Harry." She nodded at the smaller one.

Lucas Potter had red hair that was messy like his father's. He was cute in a chubby way and had a round, dimpled face. He was already a handful; wide awake and very active. His eyes were a greenish hazel and they seemed to sparkle with laughter.

Harry Potter had more of an elfish look. Harry's body was fragile and delicate in appearance and he looked like he'd break at any moment. He had straight, pitch black hair and an aristocratic face. His eyes were emerald green with a hint of blue and they seemed to look right through you, shining with intelligence and curiosity. He seemed to take after Lily more than James and was the opposite of his twin. He appeared happy to quietly observe the people around him.

Albus Dumbledore had come by earlier, to inform them of a prophecy that he had heard. Either Frank and Alice Longbottoms' new son or one of theirs could be the child it foretold of.

"Born to those who have thrice defied him. He will defeat the Dark Lord with the power he knows not. Born as the seventh month dies…. Born as the seventh month dies."

As James watched his wife and son, while holding his other son, he couldn't help but feel that something important was going to happen soon. Not sure if it was good or bad, James ignored the feeling.

James also wondered about the powerful magic he felt as his sons were born. It had to be a sign that Lucas was the Chosen One.

'It had to have been Lucas he is the oldest. But then . . . it could have been Harry. No, he seems too weak. Lucas will mostly likely have to protect him. After all, Albus wouldn't want a weakling for a saviour.'

James would soon find out exactly how wrong those thoughts were and how his choice would cost the light side their most powerful weapon.


Dumbledore smiled as he was allowed to hold little Lucas. The smile however wasn't the usual smile you would see on the headmaster this smile was one that promised misfortune.

'Sleep well my little weapon you will soon bring me the glory I deserve for saving this world of sheep.'


The small child tilted her head to the side smiling this would be fun.