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Chapter 1

Severus Snape looked at the large grandfather clock in his office. Dumbledore had requested a meeting for Merlin only knows what. The man always had a reason for calling on him, he just hoped that this time it was of some relevant importance.

He looked once again at the clock, it was a rather long walk to the Headmaster's office and Severus always found that being early made the conversation go smoother. He rose from his desk and swept out the door.

The corridors were empty, but that was to be expected considering school was not in session just yet. Not that the Potion's Master would complain about such solitude. He dreaded every school year; most of his students were such ignorant dunderheads that they could not tell the difference between a cauldron and the rod used to stir the potion with.

Children will never learn. He thought turning the corner down another hallway.

When he reached an archway a large Phoenix statue stared back at him. This was another reason Severus detested visiting the Headmaster, the passwords to gain entry to his office were completely foolish.

Biting his lip Severus surpassed the two distasteful words, "Jelly Doodles."

The statue began to ascend revealing a spiral staircase. Sighing to himself he began to trudge up the stairs. Once he reached the landing a large oak door faced him; maybe he would be able to come up with some sort of excuse to evade the meeting. But knowing Albus, the man would probably see straight through him like a person did when they looked through a window.

Well, might as well get it over with. I eat breakfast with the man for Merlin's sake; there really is no way of avoiding this. Severus raised a fist and gently knocked on the hard wood.

"Come in my boy." Came the welcoming reply of Dumbledore.

Severus opened the door and found himself in the chair across from the Headmaster's desk.

"Severus, there are some things I must discuss with you. They are of great importance and before you ask, no it could not wait till a later time." Dumbledore paused and sat across from him before continuing. "It would seem that Lily had left something for you before she and James had died." He reached inside the pocket of his robe and took out a letter. He handed it to Severus who took it with a shaky hand.

It was defiantly written in Lily's hand, Severus often looked through his own mail just too see its familiar penmanship. As he began to read he could feel his heart beat against his ribcage.

Dearest Severus,

My darling, no doubt that if you are reading this than I am dead. I am sorry I could not tell you this in person, but with you being a spy we were only able to see each other on very rare occasions. So I wrote this letter to tell you a great secret that I kept from you for the safety of yourself and my children. You know of my son Harrison Remus, and my daughter Serenity Evans. I unfortunately cannot call them Potter's because they are really Snape's. I know you have many questions my love, probably the most common being how. A simple explanation would be was we loved each other and decided it was right, and it was right.

All my love,

Lily Rose Snape

P.S. The reason you don't remember this is because we had to obliviate your mind for your spying. Your memories should come back on Serenity and Harry's eleventh Birthday.

Snape stared at the letter, completely lost for words. He and Lily had produced two children and Severus had lost all memory of it.

"I want you to check on your children."

Severus' head shot up and his mouth opened slightly.

"What-what would I tell them Albus?"

"You have Lily's letter, what more proof would they need?"

"I-I can't take care of two children…I'm not father material."

Dumbledore stood and stared the man down. "Severus, you had them when they were born and before tomorrow you will have all your memories back of your fatherly behavior to both children. You are a man that can handle this; you after all care for your Slytherins as if they were your own. Now, can I trust you to check on your own kin?"

"Of course Headmaster, I will leave immediately."

Dumbledore nodded in endorsement and watched the young Professor leave.

Harry sat in his cupboard tending to a bloody, and most likely broken, nose. He had tried to help his sister, but his elephant of an uncle overpowered him. As well as knocked him senseless. Still his nose held in no comparison to what evil his uncle would perform on Serenity.

What was he to do, they were stranded and new no one who could help them from the outside world. Serenity and he would be abused again and again and all Harry could do was sit and whimper in pain.

"God, please help us…please."

Harry closed his eyes and tried to tune out the painful sound of his sister crying. Just as he was about to fall asleep the door to his cupboard burst open.

"Oh, Harry." Cooed a velvet like voice.

It was not the same usual shrewd calling of his uncle, nor was it the same bird call of his Aunt Petunia.

"Help…p-please…help us." He could not really place the man's face, seeing as it was far too dark to see. But that voice tugged at his heart, somewhere in the back of his mind Harry has heard it before.

"I'm going to son…I'm going to take both you and your sister away from here." Snape helped his son from the cupboard and sat him on the sofa so he could wait for him to return.

The yelling of his daughter made his blood boil. No one…touched his kids. He saw that the only door that was actually closed was where the shrieking was coming from. He pulled out his wand and said, "Reducto!"

The door flew off its hinges and Severus ran inside. His eyes wandered on his daughter. Her arms were tied to the head board and she was absolutely exposed.

"HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE!" yelled the man that was on top of her.

What Snape did next surprised even him. He drew a fist and shoved it right in the fat man's face. "Don't you EVER touch my daughter again! You are lucky I don't kill you where you stand."

Serenity watched as her uncle sat there in extreme terror. She wanted to enjoy watching more of his torture but she was cold…and naked.

"Help…please…" she gasped.

Snape turned and saw the condition of Serenity's body.

"I'll deal with you later." He growled," but to make sure you don't try anything," Snape pointed his wand at the piece of filth in front of him and said, "Incarcerus."

Soon Vernon Dursley was bound and tied with the same black ropes that he had used to bind Serenity's wrist to the bed.

"Oh, sweet Merlin child. I am so sorry!" he flicked his wand covering Serenity with the bed clothes that had surrounded her. "I promise that once I get you and Harry out of here, you will never have to go through this again!" he untied Serenity's wrists and pulled her up into his arms.

She flinched at first but quickly calmed herself when she heard the man serenely say, "I will never hurt you, my child."

