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I'm With You

Chapter One

I tapped my foot impatiently, my heel making a loud noise against the gravel. It was raining, like always, but i didn't mind. In fact i cherished the feeling of the cold droplets falling down and touching my pale skin. However, the day was cold, as it was almost the beginning of winter, and i shivered under my big coat and the cold wind made my bonze coloured hair fly out in all directions.

My name is Renesmee, and i am one of the few Vampire "Hybrids" that are in the world. I only know of a few others who are like me.

It's funny to think that it has been almost 16 years since i was born and raised in a not very stable environment, due the visit from our friends in Italy.

To answer your unspoken question, i remember everything, my gift allows that, and the fact that i am both human and Vampire helps me understand things much easier.

My body is currently 19 years old; at least that's how it looks to everyone else. I am really only 16 years old. My aging slowed down over the years, and from what my family has told me, these are the last few years of aging for me and im cherishing every moment of it. I am 16 years old, one more year and my body is immortal.

It's a scary thought, to live forever, but I've had my whole life to get used to it.

I looked behind me and saw through to the dark corridors of my school "Fork's High school". It was getting dark, and everyone but me had gone home.

I cursed under my breath for letting the Idiot talk me into not taking my car. I thought longingly about my warm heater in my new BMW Z4 Roadster which had been a gift from my over charitable father.

I looked down at my watch...Where was he? It was unusual for him to be so late. I looked down the road and my beating heart gave a heavy sigh. Almost immediately, as though he was answering my hearts call, a car spun around the corner, making straight for me. I smiled to myself at its slowness and jumped on the spot, trying to keep myself warm.

When the car reached me the window came down and i saw the face of my best friend.

"I'm the worst person in the world."

My Jacob...

"You could say that again." i answered smiling.

I opened the door of the car, which gave out a loud creak. I hopped in and sighed, the smell i remembered so well lingered under my nose.

"I am so sorry."

I looked over at him again and giggled, he was almost to the point of tears. His face was full of sadness and he looked about ready to beg on one knee. "Oh calm down. I'm fine, but out of curiosity...what happened?"

"The rabbit..."

"Ahhh" i said understanding and patting the dashboard in front of me.

The Rabbit had been restored by Jacob himself, and even after 17 years he couldn't part with it. However in the recent weeks it had been going down hill. "Maybe you should ask mum for a new car for Christmas."

"Ha ha." he said sarcastically "And please don't say that in front of the Rabbit, she's sensitive."

I rolled my eyes. Typical Jacob. Lamest jokes around. He started the car again, and set off down the long road, not as fast as he had before. He was like a snail compared to my parents, who over the year i had learned to copy in my driving skills on.

I thought back to my birthday and smiled as i remembered Jakes reaction to my car in the driveway with a huge bow covering it.

"Dad you didn't!?" i had screamed excitedly.

"YOU BROUGHT HER A CAR?" Jake had screamed, looking like a whimp with a small party hat on top of his huge head and body.

He had chucked a tantrum and stormed back into the house, refusing to even talk to Edward or Bella, muttering things like "giving in" and "spoilt teenager" under his breath.

I knew as soon as i hopped into the car that it was built for me, and the kids at school seemed to love it too. My friends Ashleigh Webber and Cole Swan, who believe it or not was my half uncle, had ogled over it the moment i had picked them up from Cole's house. Gramps didn't take much of a liking to it either.

"Getting like your father more and more everyday Nessie." he chuckled, but then gave me a stern look "Not an inch over 40 km/hr."

"Yes Officer Swan." i said seriously. Some times he scared me a little.

To the rest of the town i was Bella and Edward Cullen's child, being that they had move to Rio in South America, until i had stopped growing swiftly and my growing rate had become normal. Then i had come back as a normal seven year old, which was strangely aware of everything around her and had an excellent Vocabulary range, i became like any other kid. Although no one actually ever saw Edward and Bella up close, due to their age never changing, no one suspected anything.

It was the secret that i held that made me different from everyone else.

Jake's driving took me up the long road i was so used to now, where my Grandpa Carlisle and Esme could no longer live due to their young age, but it didn't stop them visiting. Rosalie and Emmett had taken over the house and Alice and Jasper were attending their twentieth year at collage.

"You're quiet." i said to Jacob, surprised that he had not bantered me with questions like he usually did when i got in his car.

He just grunted and his mood was visibly mad. I frowned at him and didn't get out of the car when he stopped.

"Is something wrong?" i asked him.


"You're lying."

"Am not."

"Yes you are. You make a certain face when something's wrong." i said accusatively.

He didn't say anything so i sighed. "Then i guess I'll see you for dinner tonight."

My beautiful Aunt was throwing a party for the family, one where we would all be together, including the entire werewolf pack.


I opened the door but before i stared getting out, i reached across the car and touched the side of Jacob's face with the back of my hand. He jumped when images of my memories of my early childhood came flooding through. Before he could say anything i got out and ran up the white stairs to the Classic house i remembered so well.

One thing was for sure; something was defiantly up with Jacob.

The question was what?

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