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Niwasae Shiina

"You do realize that your stupid otouto is at the house of the Wind Dragons right? Not any Wind Dragon, we are talking about the Main house here, which means Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime, current leader of all the Dragon Clans. Is your bother insane? He just ran, naked, to our Leader's home, naked, and is probably causing some kind of trouble, naked. Did I mention that he was naked? At this rate, Sasu-gaki is going to end up ruining the Uchiha name. Then what? The Uchiha's are the most powerful Fire Dragons—" Kisame ranted until he was stopped.

"Why are you so worried Kisame?" Itachi asked while rubbing his temple.

"Why aren't you?" Kisame deadpanned.

Kisame was not one to think much about these kinds of things, even if he was the heir to the leading Water Dragons. Kisame's father didn't worry much about these things either. The reason why was probably because Dragons tended to reflect their elements or affinity or whatever, which was why Kisame tended to be mellow and uncaring about his status.

Uchiha's were different however, even with their cold demeanor, they were very passionate people. Whether it was in the bedroom or in a fight, you could always expect a fiery temper to show through.

Itachi interrupted Kisame's thoughts with a grunt.

"Well?" Kisame asked expectantly.

Itachi sighed.

"I am not worried. I don't think there is anything that Sasuke can do to lower Yondaime-sama's view of us."

"What do you mean?"

"Otou-sama didn't leave a good impression on Yondaime-sama when they first met."


"Hi, my name is Namikaze Minato! What's yours?" a happy blond asked. It was a very nice night out, and the Ball Room party was at its peak when Minato saw a lone figure leaning against the wall.

Twitch. "Hn." Said the stoic ebony haired man.

"What was that?" the blond asked, confused.

Smirk. "Hn."

The blond twitched before smiling innocently.

"Can I get something for your throat or are you just naturally a bastard?"

The ebony haired man glared.

"Ah Minato, I see you've met Uchiha Fugaku." An elderly man stated.

"Humph." The blond pouted and crossed his arms.

"Sandaime-sama." Fugaku bowed respectfully.

"Well, since you just met, I'll leave you two to get to know each other." Sandaime said with a smile.

Minato gapped.

"You can't leave me Jiji!"

Fugaku snorted. Minato turned a fierce glare on the Leader of the Fire Dragons.

"Minato, you are to become the Yondaime. Its best if you get to know your allies without a supervisor." Sandaime said with an innocent smile.

Sarutobi Sasuke, the Sandaime, saw the interaction between the two earlier and chuckled inwardly.

'The coming years will be very interesting.' Sandaime thought as he walked away from the duo.

Minato gapped after the man and glared when he felt Fugaku staring.

"What you bastard."









"Hn." Smirk.

"Bastard." The blond hissed.

"Is that all you can say?"


"I can't believe that you're going to be the one to lead us."

"What was that?! You stuck up goody-goody! Kami, how far is that stick shoved up your ass anyways?"

"What did you say?" Fugaku growled.

"What, you going deaf?" Minato taunted with a smirk.

"Hn, at least I don't fit my stereotype."

"What? Wait…OH, you bastard!" Minato yelled with a furious flush on his face.

Fugaku smirked.

"Slow, stupid, and loud. I hope you never pass your genes onto your children."

"Why you…" Minato lunged at the man starting an all out fight in the middle of the ball room.


"…are you serious?" Kisame asked incredulously.


They arrived at the Namikaze-Uzumaki residence and knocked on the door. What the duo saw was not something that they expected. Namikaze Minato was standing in front of the duo with his shirt and pants in shreds. His navy blue boxers was the only piece of clothing that was not touched by whatever animal did this.

"Are you here to pick up the little demon puppy?" Minato asked.

Itachi grunted and Kisame nodded. Both were still trying to get over the fact that their most precious Yondaime looked like he'd been mauled and survived.

"Do you have your phone with you Itachi?" Minato continued.

Itachi just handed him his phone and watched as Minato dialed a number and put the phone to his ear.

"You bastard, I should kill you right now!"


