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Just an FYI: This story is what I think would have happened if a fight with the Volturi DID break out and Jacob and Nessie (Sorry, but I hate the name Renesmee!) were forced to run…


Jacob's massive shoulders rose and fell with his slow, even breaths as he waited anxiously for the first signs of attack. He could feel Nessie's tiny pale fingers clutch even more tightly to the smooth fur of his upper back as the line of vampires before them began to stir slightly. His muscles tensed suddenly as he prepared to run. Any moment now…

Bella had told him to wait until the Volturi were thoroughly distracted, but Jacob knew he would be unable to hold off for that long. He was already doing everything in his power to fight the urge to run. Every cell in his body was aching for him to flee, to leave the danger far behind him, to keep Nessie safe. There was never any doubt in his mind; he would do anything to protect her, even if it meant giving up the ones he loved. Yet a small part of him ached for all that he would leave behind.

His brothers had heard enough to understand that Jacob would not be fighting with them. He would escape with Nessie, and perhaps never return. Sam, Jared, Quil, and Paul thought longingly of the objects of their devotion, safely at home in La Push. Would they ever see them again? Despite this, they were unable to feel any resentment toward Jacob, or even Nessie. They understood the bond that the two shared all too well.

Quil and Embry whimpered softly, knowing their friend would hear them easily. Jacob did not need to read their minds to know what they were trying to say.

Goodbye, brother. Sam's quiet thought broke the near-silence in Jacob's head. Stay strong.

Don't worry about us. Emotion flooded Seth's thoughts. Just keep her safe. We love you, man.

Even Leah struggled to think straight as her "voice" joined the others. You'll always be my favorite Alpha. She paused. Just don't tell Sam.

Jacob shook his head. Sarcastic as always. He realized with a sudden pang just how much he would miss it. Try as he might, his mind was too clouded with emotion to form any words in reply. He hoped they would understand.

Jacob shot a fleeting glance toward Bella as the Volturi drew closer. He knew she had been developing her shield power. Would she be able to protect the others? Was it possible his family would survive? He had to believe that they would. Bella could do it, if no one else could. The space between the two forces was shrinking by the second. Jacob could already see the deep burgundy of the enemies' cold eyes.

Bella turned her head slightly, her gaze finally meeting his. It was apparent from his stance - he was ready to bring Renesmee to safety, but was she? Could she really let them go so easily? Bella closed her eyes briefly, bracing herself against the loss she was about to suffer. Finally they snapped open, a hard determination now mixed with the deep pain they held. She nodded once.

Jacob bowed his head briefly in return. Then, he was flying. Nessie buried her face in his bushy coat as mile after mile of identical trees raced by. Running with Jacob had always been an exhilarating experience for Nessie, but she would never describe it as frightening. Not until now. She could almost imagine the burning pain in his legs as he pushed himself farther, his breathing only slightly labored.

Only once in his entire life had Jacob ever ran with such purpose, such determination. It had been less than six months ago, yet it felt to him like another lifetime. As the miles disappeared beneath him, so too did the others' thoughts in his head. He had left his home, his family, and even his new pack behind him. Leah and Seth were on their own now. They would do fine without him; Jacob could feel it.

But only if they can survive this… Jacob shuddered at the thought. He decided it would be less painful to clear his mind as he ran. Instead he concentrated on the even beating of his now-racing heart and the feeling of the soft earth beneath his feet.

The sky was pitch black when he finally slowed to a walk. Jacob had lost count of the hours he'd been running. He wasn't even entirely sure where he had taken them. But there would be time to worry about that in the morning. The danger was miles and miles behind them. That was all that mattered.

Nessie lifted her face from the crook of her arm, sniffling slightly. She'd been sobbing softly for hours. She slid gracefully off Jacob's back as he came to a halt beneath a large oak tree. He pressed his soft nose against her cheek briefly before disappearing momentarily behind the large trunk. When he emerged, he was in his human form. Jacob wore nothing but a pair of ragged shorts he had attached to his leg before the fight. How they had not fallen off during their journey was a mystery.

Jacob opened his arms wide and Nessie ran to him immediately. He cradled her gently, kissing the top of her head briefly. "Are you okay?" He whispered.

The little girl nodded in reply, her eyelids drooping. She curled against Jacob's chest as he leaned back against the tree, his eyes closed. "Go to sleep, Nessie." He breathed.

She yawned deeply, but forced her eyes open to look once more Jacob's weary face. She raised her right hand to rest it gently against his cheek.

"Yeah…" Jacob murmured, fighting back the tears. His pack, the Cullens, Charlie, Billy, Bella… the faces of those he loved swam briefly before his eyes. "I miss them too."

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