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Chapter 4

As soon as I got into my car I pressed my foot on the accelerator right down to the ground. The car raced forward, wind from the open windows blowing through my hair. A smile had begun to form on my face and my heart raced with excitement…. It always did when I went to see Jake.

I weaved down the road, letting the music from my radio fill my ears. It was a gorgeous day...still cold, but the sun was shinning.

It didn't take me long to arrive at the boarder of La Push. Despite dad hating that I drive fast due to my half mortal aspects, I just wanted to get there as quickly as I could.

I arrived outside Jakes house, its oak wood framing old and beautiful in the sunlight. When I looked towards the door I noticed he was already waiting for me...

My Jacob

He was leaning against a wooden support on the wrap around porch, just staring at me calmly. I loved it when he knew I was coming….as a child, well only a few years back….I used to ask him how he knew I was outside, or riding towards my house. He never answered, and every time I asked afterwards he would only smile. I knew better now than to continue to ask him.

I got out of the car and walked towards him, flicking the keys to my new car back and forth on my finger. When I reached him he didn't say a word, and I noticed a slight pain on his face. I frowned at this…The whole time I had know Jacob he had never been unhappy, not to an extent where he wouldn't smile when he saw me.

I didn't say anything, but touched his arm lovingly, letting the memories from my drive smile and excitement to see him…flow through his mind. He face softened and he pulled my closer, wrapping his arms around me, letting me feel his warmth.

"You disappeared last night…I didn't like it" I said into his chest.

"I know! I'm sorry. You seemed busy and these days it's hard to make conversation with your parents…especially when they're so lovey dovey"

I giggled, closing my arms around his waist. He let me go eventually, to my great reluctance and stood back smiling.

"I'm glad you're here. I thought you would have stayed at home today."

"I saw you last night, and I can't stand to see you….so reserved…so quiet. It's very un-Jacob like. "

I went over to the bench at the end of the porch, sitting down and motioning for him to join me. He walked over , sat down and leaned casually back.

"Yeah...I know. I'm sorry. I'm not myself these days."


He was silent and all I could hear was the intake and outtake of his breath. His eyes didn't even meet mine, and with my vampire hearing I listened to the rapidly, and slightly scary, fast beat of his heart. I sighed loudly crossing my arms.

"Now you're shitty. Great."

"I'm not shitty!" I whined back, my eyes scrunching up angrily. "You're totally misinterpreting my actions and tone"

"Well then what?" he said, finally looking at me.

"Honestly?" I asked. He nodded in encouragement, motioning for me to continue. " I find it bizarre that all of a sudden, you are not acting like my best friend. I've known you my whole life, and from what you've told me about mums pregnancy you practically been there before I was even born! You have never been closed up the whole time I've known you. I know something's up, and you just wont tell me. It's so freaking frustrating!"

He smiled a bit then.

"What?" I questioned, starting to fear that there was something on my face.

He laughed "It's just you sounded so demanding…I haven't seen you do that since you were a little baby. Plus you also sounded like a typically teenager."

"Really? God, I wish…sometimes I want my life to be normal."

He went silent and gripped his hands together, playing his fingers.

"Oh man…what now?"

He paused, obviously thinking before he began to speak. "You're sixteen now…You're growing up so fast I guess I was scared. Even though I wanted this day to come from the moment you were born, and I first looked you in the eyes, the thought that we're here, after all that time, scares me to death."

I looked at him. I felt so confused. I had no idea what he was going on about…this wasn't the Jacob I usually see. Never in my life had I seen him so stressed….so serious.

"Okay Jake. You need to tell me what's going on." I said and I snuggled into him.

He put his arm around me and sighed. "It's going to be hard, but here it goes.

Sixteen years ago…I was completely in love with your mother."

"EW!" shock rang through me, and another feeling….but I couldn't put my finger on it. "That is information overload."

He laughed.

"Nessie you don't understand. Just listen. Back then it was the good ol' love triangle, your mother, Edward and me. But everything changed, the moment you were born. I carried you out of that room and I left thinking that Bella was going to die, but the moment I looked into your eyes none of that was important anymore. It was like a sudden realisation. I knew what was happening….and I'd never felt so alive in my life. You've got to understand every minuet from that day…is re-living that feeling over and over again."

I heard these words, and stared at him in the eye, our faces only inches apart…I hadn't realised that while he was speaking I had been so intrigued that I had leaned forward.

"I…I don't g-get what you're trying to say" I stuttered.

His hand left his lap, and pushed a piece of my hair out of my face, running along my check and staying their, holding my face delicately.

"I'm trying to say, that no matter what it's always you, Nessie."


"And, when you were born I…. I imprinted on you…"

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