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Niwasae Shiina

'A dragon will always protect its hoard…'

After over a millennia of preserving their ancient, sacred, and secret heritage; one man, was on his way to breaking all the rules and…killing his errant 5 year old son. With much pleasure, yes, much pleasure.

"I swear to Kami if that boy does not show up in the next 5 seconds, his bottom will be feeling the wrath of the Paddle combined with my fury!" the handsome 450 year old father was on the verge of burning a hole in the carpet of his office due to his pacing.

His pale skin and charcoal eyes stood out on his toned 6'3" body. His dark hair, touching his shoulder blades in a low ponytail, was moving side-to-side with his furious pacing.

Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha Clan, grumbled and frowned until he heard the tinkering sound of his Lifemate's laughter. He turned to her and felt his nerves calm when he saw her in a beautiful black ball gown ready to leave when their son arrived…if their son arrived.

"I'm sure Sasuke will be fine. I sent Itachi to look for him as well so try to relax a bit." Mikoto said chuckling.

Uchiha Mikoto was of the same coloring as her Lifemate and the Uchiha Clan, pale skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. 100 years younger than her husband, her hair spilled to her waist in a straight curtain while part of it was clipped to the side with a bobby pin. She was slender and petite compared to Fugaku who towered over her 5'5" frame.

"I am ready to burn the city down and kill everyone. Why is it that people can't keep track of a 5 year old? It can't be that hard! I mean he's wearing a…expensive suit…why are you holding his suit?" Fugaku asked afraid, though he would never admit it.

Mikoto gave a strangled laugh as she held up her son's suit in her hand.

It was the suit that he was wearing earlier.

The suit that he was wearing before he escaped.

The suit that should be on him now.

"This is why I sent Itachi to look for Sasuke."

"You sent my reliable and responsible son out to look for my immature but, hopefully, responsible son who is running outside, dressed down the city right?"

Mikoto was silent.

It was better to let her husband believe in his illusions while they lasted.

"Love, please don't tell me that my son is running…naked through the city."