Chapter 3

Olette was worked to death at her waitressing job. She didn't get off of work until 10:00 at night. She couldn't take a break though. She had homework to do, but she couldn't focus on her work. For Olette thought about the mysterious boy who had given her the note. Finally she got done with her work and went to bed. That night she dreamed about what the boy might look like. For 3 more weeks the notes kept coming. Olette really wished she could reply to these notes. The boy had told her all about himself, but he didn't know one thing about her or maybe he did. One note though, kind of put her at ease. (just a little)

"Dear Olette,

Hope your day was good. Please don't throw yourself into your job or school work. i want to meet soon, but not just yet. Just hold on a little longer.


Your secret admirer

p.s. don't worry about telling me anything about yourself. I already know so much about you."

She wanted to know who it was, but she liked the fact that someone liked her for who she was. Olette just couldn't wait until she found out who her secret admirer was.