I have to say that in the entirety of being an author I have never once thought of abandoning my story till now. In life shit happens you can't expect for every circumstance that comes up. I do not HAVE to write shit as a matter of fact there is no requirement that says I have to continue with ideas and fanfiction in general but I do why because I love fanfiction however I have a life. I have things that I have to deal with personally and to have to deal with ignorant jack asses who don't even have the balls to say who they are and flame my fic and the fact that i have had a leave of absence. I don't have to finish my story but I am going to just because I don't do it at YOUR pace doesn't mean its not going to get finished its reviewers like impressionest who make me not want to even bother if you don't like my story hit the back button. For the people who like my story and want to continue reading it then thank you for you patience.