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Beyond the intense rain and the thunder...beyond the lightning that brought fire through the sky, the blades of two large helicopters could be seen against the silhouette of the moon...

"Bravo-Romeo-Foxtrot, this is Pope Two, currently five minutes from the drop zone, over!"

Through the pilots headset, a muffled radio transmission could be heard.

"Rog...Two! This is...command...failure to...mission...late!"

"This is Pope Two to bravo-romeo-foxtrot. There was static all over that last transmission, please repeat." the pilot shouted, before turning around to face the cargo compartment.

"Four minutes!" he shouted. All in all, there were twenty-one troops in the back of the helicopter. On either side of the helicopter were sitting ten shock troops, fully equipped with assault rifles armed with spirit draining ammunition. They wore reinforced, bite proof armor and wore full-head helmets, relying on a series of sensors to provide their HUD's with real-time battlefield information.

That made twenty elite soldiers. As for the twenty-first, he stood near the back of the helicopter, staring outside the cargo door at the raging storm around them. He was dressed in black khakis and wore a white dress shirt with a red vest over it. The small pistol in his side holster matched perfectly with his hair, as it did with the lightning outside.

"Hey buddy! Don'cha think it would be better to close that door!? It's an awful storm outside!" the pilot shouted, temporarily allowing his co-pilot full control over the helicopter.

"No. I'm watching the lightning..." the man said, refusing to jump back even as a bolt of lightning almost hit the extended cargo door of their helicopter.

"Whatever floats your boat, pal!"

"Pope One, this is Pope Two. Do you have contact with bravo-romeo-foxtrot?"

"Pope Two, this is Pope One. Negative. Contact lost one-hundred seconds ago. Assuming mission abort?"

"That's a negative, our orders were to put our loads down unless specifically told by bravo-romeo-foxtrot. We will carry out drop operation."

"Roger. One-hundred seconds to LZ. Dropping altitude now."


"One-hundred seconds!" the pilot turned around and shouted, seeing that all the shock troops were beginning to get their gear together and load their guns. Their commander, however, still stood motionless in the frame of the chopper, staring blankly out upon the storm.

"Something's not right..." he said, but too low for the pilots to hear. What he did hear, was the deafening sound of the thunder and the pounding of the rain against the helicopter's airframe.

A new communications device, developed by a friend of his and implanted in the base of his skull, near his ear, began to ring, permitting him to communicate directly to whoever it was that had his particular frequency.

"Hello, Mr. Sanada! How goes your mission?" a deep male voice shouted into his ear in a deep Eastern European accent.

"Who's this?"

"I can't believe you've forgotten your good friend Colonel Radic! What's wrong with you my boy!?"

"Colonel Radic? Is that really you? Why have you called, you know we can't discuss things right now, I'm in the middle of a-"

Just like that, with the pop of another bolt of lightning, Colonel Radic's call to Akihiko was shut off, before the pilot turned around and shouted one final thing.

"Ten seconds!"

The shock troops behind Akihiko all got up out of their seats to face the open cargo door, just as the helicopter made a swooping motion to avoid hitting the ground and get into a landing position. They had gained enough speed to pass by their 'sister' Chinook helicopter and watch it begin its landing procedure in their full view. They were landing just outside a Romanian village, somewhere in Transylvania, where paranormal activity had been spiking in recent months.

From their point in the air, one could even see the main highway leading through the village and cutting it in half. That is, if one could see through the rain.

"Go! Go! Go! SOP!" the pilot shouted, prompting the shock troops around Akihiko to run out of the helicopter. In the distance, they could see their sister helicopter, Pope One, make its descent into the village.

"Something is not right..." Akihiko said, watching the troops spread out before him in a combat search, ten meters apart, weapons drawn. No doubt their sensors wouldn't be much help in this deluge of water.

Taking a single step out of the cargo bay, Akihiko noticed two things: first, the ground was near impossible to walk in in his loafers. Secondly, what used to be Pope One exploded in a massive fireball of screams and metal, resulting in the rear blade of Pope One to sheer off and make its way down to the ground, where it met one of Akihiko's soldiers.

"I knew something wasn't right! Shit!" Akihiko shouted as his own soldiers made their way to cover. Akihiko, stuck in the mud in his loafers, took them off to make his way into the village in his socks, ducking down behind an old pick-up truck to converse with one of his soldiers.

"Did you see what happened!" he shouted, but still almost inaudible through the storm.

"No, sir! But I can show you what my auxiliary sensors picked up!" the soldier shouted back. He was barely nineteen, probably fresh out of high-school. Where S.E.E.S. found these kids to recruit, he did not know.

"Show me!" he shouted back, forcing the soldier to take off his helmet and give it to Akihiko, who put it on immediately.

The video feed on the helmet showed Akihiko nothing but a slurry of cold rain. Switching over to infrared gained him a better result: the helicopter was descending from its post in the sky, when suddenly, an extreme heat source came from seemingly out of nowhere and blew it out of the sky.

