(Author's note: I've decided that for people who read my stories but don't want to learn Japanese, I'll be putting the regular English up for you, so you won't have to scroll to the bottom. But for those who do want to learn Jpn,
it'll be in parenthesis right after the word. Be warned: the Japanese words will be a bit random now. Enjoy!)


"Papa, I'm cold!" Shippou wailed.

The fox demon's (youkai) large, furry father (otousan) briskly rubbed his son's shoulders and back, trying to warm the child (kodomo) up. He himself shivered. It was in the dead of Winter (fuyu), and food was scarce. There was barely enough to go around their small family (kazoku) of three.

"It's alright now, son. We'll be going back home (uchi) soon. It's alright, Shippou," He murmured soothingly.

Shippou nodded slightly, but his slender form still trembled every second, becoming more violent as the gust of wind (kaze) increased rapidly.


They scavenged a few more nuts, and hurried back into their warm, safe house. It was carved into a tree (ki), with a door concealed behind a thick bush. Only those who knew it would be there could find it. Shippou darted back, his teeth chattering, as beautiful warmth enveloped over him.

Shippou's mother (okaasan) was busy setting the table for their late (osoi) dinner (bangohan).

"You look cold (samui), Shippou," Her honey voice made Shippou smile involuntarily.

"Come over here and warm up by the fire."

"Ok (hai), Mama!" Shippou piped up.

The crackling of the flames warmed Shippou up almost immediately, and he smiled to himself and all, for he loved his life. His mother and father were all he'd wanted, for they alone gave him true warmth, more bright and fierce than even the fire he was sitting next to. Shippou was jerked out of his thoughts by a call.

"Shippou, it's time for dinner! Wash up!"

"Coming, Mama!" Shippou hopped off the stool he was sitting on, and let the lukewarm water (mizu) of a nearby bucket rinse the germs off his hands (te).

Chewing on an acorn, Shippou's father suddenly said, "You know what? I caught the glimpse of the Thunder Brothers today."

Shippou's mother looked at him sharply.

"You weren't looking for trouble, were you? I know you want to prove yourself, my dear, but it's not right to just pick a fight with someone."

"I know, I know. Just saying. They seemed to be looking for someone, that's all," Shippou's father sighed, and started in on a rabbit (usagi) they'd been lucky enough to find this deep into Winter.

Gnawing on a hind leg, Shippou thought, I wonder who the Thunder Brothers are. That name sounds cool. Thunder Brothers.

Little did the poor fox demon know... the killers of his parents were here.


"O-Otousan. Okaasan."

Ragged fur. Ripped blood. Scraped claws. Broken fangs. White eyeballs. Dead.


"Shippou-chan, wake up!! Come on, wake up! We have to get going now!"

Shippou snapped his eyes open, staring up into the familiar form of Kagome.

"Ah, sorry. I-I had a bad dream, that's it."

Shippou quickly got up, and waited for everyone else to pack. Going onto the road, Shippou couldn't help but put a lively step, which got stares from Inuyasha and a loud, "Hey (oi), Shippou! Why (nande)...?"

But Shippou didn't hear him. He just went on jumping up and down, a faint smile on his lips, two words in his head.

Otousan. Okaasan.


(Author's note: My writing's a bit stale. I haven't written for a while. Gomen (sorry).)