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Summary: All Human: Bella and Edward are a part of two very different social circles but when they are paired up for an English essay will Bella see that Edward is not as conceited and self-centered as she thinks, and will he see that Bella could be more than just a shy personality. Will their friends tear apart what they think is a budding romance or will Edward and Bella see that you can really find the best in each other.

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I kept my eyes on my desk afraid to look anywhere else. I wasn't sure how to react, his words were like a slap to the face, so much so that I didn't even want to repeat them in my head. Public humiliation in front of my school peers was enough to make me want to go home and lie in bed. I wasn't one for the attention and right now I was receiving all of it, I could feel the eyes of all thirty kids on me, burning holes in my paled skin, setting me on fire, my cheeks probably now a flaming red.

This had to have been Hell, not school, just simply: Hell, I realized as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I heard a few of the kids snicker in response to my now-assigned partners overly obnoxious comments. I tried to dismiss his aggravated ranting but it was hard, especially if all his frustration was angled at me.

"That's enough Mr. Cullen" Mr. Berty snapped, effectively stopping him mid-rant. I looked up from under my lashes toward my savior, silently thanking him as I felt the hot blush fade from my cheeks.

I guess I should introduce you to my horrible fate. He was Edward Cullen, or how most girls in this school like to put it "The Edward Cullen", a guy I usually ignored and steered clear of in the halls was now my English partner, paired together by the ungrateful gods from above to write a college-like essay, something that was not expected to be easy, especially for him.

For me it was a piece of cake, English was one of my better subjects, I could write a full fledged essay with my eyes closed…okay so that was a little bit of an exaggeration but you get the just of it. At the beginning of class this whole partnering up thing didn't sound like a bad idea because I was hopeful that maybe by some divine miracle I would be lucky enough to be paired with Angela, the closest friend I had in this school but no, my luck had seemed to run out already and it wasn't even lunch yet. The class quieted down and with all the courage I could muster I picked up my head and chanced a glance over at Edward. He seemed amused by it all and when he noticed that my eyes tightened just the slightest bit he even smirked and I'm sad to say it was a sexy smirk at that.

I turned away, my cheeks getting hotter again by the second, I hung my head trying to hide my blush. Why did I have to look at him? I would not swoon over him like the other girls did, I refused.

"Now where was I before Mr. Cullen so rudely interrupted?" Mr. Berty cleared his throat preparing to go on before Edward spoke up again, god did this kid ever shut up?

"Sorry Mr. Berty, just trying to voice my opinions"

"Well next time Mr. Cullen let's try in a less harsher manner, okay?" I heard the kids around me start up with the laughing again. I sunk down in my chair further, fanning out my hair around my face, blockading me from the rest of the world.

"I don't get how Mr. Berty expects me to work with him!" I fumed slamming my lunch tray down at our table.

Angela sat down quietly beside me, listening to every word I had to say, she knew me long enough that when I needed to get things off my chest I would do so fluidly. Not even breaking off to eat I pushed my tray away ignoring the fact that I had just spent three bucks on that slice pf pizza.

"I mean it just amazes me how smug Edward seems about it, like he knows he annoys the crap out of me!" I shook my head, my eyes scanning the cafeteria, landing on his table. Of course there he was, being ogled by every senior girl I knew in this school. I had only lived in Forks for a little over a year now but it still shocked the crap out of me how every brain dead girl in this school still fell at his feet begging him to notice them. It seemed only me and another handful of girls were the only ones who overlooked his good looks and saw him for the stuck up ass he really was.

Of course there too was the exception of his sisters Rosalie and Alice. both girls were graced with the good looks that the Cullen genes seem to pass down. They were beautiful enough to grab the attention of any guy in this school but they weren't as slutty as Edward. They only had eyes for their own boyfriends, the two guys lucky enough to grasp their attention and hold it, Jasper and Emmett, people who intimidated even the toughest of kids in the school, Emmett especially.

"Hey Angela check this out!" Ben said running up to our table excitedly, his friend and lap dog Eric Yorkie keeping up with his pace.

"What is it Ben?" I couldn't help but smile as Angela rolled her eyes at him, knowing it was something that wouldn't interest her in the least. He shoved the comic book he was holding in front of her face, trying to explain to her some crazy plot twist that just happened on the pages of whatever superhero comic he probably paid a fortune for. Ben was the only kid in this school I knew who spent his weekly paychecks on stuff like that. And Angela being the saint that she was nodded along like she was paying attention, just trying to keep him amused.

I sighed, my eyes drifting back to Edward's table, Not only was he surrounded by his female fans but also his male fans, I scowled cursing him under my breath. I wanted to turn away, I really did but it was hard. I mean where else could I possibly watch some crazy blond feed Edward the school's fries like he was some adult baby, it was sickening the things that went on around me in this very room. With my own lunch forgotten I watched with a scowl as he ate and joked with his admires at that table. And just like that, like he got the sense that I was looking at him, he looked over my way. His emerald green eyes tightening, piercing right through my own. He pushed that blond girls hand out of his face as she tried to feed him another fry and she dropped her hand pouting and trying to persuade him to eat it by slowly rubbing her fingers through his bronzed hair, I couldn't help but snicker, stupid idiot has grease in his hair now.