For some strange reason, Serenity believed him. This man sounded so familiar and she knew she could trust him.

"Serenity, I know it is difficult but I need you to stay awake."

"M'tired." She whispered.

"I know sweetie, but I need you to stay awake."

As Serenity's eyes began to droop Snape regrettably had to shake her. "Stay awake for daddy, love!" he said a little more desperately then he would have preferred.

Snape knew that if Serenity fell asleep, Disapparating would be impossible! God only knew how her frail body would react to such a pressurized state. And because sleep was such a relaxing state, she might not leave it.

"Daddy?" Serenity asked more confused then ever.

"I will have to explain later, right now I'm taking you and Harry back to the school!"


Serenity awoke to find that she was not in her cupboard with Harry. The room she was in was big and rather chilly. She looked around and saw that she was all alone. That wasn't different, but usually she could hear Harry's voice calling her to get up. Another thing that surprised her was she was no longer naked. Her body was wrapped in a silken night gown and around her shoulders was a satin robe.

Where was she, why was she here, who had brought her here.

Stay awake for daddy love…for daddy…for daddy…daddy-

"Serenity, you are awake."

Serenity turned and found a rather old man standing near her; he had a long white beard and half moon spectacles balancing on his nose. "I imagine you must have many questions one of which how you came here."

Serenity nodded in agreement and pulled her knees up to her chest.

"Do you remember anything of last night?" asked the old man.

"A…a man came…he said he was my daddy."

Dumbledore smiled, that was exactly what he hoped Serenity would recall. He nodded and Serenity saw that his blue eyes were twinkling.

"The man that brought you here is Severus Snape, he is your father."

"But-but my last name isn't Snape…it's Potter."

"That is not your last name child, it was a name given to you for protection. Your mother, Lily gave you that last name to make sure you would be safe."

Serenity raised an eyebrow, "Safe from what sir?"

"That unfortunately is something your father will have to discuss with you. He is currently with young Harry. Would you like for me to get them for you?"

Serenity nodded and just as she was about to leave a question crossed her mind, "What is your name sir?"

Dumbledore turned back and faced her with a smile on his face. "When you were little you called me papa Albus. However seeing as you will soon be a student here I think Professor Dumbledore will do."

Serenity watched Dumbledore walk away and sat back. Her father was in the other room with her brother. What was she to say to him? Would she be allowed to call him dad? She would think so but maybe he was just like every other man she knew…abusive and unkind. But that old man-papa Albus was it- seemed very nice. And her dad-Dumbledore said his name was Severus- had saved her from her uncle Vernon and tried to pound him into a bloody pulp. Maybe he would love and care for them like a real father should.

She'd like that especially considering how sick she felt at the moment. Serenity closed her eyes tight and tried to imagine the pain away. Just as she was about to drift away-


Her eyes popped open and Serenity found her brother sitting right next to her, His nose was fixed, Serenity remembered how uncle Vernon broke it…now it looked as good as new.

"You won't believe what I found out Ren!" he said happily. "That man, the one who saved us, is our dad!"

"I know Harry, Professor Dumbledore told me."

"Can you believe it Ren? We won't have to go back to Uncle Vernon's or Aunt Petunia's!"

Serenity nodded and took in a deep breath, she felt dizzy and nauseous.

"Serenity…are you okay?"

"I'm-I'm going to be sick!" Serenity gagged and turned on her side; she threw up and began coughing uncontrollably.

"Serenity!" Harry yelled trying to help her back up.

Harry had experience dealing with his sister when she was sick. He had done it for years when they were living with the Dursley's. He pulled her back up onto the bed and rubbed her back gently.

"I'm going to get dad." Harry said gently. "I'll be right back."

She could hear his footsteps echo through out the room and then leave.

Stay awake for daddy love…stay awake for daddy-

"Stay awake…" she sighed before passing out.

Severus had taken Serenity's temperature and found that the poor girl had a fever of 102 degrees. That was far too high even by magical standards. He tried to give her a fever reducing potion but it proved to no avail when Serenity's body rejected the medicine.

"No…dad…help…I don't want to…no…please!"

Snape looked and saw that Serenity was yelling in her sleep. He went to her side and took her hand in his.

"Serenity!" he said squeezing it tightly. "Wake up honey…please."

Serenity's eyes opened slightly and she looked at Severus in the face. It was now that she thought about it the first time she had ever seen the man. His hair was black and rather long and fell down at his chin. He had dark brown eyes which now that Serenity thought about it kind of matched her own. All in all she could say that her father was a rather good looking man. She smiled slightly but then frowned again at the sad look on his face.

"Dad?" she asked softly.

"I…Serenity, I am so sorry for what happened to you and your brother…I wish…I should have been there for you."

Serenity sighed. He should have been there but he wasn't and Serenity hoped there was a very good reason for that because the man had saved her and Serenity didn't want to go from one hell to another.

"You must understand…," he began, "that I did not even know you and your brother were mine until last night…you see Albus…and Lily had to take you away from me for your own safety-"

"What?!" Serenity said backing away from the man.


"No! Not again…please go away!" tears were falling from her brown almond shaped eyes but Severus was not going to give up on.

"Serenity, I'm not going to hurt you! I would never hurt you like that bastard did…you are my daughter and I love you. The reason your mother took you from me was because we both had agreed to it and at the time a murderer was coming after our family."

Serenity seemed to calm down a bit and Snape watched as she took a deep breath.

This was going to take some time and effort...but to see that his little girl was facing him and now that the glamours had finally worn off she had his hazel eyes Snape was more willing then ever to help.

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