"You spawned that little devil just to torment me didn't you?! Mikoto-chan isn't evil enough to do that so don't deny it you stupid bastard! When I see you tonight I'm going to castrate you!"

"You can try dobe."

"Don't call me that TEME! I'm going to sue you as well for the rabies your puppy spawn gave me!"

"Calm down dobe, Sasuke has his shots. You don't have any rabies."

"Liar! Anyways, keep your brat away from my precious son or I'll put a restraining order on him."

"A restraining order, on a 5 year old? How mature of you dobe. Besides, it's not like Sasuke can do anything dangerous…" Fugaku trailed off.



"You were saying?" Minato asked smugly.

Thankfully, the conversation moved from the front door and down the hall before Minato had started yelling. He hung up the phone and gave it back to Itachi when a voice called from an open room near them.


"Naruto-chan, my precious baby! That puppy didn't do anything to you did he?" Minato asked as he hugged his son.

Itachi looked at the newcomer and froze. All he could see were sapphire blues that stared at them curiously before widening as he looked at his father.

"T-tou-san, what happened to you?"

Minato let his son go and frowned.

"The paper shredder wasn't working right so I tried to fix it and somehow, this happened."

'How the FUCK can that happen from a damn paper shredder?!' Kisame demanded silently. He turned to Itachi and did a double take.

His Mangekyo was spinning and he had this look in his eyes that sent chills down Kisame's spine. He looked to see what Itachi was looking at and saw the blond kid staring back at him.

Minato saw the exchange and his eyes narrowed before he decided that introductions were necessary to dissolve the tension between Naruto and Itachi.

"Naru-chan let me introduce you to Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. Both are heirs to their Clan. Boys, this person here is my son Naruto. He is my most precious jewel, second only to my mate." Minato said. He glared at Itachi when he said the last part.

Itachi just smirked and walked forward to pick up Naruto's small graceful hand in his larger one and kiss his knuckles.

"You are correct Yondaime-sama. Such a jewel should be precious, treasured,and kept safe in reliable hands."

Kisame gawked at Itachi, Minato glared, and Naruto blushed with a gentle smile on his face for the handsome man before him.

It was silent but the tension that Minato had tried to erase just got thicker. Then something happened that Minato would curse for in the future while Itachi would praise.

Sasuke ran out from the room and into Minato, who crashed into Naruto, and who then fell on top of Itachi.

Kisame just stood back with his jaw hanging.

Sasuke was sitting on top of Minato and smirking evilly while Minato was face flat on the floor and twitching. While Naruto was on top of Itachi, who cushioned his fall. It was the sight of Itachi hugging, cuddling, as Kisame would later say, that snapped Kisame out of his shock. He smirked and pulled out his phone and snapped a picture at the couple before sniggering and putting his phone away.


Sasuke grinned at the blond man beneath him and looked for his Naru-chan only to glare at his aniki. Itachi had stood up and lifted the petit blond with him until he was settled on his feet, and against his body.

"Aniki, stop touching Naru-chan!" Sasuke demanded with a pout.

Itachi looked down at his otouto with a smirk of his own.

"Hn, foolish little otouto, make me." Itachi stated as he cradled the blond closer to his body.


Naruto was flushing and hid his face on Itachi's chest and tried to breathe steadily. It was futile since all he could smell was Itachi's scent mixed with a hint of mint. His mind was sluggish as he basked in the warmth and safety that Itachi provided.

When he was lifted, he gripped Itachi's coat and bunched the fabric in his small hands. He felt the hard muscles rippling against his own soft body and couldn't help but wonder if Itachi worked out everyday. He was distracted when he felt the vibrations coming off Itachi's chest as he spoke. Naruto peaked up from under his lashes and saw cupid bow lips curl into a smirk and wondered how it would feel against his own lips. He blushed and thanked Kami when Sasuke tugged on his pants to get his attention.

"Naru-chan, kiss." Sasuke demanded.

Naruto smiled and was about to kiss the boy, on the cheek, when he was pulled back.

Naruto blinked and looked up at Itachi who was looking down at him with an intense look in his eyes before looking away at the amusing sight before them. Naruto turned to look and sighed.

