Bella's POV

I should know that there are no dull moments with the Cullen's. We were going to the nearest K-Mart to have a bike race that would settle everything. Emmett was driving and singing along to the radio while Edward was staring blankly out the window. Alice and Jasper were in a deep conversation about Halloween that was coming up next week. Rosalie was watching Emmett wide-eyed and maybe I little scared.

We couldn't have the bike race anywhere else because I'm pretty sure they banned us from Wal-Mart and Target, all in one week! Well, good thing we're not in Forks. Charlie would be pissed!

"Bella, we're here." Edward said, breaking me out of the thoughts of getting arrested by my own father. He helped me out, grabbing hold of my hand and following Emmett and Jasper. Apparently the girl were going to be the personal cheerleaders because 'this could get messy' Emmett claimed.

I was looking at one of the mountain bikes, wondering which one they were going to use. I heard Alice running water on the ground and turned around to see Rosalie putting dirt in the water and on other places.

"You're going down," Emmett said with a laugh. I turned my back on Rosalie and Alice to see that Edward, Jasper and Emmett had found their bikes. I nearly floored myself laughing at Emmett; the only thing keeping me up was a metal bar.

They were on little toddler bikes. Emmett looked the funniest, he was doing a little dance on the bike, and Edward was hiding his head in shame. Jasper seemed not to notice, he was sitting on the bike trying to hide a smile.

Alice came up behind be and wrapped her around my shoulder, "You can start the race." She handed me a white flag. I stood on the side of the bikes.

"…..GO!" I said and waved the flag.

Jasper's POV

I didn't know why I was having to race. I mean it wasn't my fight.

"Jasper just shut up and pick a bike." Edward said. I shook my head and began searching for a bike I wanted. Emmett came with a pink tiny pike and Edward went with a black tiny one. It was a rule in our bike races that we needed to use a tiny bike. It was a stupid but hilarious rule. I grabbed a green one and went with them to the starting line.

Rosalie and Alice were doing what they usually do during bike races; make it harder for us. Alice was putting water around the store, around the turns and in tough areas to maneuver around. Rosalie was laying dirt near the water, causing mud.

Bella saw us on the bike and laughed. Curse these emotions. I couldn't stop myself from wanting to laugh with her. Edward was throwing embarrassed emotions toward me and Emmett…well, he's Emmett; doing a weird pre-victory dance.

Alice went to Bella and gave her the flag to wave. Everything became calm for that minute.

"…..GO!" Bella yelled and I started peddling. Our bike races were different from others. We were allowed to knock each other off the bike if we wanted. We could throw stuff; basically everything was fair game except humans; Bella in particular.

Edward was taking the lead and I was close behind him. Emmett was letting us savor the moment. Suddenly something came and hit me on the side of the head. If I wasn't a vampire that would hurt like hell. I looked to see that Emmett throw a pot at me. My bike wobbled but I managed to keep it under control. After throwing a quick glare at Emmett I reached down to pick up some mud that we were passing and I whipped it at Emmett. It hit him right in the eye and he started shrieking like a little school girl and rubbing at his face.

Emmett's bike started to wobbled and he flew into the mud. I looked over my shoulder see him a pool of mud glaring at me. I nearly laughed my ass right off the bike but Edward was next. I wanted to win this race.

He would be a little harder to take down, seeing as he's got the whole reading mind thing.

Edward's POV

I had a hard time controlling my laughter after Emmett went down. His girly shrieks were ringing in my ears. Jasper was catching up as we turned the last corner. I could see Bella jumping up and down and Alice was waving toward Jasper. Rosalie was holding back a furious Emmett.

Maybe if I sped up. Jasper was thinking. I knew he would try to trick me by thinking about something he wouldn't do. We were half way there when Jasper came along side my bike. It sucked that we had these little bike, I could barely peddle.

"Bella's getting attacked!" Jasper said and took his hand off the handle to point, out of the corner of my eye, I looked toward Bella. Nothing.

I took his moment of distraction to hit him on the shoulder. He was caught off balance and went tumbling down into the ball pit. I crossed the finish line with a victorious smile and brought Bella into my arms.

Emmett glared and got ready to pounce.

"Hurt Bella and die." I said, smiling. I didn't notice Jasper come up from behind and take Bella out of my arms and run. He was out of site before I could do anything. Emmett was also gone, leaving me with Rosalie and Alice. I tuned into Emmett's thoughts, you want your girlfriend back? I growled, knowing he could hear me, Hehe, settle down Brother. It's fair game now. Look behind you. I did, there were three laser tag guns. I looked around to see no costumers or employees and the lights went down. Jasper and Emmett's voice came on the speaker.

"Today's blue light special?" Jasper said, "Laser Tag. For the blue team we have Bella, Emmett and Jasper!" in the background there was the fake audience that was laughing and clapping.

"Then we have the green team: Alice," clapping, "Rosalie," more clapping and a whistle that came from Emmett, "Then Edward," the crowed started booing. I smiled angrily.

Emmett came one next, "Pick your base's and get ready for the match. The whole store is fair game." There was shuffling before I heard Bella's voice.

"Good luck, and…"She was cut off.

"The winners get a day with Bella to do whatever they want." Emmett said. I read his mine and saw he wanted to take her mountain climbing and bungee jumping. I growled and turned to Alice and Rosalie, "We're going to win."

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