A/N- Finally, something new. This drabble isn't very good, but the idea hit me and kept nagging until it was written. The POV is Nora's, in case you were wondering. So, on with the show.

Ignoring the Obvious

This is really hard. All day, every day… I have to ignore the obvious. Infuriating as it might be, it has to happen.

For example, I don't notice that they always stand too close together. I also can't feel the tension in the spaces between the two of them. Everything's normal.

It's not that their fights are no longer filled with annoyance, but rather quick, teasing dialogue. And, it's definitely not that her "Der-ek!"'s are starting to sound a little bit more affectionate. Things haven't changed at all.

At dinner, I can't see the way he glances at her from underneath his eyelashes, as quick as it is. And, the hungry look in her eyes means she's thinking about the chicken I've cooked. Definitely.

When they accidentally bump into or touch each other, they don't linger for a second too long. Whenever he walks past her, he doesn't graze her arm or lightly touch her back. Of course not. That's just silly.

I don't notice that when a boy shows up at the front door and says, "I'm here to pick up Casey.", he automatically stiffens and grips the armrests of his chair until his knuckles turn white. Of course, she doesn't get a competitive look on her face whenever he walks through the door with Rebecca, or Sarah, or Mary. There's nothing to see here.

Most of all, I can't tell how they both are trying so hard to hold back whatever it is they're feeling. I also don't notice that they're both about to snap.

No, nothing's going on. I am oblivious.