Sorry for the wait, hope you like it! Also I made up the word Techta, I could not find a tectonise dictionary online, if anyone knows of one please let me know, so sorry it isn't an original tecton word.

Tessa sighed as she drank her second cup of coffee of the morning. She had hardly slept the night before trying to decide what she was going to do about the not so friendly deputy. She had been rolling around in her head the idea of telling her uncle or Buck but she knew their response would be to lock her in her room. Tessa knew she would hate that, why should she become a prisoner while her tormentor roamed around free as a bird? Still not telling them would make her feel guilty as hell. She had never lied to Uncle Matt, he had become like a second father to her, and to not tell him the truth would torture her. Buck would be even worse; they never kept important things such as this from each other. She knew if she did that their relationship would be forever changed. Her heart was heavy with indecision. Finally by the end of breakfast she knew what she had to do.

"He said what!" The loudness of Matt's voice echoed off the silent walls surrounding them. Tessa had decided to tell her uncle first, it was just her luck however that Buck happened to be over visiting when she arrived. Deciding it would be better to 'kill two birds with one stone' she had sat down with them and told them about her 'admirer' from home. She had decided not to have them listen to the message; she didn't need their feathers ruffled anymore than they already were.

"Calm down Uncle Matt, Keith has always been full of hot air, I think he was just blowing off steam, still I thought I should warn you since he did threaten you just in case he does decide to show his ugly mug around here." Tessa looked to Buck wondering what he could be thinking. He was being so quiet and controlled it was beyond hard to read anything from him. Slowly he raised himself from the chair where he had been sitting and made his way over to her. Leaning over her he gently placed his fist against her temple caressing the skin there lovingly.

"Techta (love), I know you, you are trivializing this man and his action, but you also have to understand that we love you and will not let anything happen to you, you must promise me if you see this man or if he calls you again that you will tell me or Matt immediately." The look in his eyes was strong and she knew he was only asking for a small concession and so she agreed quickly.

"Look, Buck and I will look into this Keith, see if we can't find any skeletons in his closet like a rap sheet, you are to stay close to home, only go to work and school, you go nowhere else unless you are with me, Buck or George, understand?" Tessa sighed but agreed knowing this was better than being kept safe in her room. Once that was settled the three separated each one heading off to their respective jobs and errands. Buck had offered to drive her to work and while she questioned in her mind if he was just being nice or overprotective, the idea of having some alone time with him, even if it was in the front of a police cruiser, pushed her decision in Buck's favor and she agreed.

The drive to her school was filled with small talk both purposely avoiding the topic of that morning's conversation. For now peace had been made on that front and both were just enjoying each other's company. As they reached their destination Buck got out and opened her door for her.

"Why thank you kind sir." Tessa quipped as she smiled and placed her hand into his. Once she had gathered her things they faced each other to say their goodbyes. Tessa felt her heart clench as they parted; she never said anything to him but every time Buck left to go on patrol she had much anxiety in her mind and heart. She knew that she would probably always feel this way, for both Buck and her Uncle, but that it would be her own little secret. Both men had more than enough to deal with when they were at work they did not need to add on her own worries as well. So she put on a brave face and leaned forward for a quick yet blissful kiss.

"See you tonight." With a smile of his own he caressed her cheek lightly.

"See ya later Techta."

The man was close but hidden enough so that those he watched did not know he was there. He watched as the couple said goodbye with a loving look and kiss. A sneer met his lips as theirs touched each others. He could not believe that she had lowered herself to be with one of 'them'. Although he didn't know why he should be surprised she had opposed him in defense of that slag family back home. It had been there during their arguments that he had been entranced by her fire and spirit. He had always thought her to be a beautiful woman but she was even more so when she was angry. He had been attracted to her since she had begun to mature and grow into herself and her body. It wasn't until he saw her anger and determination however that that attraction began to morph into something more. And with each rejection she had given him his urges grew until all he could think about was her and ways to get her.

He had been enraged when she suddenly disappeared, not a trace to be found. Her mother had been no help, stubbornly refusing to give information. He could see where Tessa's fire came from. It had taken some digging, but eventually he had found out that Tessa had an uncle who lived in California, an uncle that was a cop. He knew that if she wanted to go somewhere to feel safe what better place than with a cop who was also family. It didn't take long to find out where the uncle lived and worked. He had almost laughed when he found out this uncle not only had a slag for a partner but was also shacked up with one. Guess sponge head loving ran in the family. He had arrived in town just a couple of days before, deciding to do some surveillance before announcing his arrival to his prey. What he had found both amused and disgusted him.

He found out Tessa had gotten a job as a high school teacher and had gotten an apartment in her uncle's building. It seemed she was settling into life in her new home including having a romance, with a newcomer. When he had first seen them together he could not believe it. His beautiful spirited Tessa with a slag? He had felt nauseated as he watched the scum touch and kiss her. He didn't blame her, she had been brainwashed by her hippie mother and her newcomer loving uncle. She had been taken in by this alien and he was taking advantage of her. He would change that, and soon she would be coming back home with him where she belonged.

As Tessa walked into the building she shivered slightly feeling as though eyes were on her; looking around she could see no one and yet the feeling refused to leave her. The day which had started with so much promise seemed to darken and Tessa couldn't help but wonder what sort of gloom and doom awaited her at its end.