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My 17th story!

"Love Will Lead You Back"


Chapter 1. Memories

She met her when she was in second year high school at Lillian Girls Academy. Their meeting was an unexpected one, but that meeting was the beginning of all. She proclaimed her to be her petite soeur in their next meeting, though she didn't remember then that it was their second meeting. However, to her shocked, she refused to be her petite soeur. It really shook her. She couldn't believe that someone like her will be turned down, she thought conceitedly then.

But then again, it wasn't the first time that she had been turned down by someone. It was the second time. But she didn't feel pain with the first rejection, because somehow, she expected that it will happen. Her pride was the only thing that was hurt then.

However, on the second rejection from another person, her pride wasn't the only one that was hurt. There's something else, something that she couldn't give a name, something that she didn't understand that time. And that something grew within her, until it possessed her whole, body, mind and soul. Though of course that only happened later.

She remembered on their earlier times together, when she finally made her her soeur. She felt satisfaction then, and a kind of happiness that she couldn't fathom. And so they started a sisterly relationship. It was a rocky start for them because their worlds were poles apart. The only thing that was similar to them that time was that they were both going at Lillian.

They had so many misunderstandings due to their differences and their lack of communication. There was even a time that they almost broke apart. At that time, she already knew that she's special to her.

But how special, she only recognized later on.

After their almost broken relationship, they started anew. They started a relationship that wasn't plague with too many misunderstandings because they have learned each other's behavior, each other's wants and needs. They didn't need to say more for the other to recognize what the other feels. It was the second stage of their relationship.

But even if they had become closer that time, still, they held too many secrets, secrets that they kept hidden beneath, a secret that was unknown to both of them but was then recognized by the others.

They kept the secret, not wanting to let the other know because of too many reasons. So scared they were that the other didn't feel the same, so scared that if the other would knew, she would turn away.

And there were other complications.

Their family.

They both knew that their family would oppose to it, though for different reasons. For that person's family, they were probably scared what her wealthy family would do to her. And her own family, for wealth, and name, and prestige. And they will do anything for those three things.

And then there's the society. They didn't know how the society will accept a relationship of that kind, and were probably too young to deal with it.

And so time flew by, and her secret love made her cousin her petite soeur. She was so happy for her. The two of them were both dear to her, for different reasons. Her cousin was a person she cared so much, a person she loved dearly, the only cousin that she trusted. While her petite soeur, she was everything - her love, her other half. And yet it pained her to not be able to let her know how she felt, her inability to take the courage to confess what she truly felt.

And when the time for her to graduate drew near, she dreaded it, just as she saw that her love dreaded it, too.

Though at that time, she thought her love was like that because she'll surely miss her just as much as she will miss her.

What a foolish person she was. If only she had realized it sooner, then they probably had more good times together. If only she had taken a closer look to her earlier, then she would have had realized that they both felt the same.

And she wondered why she had been so blind. It was written all over her love's face, clear as daylight. It must have hurt her a lot to not be able to tell what she felt. Probably, she too, was a coward just like her. And she waited, and waited, until she probably couldn't take it anymore. And so she made the first move.

How really pathetic she was at that time. She was the older sister. She was supposed to be the one who have done something, and should have done it a long time ago. But she didn't. And so her love did.

She would never ever forget that day, that day that her love finally confessed what she felt, with tears and all. Her love was so scared then, stammering and sputtering the words that she didn't understand it for a moment, leaving her confused. And her love almost ran away, and she had to ask why. And then she said it.

I love you, Onee-sama. I'm in love with you.

She was speechless then. So beautiful were those words into her ears. Her love said it in a whisper, barely audible, but the wind carried it to her ears, straight to her heart. She was so happy then, so happy that tears filled her eyes that only scared her love more.

And that time, her love did really started to turn away and ran from her. But she caught her, she caught her in her arms, and whispered that she loved her, too. Her love went rigid and for a moment, she was like a statue in her arms.

And then she hugged her back. And together, they cried in each other's arms. So happy they were. All their fears didn't even touch their mind as they savored the feel of each others' hug, the feel of each others' feelings.

And when they let go, her love smiled at her, a beautiful smile like none other. And she thought then that the place seemed to brighten, and there were colors everywhere. And they…

"Pardon my intrusion, Miss Sachiko. You will be late to school if we don't leave yet."

Ogasawara Sachiko was silent for a moment. And when she's sure that her voice wouldn't sound broken, she addressed her driver without looking at him.

"Yes. I'll be there shortly."

As she heard the driver's footsteps moved away, she wiped her tears and whispered softly, "I'll see you tomorrow, my love."

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