"What did you see, sir!?" the soldier yelled. Cripes he was young! His hair was cut short and spiky and his face was still light. Apparently, this kid was either drafted into S.E.E.S. or he skipped basic training. Either way, it was unnerving to have an untrained and unexperienced soldier next to him in a 'dead zone'.

At least it was, until Akihiko turned back to look over at his other soldiers and assess the situation, before he heard a blood-curling scream come from a pair of soldiers just a few meters to his right.

One was apparently shot, falling onto his back and grasping his chest as tight as he could.

The other simply disappeared into the rainy skies.

"What the-"

"Oh God! Oh, God! Commander! Save m- hurgh!"

It was the soldier who had been crouching next to Akihiko a moment earlier. He had disappeared as well, seemingly vanishing into the night sky. That was what Akihiko used to believe, but in the four seconds he held these beliefs, drops of blood fell onto his silver hair. He was able to distinguish it against the rain because it was warm. Quite warm, in fact, in comparison to the freezing rain around him. Looking up, he saw an Angel of Death sinking its white fangs deep into the boys neck, spewing blood around the immediate area.

"Oh my – shit!" Akihiko shouted, throwing the helmet away from him and scrambling off of the ground towards the helicopter.

"Fall back! Fall ba-" A gust of wind knocked Akihiko down on the ground, and he was able to see the Chinook starting take-off procedures just as he heard more screams around him, along with something else. Gunfire.

Twisting his head backwards so he could see behind him while he lay on the ground, he saw soldiers. Actual soldiers of the Romanian Army, shooting live bullets at his own men. His soldiers, equipped with spirit draining ammunition, were woefully prepared for the slaughter that was about to befall them.

"Shit! Sir, I need ord – Gah!" he heard one soldier scream.

Get up Akihiko, get the hell up! His mind shouted at him, forcing him to jump on his feet and run towards the helicopter before it was too late.

"Wait up you god-forsaken son of a bitch!" he yelled, as the helicopter made its way from the ground slowly into the air, forcing Akihiko to jump into the cargo bay just as the pilots closed its reinforced steel door.

"Sir! What the fuck was that! A god damn tank shot Pope One out of the sky! Then we heard screams and -" the co-pilots words began to break down with each second, until he eventually collapsed from his seat in the cockpit, filled with tears.

Akihiko, now the lone soldier in the cargo bay ran up to the cockpit to check up with both pilots.

"Why the hell did you start to take-off without me!? Without my men!?" he asked angrily, gripping the pilot's chair as hard as he could, not wanting to distract him from his flying by grabbing him altogether.

"Sir, with all due respect, what happened to saving your men!?"

"There's only so much I can do against vampires and an entire god damn platoon of actual soldiers! They had guns! Real guns! You know, the ones that kill you!"

"What about your persona!?" the pilot shouted back.

"There's no way I can take on a tank and group of vampires alone, even with my-"

A thud interrupted his sentence.

"W – what was that?" the pilot asked as Akihiko helped the co-pilot up from the floor and helped him regain his composure.

"I don't know, want me to go outside and check? Or will you try and get me killed again?"

"I saved your ass staying as long as I did! If this were a normal operation, I would've been out of there by the time Pope One got taken down by that tank! Now shut the-"

Suddenly, the same Angel of Death, the same vampirical beauty that had killed one of Akihiko's young soldiers, made its way in front of the helicopter's cockpit. It was beautiful and scary at the same time, baring her fangs as well as her naked body to the three men in the cockpit, fluttering her wings to keep at the same pace as the helicopter.

"You know...that babe would be extremely hot if she weren't trying to suck our blood right about now..." the pilot said as Akihiko ran back into the cargo hold to grab a pistol containing hollow-point bullets dipped in Holy Water. Akihiko had thought it was a hassle to bring such things along for this mission, but the order came directly from Mitsuru office.

"See you in Hell, bitch!" Akihiko shouted as he ran back into the cockpit to fire at the vampire. One of the bullets pierced her breast, and she let out an excruciating cry before using her wings to fly upwards, out of sight of the three men.

"Did you kill it?" the co-pilot asked, noting the bullets holes in their cockpit glass.

When they heard a 'thud' a few moments later, followed by the alarm that announced a lack of hydraulic control, the answer was, obviously 'no'.

"Crash landing? No chance for survival?" the co-pilot asked rather calmly. In all honesty, the two pilots were unsure as to whether or not this was real or a simple dream. But as their altimeter began to fall and Akihiko hurriedly got into a seat in the cargo bay, fastening himself in every way possible, the thought of death was the furthest from their minds. Surprisingly, death didn't scare them at all.

Crashing did.

And so, as the S.E.E.S. supercomputers at Yakushima registered the ambush of S.E.E.S. Squad 47 in Transylvania – and the crash of two of their helicopters in the same region – and the probable loss of one of their most senior field commanders, it set into motion the events that would lead to a battle between Good and Evil the world had not seen for six years...