Emmett's POV

I turned on Eddie's new computer to check my email. He wasn't home so he didn't have to know about it. I chuckled at the thought. Oh Crap, he can read minds. Well I'll worry about that when he gets home.

"You got mail." The computer spoke. I opened the email. The subject of the email automatically made me open it first. 100 Things to Do in Wal-Mart. I giggled with joy read through them, causing Jasper to come up from behind. He rubbed his hands together manically.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" I said with an evil grin, he nodded. Alice came rushing in with a huge smile. She must have seen a vision of it or something.

"I'm coming!" she said, her pixie like body jumping up and down. Jasper put his arm around her which looked extremely funning cause of the height difference but who was I to judge? We read over the list and kept thinking about how we should do this. I heard a car door slam and in an instant Edward was up here.

My eyes shifted and I tried to act casual, "Hey Edward, we were just enjoying the view." Jasper hit the top of his head and sent calming emotions toward Edward.

Bella appeared behind him, out of breath. She walked past him and over to read the email. Smiling she turned to me, "Are you going to do this?" I looked at her face, she was excited. I nodded and walked over to her, I was sitting by the window because Edward was going all cranky lion on me.

"Yep," I said, "And I was thinking of making it a sorta competition and we can't choose our partners. So, I choose…Bella!" before anyone could react I picked her up like a football and ran out the door. I was already locked in the car with her while the other came out. Edward appeared first, coming the passenger side of the jeep and began pounding on the window.

"Emmett, let Bella go," Edward said through clenched teeth.

Bella shook her head, "Its fine Edward. Go choose your partner. Wait you have Alice." Edward winced before looking back to see that Jasper was connected with Alice.

"Oh never mind, you got Rosalie." I said. Not like I cared but I said opposite partners but oh well. This was going to funny. Then I remember I forgot the lists. Damn.

Edward raised his eyebrows and smiled, "Looking for these?" he held up the list, "Let Bella go and you can have them." He won I was about to give in when Bella gave me a wink. She rolled down her window and gave him the puppy dog pout.

"Can I have them? Please," Bella pouted. I was impressed, noticing Edward wincing and trying not to give in. He backed up, pinching the bridge of his nose before handing Bella the papers. I nodded my head and smiled in appreciation.

"You hurt her and I will hurt you," Edward said before stalking off to Rosalie. Poor Edward. Wait what am I saying, poor Rose!

Soon we were at Wal-Mart. I was tugging Bella around search for something to do. It wasn't really a competition anymore considering Edward and I were switching after me and Bella pulled some pranks. We decided on a little camping trip first.

The tents were set up and we searched to find the perfect one. After finding it I grab the grill while Bella grabbed sleeping bags. When a little boy came by I asked if he want to join and he ran away screaming Michael Jackson. I glanced up to see several people looking toward us and Edward laughing. Rosalie was hiding her face but I could see she was laughing. Bella was next to try, another boy came 

near and she sweetly asked if he wanted to camp. The boy said sure to my surprise but ran off. He came back a little later with a rose for her. I brought out the grill and we began to act like a family, causing several glares from parents, until the manager came. I quickly nudged Bella and ran off with her close behind.

"Wow, what now?" Bella said out of breath. I reached for the list; I ran my finger down on the list and stopped when I got to a good one. "Emmett, no. I refuse." She was looking on the side of me. I smiled and shook my head.

"Please Bella. It'll be hilarious." I said; she was debating it before she nodded. I high fived her before she began to walk down an isle to an employee. I watched her prefect movement.

Bella's POV

I can't believe I'm going to do this, I thought as I walked toward the nearest employee, who happened to be a guy. This was going to be embarrassing but I'll get Emmett back.

As I reached him I squeezed my legs together and tried not to laugh. I began to sway back and forth. He noticed me and his eyes became wide and confused.

"I need tampons. NOW!" I screamed, still keeping my legs together. I thought it wasn't possible but his eye opened wider and shocked. His mouth hung open before he snapped it shut and grabbed some off the self, not saying anything. I nodded before running toward Emmett, legs still together. I must've looked like a penguin but Emmett was still holding in his laughter. I looked back to see that the guy was staring blankly at the self. I scarred in for life. Emmett and I began walking toward the back. When we were out of ear shot we burst out laughing, holding each other for support. I realized he was holding a camera.

"What's that for?" I asked unsure. Emmett turned it toward me and played what I did over.

"It'll be a hit on YouTube!" he said and put his hand on my forehead as I tried to grab it, "Hmm, what's next?"

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