Seeing my smile, his eyes only seemed to harden, his jaw taut, the muscles in his cheek twitching just enough to make him look menacing. I ignored the fact that it looked like he was trying to burn me alive with just his eyes and turned away, trying to get myself into the conversation Ben and Eric were having together but I quickly gave up, it would have been no use, the only thing I could focus on was my little stare down with Edward, this was going to be a long couple of weeks.

The rest of my day seemed to drag on, one class after the other all seeming to blend in with each other. Gym was the worst. Not only was I clumsy but I was also awful at any contact sport, lets just say my feelings weren't hurt anymore when I was picked last for teams, it was inevitable.

Embarrassingly enough even if I shot a basketball by myself in the very corner of the gym I would still be endangering the rest of the class. So after I attempted once to play a game of volleyball, I decided to save everyone else the pain and sit out. I got the hint that I wasn't wanted after everyone tried their best to keep the ball a good safe distance away from me.

At the moment I was the only one occupying the bleachers, just minding my own business when I heard the voice that could make me cringe and want to shrink away even on a good day. He was a guy I hated to talk to (any girl for that matter), for some reason he just knew how to make a conversation awkward

"Hey Bella!" he came out of what appeared to be nowhere and sat down beside me as close as possible but not enough to be considered on my lap.

"Hey Mike" I mumbled smiling halfheartedly, my hands balling up into fists at my side. My patience had been tested enough today and it was quickly wearing thin.

"So English class huh? Man that assignment sounds hard" I nodded afraid that if I spoke now it would be more of a yell or a possible shrieking sound.

He kept carrying on some pointless conversation and like the thick headed guy he was didn't get the hint that I wasn't in the mood for talking, lucky for me he was a talker and probably didn't even notice that I was nodding my head absently, only giving out the illusion that I was actually listening.

The bell rang finally just as he uncomfortably placed a hand on my knee and I shot up out of my seat, heading towards the Girl's locker room

"See ya Mike" I waved him off not even giving him a chance to reply before I disappeared behind the door.

I walked outside and through the parking lot keeping my hooded head bent as the rain came barreling down. I wasn't usually a big fan of the rain that Forks had to offer but today I didn't mind it; it kind of went along with my mood; which was dreary. I could see my busted up truck feet in front of me, my sanctuary, busted up radio and all. The chipped paint and rusty hubcaps seemed to call my name, beckoning me forward, offering dry seats and hot air.

I smiled to myself, letting the rain hit my cheeks, my hair a lost cause as the flyaway strands plastered to my forehead. The parking lot was clearing up quickly and I had to pass through the line of cars that waited to exit. I shivered under my winter coat, rummaging through my bag for my keys, mumbling to myself that I could never find what I needed.

"Are you…uh, talking to yourself?" a soft voice asked startling me, my bag slipping between my fingers before I even had a chance to redeem myself. I groaned, bending to retrieve it before the rain soaked through and drenched my homework (trust me it wouldn't be the first time). Though whoever made me drop it in the first place had already picked it up and was holding it out for me to grab.

I straightened myself out muttering a "Thanks…" to at least sound polite as I snatched it from slim, pale fingers. I successfully found my keys -now at the top of my bag from its recent fall- and looked up to see who had pushed my patience to the edge and groaned again, Edward's green eyes stared back, twinkling, his lips pursed as he held back his laughter.

"You know what I take that back" I snapped throwing open the driver's side door, tossing my bag in the passenger's seat. I heard him laugh lightly from behind me. I spun around looking him in the face, silently fuming and blaming him for today's awful turn of events.

"What is so funny?" my voice was cold, my face now even colder as the rain relentlessly poured. It took him a second to stop but when he did he casually leaned up against the side hood of my truck giving it the once over, either he was admiring it or disapproving it, I couldn't tell his face was too hard to read.

"Look I'm not happy about this assignment either but we can't change the past so let's hope for a good grade in the future" he sighed running a hand through his bronzed hair. The rain dripped from my nose and my teeth started to chatter, how could he look radiant in the rain but I looked like a drowned rat?

"A good grade might be kind of hard since I'll be doing most of the work" I snapped. He smirked shaking his head as he leaned away from my truck

"You underestimate me; I happen to be quit the poet, or writer whatever you may choose" He waved his hand casually in the air as I folded my arms over my chest, feeling the numbing pain at my fingertips.

"Shakespeare, Bronte sisters, Austen…I've read them all" I blinked back a little surprised as he smiled smugly knowing he had just blindsided me, maybe he wasn't completely illiterate like I first assumed, actually I was a little impressed. Most of the kids in this school like to stick to Cosmo or ESPN magazine.

"That's a pretty hefty list for someone so thick headed" I hugged my coat tighter to my body trying to trap some of my body heat before I froze to death. His smile faded, his lips turning down into a frown before letting out a long sigh.

"This is going to be difficult isn't it?" he raised an eyebrow again unleashing his merciless gaze, I smiled minutely, patting him on the shoulder before I passed him to jump into the driver's seat. Before closing my door I turned in my seat to face him.

"That's right, partner" I winked shutting the door in his face as I shoved my keys in the ignition. My ancient beast of a truck rumbled to life and I threw it into reverse as he backed up out of the way before I purposefully ran him down.

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