A/N ok sooo..here's another story for AkuRoku day This idea came to me when i was...looking through a doujinshi i have...hahahi would say read buuuut it hasn't been translated sooo..I was just looking w but anyway! at the end, there's this picture of Axel and Roxas standing in front of a pond with like...a gray sky and crows and dead stuff, and Roxas is kind of crying and gripping Axel's sleeve, but in their reflections, they are laughing and the gray clouds and stuff are doves and it's kind sad..soooo yeah hahahha if you wanna see the picture just...grin review! ahhahaha or message me hahahaha A/N

Reflections: A Starlit Sky

Where they were, right at that moment, the clouds were grey.

The sky was dark and begging the clouds to split open, to cause a downpour on the two figures. Lightening slashed across the sky and Roxas unconsciously gripped Axel's hand.

Axel blinked and looked down slightly, swinging the joined hands absently, just to see if they were really connected. Roxas whined and gripped harder.

"Don't play around Axel. You know I hate storms."

Axel grinned and squeezed the smaller males hand.

"Right. Sorry 'bout that."The tall redhead looked thoughtfully up at the sky. "Though…there's really nothing to be afraid of. It's only a bit of…wet darkness…No different from home."

Roxas pouted slightly. "But it's still spooks me…"

Axel shook his head and chuckled as Roxas squealed suddenly. Thunder seemed to shake the lifeless tree beside them, causing Roxas cover his eyes with his free hand.

"Can we go back?"

Axel tilted his head slightly.

"Back?…You mean to the even darker…wetter…place we call home?"

Roxas glared and nodded, squeezing his eyes shut as thunder rolled across the sky again. Axel laughed and nodded slightly. Yeah…they would return home. Home to darkness and creeping shadows. Home where they had no hearts, and the sky was always crying.

Axel looked down into the pond before them as a few droplets fell from the sky. His reflection looked back at him. Roxas was there too. But where in reality Roxas was beginning to cry quietly, the Roxas in the water was laughing, Axel was laughing to, grinning happily.

And the blonde wasn't holding Axel's hand out of fright, but their fingers were intertwined. Axel smiled lightly as he pulled Roxas closer.

In the water, the sky was bright and the clouds were white like doves and the lifeless tree was glistening with pink petals.

In their reflections, they had a real home.

In their reflections, they were happy.