Chapter 2

Olette decide this one time to ignore the teacher, and make a list of all the guys in her class and scratched all the names that it couldn't possibly be. Sora was going out with Kairi, and Roxas was going out with Namine. Pence, well he was just there for her, but not in the love-relationship kind of way. Rai was just one of Seifer's goonies and way to dumb to think about love. The final names on the list were: Seifer, Riku, and Salem. She thought that it couldn't possibly be Seifer because he only liked girls who had social status and who were pretty. Pretty dumb Olette though. Couldn't he at least find a girl who had more brains than brawns? Anyway Olette put the list away and paid attention to the teacher.

Seifer's POV:

Seifer hoped that when he finally took her out that she wouldn't go home. He kept sneaking glances at this girl. She was so pretty. She wasn't like the other girls. This girl was different. She was a tomboy, but a girl when she wanted to be. She played soccer and wasn't afraid to hold back on her strength and she wasn't afraid to get dirty like other girls, but he liked that about her. It just showed that she had extreme passion for doing what she loved. He would love to date her, but he couldn't do it out in the open just yet. He had a reputation to maintain. 'If I do go out with this girl, we'll keep it a secret until she wants to expose our relationship' he thought. That would be the gentlemanly thing to do. Right? He couldn't help, but watch her from afar. The way this girl walked, talked, and especially the way she smiled and laughed at jokes.

He would like to ask her out in person, but he couldn't do that. He would just write another note and put in her locker.