"Why does he halfta do that all the time?" Moaned Shippou, black bruises covering his body, slung over a tree.

Just then, Kagome rushed to Shippou's rescue, and gently lifted him off the tree, her "first-aid kit" ready. She sighed, surveying the kistune's wounds, and started cleaning him.

"I'm sorry, Shippou-chan. I know it's not fair that Inuyasha picks on you. You just got in his way this time. He's more grouchy and wary right before the night of the new moon. Try to stay out of his way tonight. I'll definitely have a talk with him. There! Done now! Stay right here. I'm sitting him for this," Muttered Kagome, more the last sentence more to herself than to Shippou.

Shippou crossed his tiny arms and a scowl was set upon his face. Even that was not fair. I wanna go exploring. The thought had come to him out of nowhere.

Clambering over a fallen tree trunk, Shippou's nose nearly exploded with the new, sudden smells. So much, he thought,
bewildered. But mingled in all of it, definitely there, no doubt 'bout that, was the scent of...

"AAAhhhh!!" Shrieked the kitsune, being lifted by his hakama.



"Ne, ne, Sesshomaru-sama, what's that?"

"I'm not a what, I'm a who! A grouchy kitsune, that's what!! Now lemme go, lemme go! Itai!!"

Shippou found himself face-to-face with a young girl of about 7 or 8 with black hair and bright, inquisitive eyes. Looking up, he spotted...

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" Shippou's eyes popped right out of his skull and into the air.


"Silence, mongrel. Rin is bored, so I've brought a new playmate for her. Play with her. Now."

Shrinking violently below Sesshomaru's glare, Shippou turned with short, tiny spasms to the girl called "Rin". "Ke, ke, ke"
he said in-between shakes.

"Hi, youkai! What's your pretty name?"

Shippou couldn't help but blush slightly, but then his terror took over again.

"M-my name's Sh-sh-shippou," Shippou glanced over to Sesshomaru every few seconds, his eyes still wide.

"Jya, Shippou-chan, ikimashouka ne?!" Without waiting for an answer, little Rin dragged her new tomodachi to a field (you guessed it) full of bright and pretty flowers, keeping their splendor even in the moonlight.

"See, Shippou-chan? All of these colorful flowers? They're just so, so pretty," Rin breathed out, sighing happily.

"Come'on, let's make some flower wreaths!!"


Shippou, surprisingly, found that Rin was quite easy to play with, and started loving her as a friend.

"Rin-chan, why do you stay with Sesshomaru when he's so frightening and cold?"

"Hm?" Rin asked, distracted, "Sesshomaru-sama is frightening? ...I never thought of him that way. To me, he's a great, big fluffy puppy that's really nice and protective!" Rin flashed her teeth, smiling, at Shippou.

"Demo, he fights with Inuyasha all the time!"

"Oh, he's just protecting me!" Rin grinned even wider.

Shippou was about to comment that Sesshomaru and Inuyasha actually despised each other to the core, but Rin interrupted.

"Ne, Shippou-chan, do you want to stay with us? I saw Inuyasha kicking you once, and it looked like it really hurt for you.
Do you wanna join us? It's really fun with Sesshomaru-sama!"

Shippou was left speechless at Rin's suggestion.

"Oi, what're you doing being abducted?"

The sudden change in voice for hours shocked Shippou's nervous system.


Indeed, the scowling hanyou was standing over the kitsune, looking both immensely irritated and impatient. Before anyone could talk again, Rin interrupted.

"Inuyasha-oniisama, can Shippou-chan stay with us? He's a gooood playmate."

"Fine! I don't care about that kistune anyway! Kagome's the one in the first place that asked me to go! Otherwise, I'd leave him for dead with tens of thousands of the scariest demons surrounding him!!" Without further words, Inuyasha stomped away rather quickly, as the sun was beginning to set, and he didn't want others to find out his secret.

Shippou was left with his mouth slung open, motionless. Not noticing, Rin ran as fast as she could to her lord, and tugged madly at his hakama.

"Sesshomaru-sama, Sesshomaru-sama, can Shippou-chan stay with me? He's a really good playmate! I think he likes flowers too!!"

There was a moment of silence, as Shippou's mouth still hung open.

"Do what you want," A cold voice responded.

Two weeks later...

What was I thinking?

A certain taiyoukai put his face into his clawed hands, moaning quietly to himself, out of hearing range.

Rin had been enough trouble when she first came. Now he had double trouble. OH NO.


A kistune's voice rang through the cold morning air.

"Rin-chan, what kind of flower wreath should we make today?"

Sesshomaru wanted to lie down and have Ah-Un cremate him.

Here we go... again and again... for a very, very long time.



-chan: suffix used for close friends and family members or small children

demo: but

hakama: traditional Japanese pants

ikimashouka ne: hey, wanna go? (Something along the lines of that)

itai: ow!

jya: then...

ne: hey!

oi: hey! (more slang than "ne")

onii-sama: older brother respected (when Rin's using it for Inuyasha, she means that Inuyasha is a sort of brother figure,
not literally an older brother bonded by blood)

-sama: suffix used for extremely respected people

taiyoukai: great demon

tomodachi: friend

youkai: demon


(Author's note: When I was thinking about Ah-Un cremating him, I actually didn't think that Ah-Un really could until now,
since Ah-Un can send out those balls of energy. Lol. Anyway, the next and last "ear"/chapter won't be continued off from where this ended. It'll be like this never happened. 'K? As much as I would like to go on with the storyline I had here...
no. Too many clouded parts. So I hope you like this new addition to the rest of my fanfics! And the other "ear" will be up shortly!)