Minato was wrestling Sasuke to the ground when he pulled his hand back with a pained yelp when Sasuke bit him again. He whacked the boy over the head and picked him up by the scruff of the neck.

Sasuke growled at Minato's triumphant smirk.

"Oh, he even growls like a puppy."

Sasuke tried to kick him but his legs fell short. Minato laughed and Sasuke fumed.

"I'm not a puppy you old man!"

Minato glared and flicked Sasuke's forehead. Sasuke yelped and placed both hands on the red spot and tried to bite the offending finger when it got close to him again.

"Oya, I came home to see my precious little otouto and what do I see? Tou-san having trouble taming a pup. Yare, yare, what is this world coming to?" a seductively smooth baritone voice echoed in the hall.

Everyone turned to the voice to see a 6'4" athletically muscled man with piercing golden eyes and blood red hair. He had the same whisker marks on his cheeks like Naruto and a slightly darker skin tone. His hair was tied back in a low ponytail that ended mid-back and wore a black silk suit with a scarlet dress shirt underneath. He tilted his gorgeous angular face and smirked showing sharp canine teeth.

"Kyuubi!" Minato smiled and waved before turning back to Sasuke, who was trying to claw at the hand holding him up.

"Kyuu," Naruto breathed with a smile.

Naruto touched the arm that had been around his waist and smiled at Itachi before he was let go.

Kyuubi saw the exchange with a raised brow but didn't say anything as a blond bundle crashed into him and hugged him around his middle.

"Tadaima Naruto." Kyuubi said with a fond smile while ruffling his otouto's hair.

"Okairi Kyuu." Naruto beamed at his brother.

Itachi watched the exchange with a hint of a smirk as he saw Naruto smile and his eyes sparkle. He truly was a jewel and Itachi would stop at nothing to make Naruto his.

'I wonder where he's been all this time though.' Itachi thought as he went to grab Sasuke. The party would be starting in a few hours and he needed to prepare to win Naruto's hand.

He had a feeling that Minato and Kyuubi would put up a fight. He stopped his thought process and frowned inwardly. Was it worth it though? He barely knew the blond and from what he was thinking earlier, it sounded like he wanted the blond to become his mate. Was it worth it? Was Naruto worth it?

He remembered the feel of Naruto in his arms. The soft, supple body that was toned with slender muscles, it felt deliciously right when Naruto was against his body. The blond smelled of oranges and the sun. But was that enough? Just because he felt the need to possess Naruto and ravish him senseless, was that it?

He looked to the blond and felt his heart skip a beat and he realized then and there that Naruto was worth it. It was worth seeing the blond tenshi smile beautifully and his eyes twinkle with joy, especially when he looked at Itachi with that smile. It wasn't just the need to possess Naruto's body. There was also a deep seated need to possess his heart and soul.

He grabbed his brother and bowed to Minato and inclined his head at Kyuubi.

"Thank you for looking after my otouto."

"Of course, send the bas—Fugaku my regards." Minato stated.

Itachi then turned to Naruto and smirked at the wide eyed look on the blonds face.

Oh, it was worth it. What Itachi wanted, he got and what he wanted was everything Naruto had to offer, his mind, body, spirit, and heart. He wanted it all. He grabbed Naruto's hand and kissed his knuckles again before turning around and leaving.

He ignored the gapping Minato who sputtered and glared and ignored Kyuubi who raised a brow at his forwardness.

He ignored Sasuke as he yelped and was dragged out the door as Kisame called one of his men to pick them up.

He tossed his brother into the back seat and slid in next to him as Kisame took a seat on the passenger side of the car.

"I hope you know what you're doing Itachi." Kisame stated as he looked at the side view mirror. He saw the mansion getting smaller as they got further away and then disappear as they turned the corner.


"What is Fishy talking about aniki?" Sasuke asked.

"What was that Sasu-gaki?!" Kisame growled as he turned in his seat.

"You heard me Fishy!" Sasuke yelled.

The driver sighed as he tried not to crash into anything as his Master tried to lunge at the young Uchiha.



"Kisame-sama, please calm down!"


"Fishy! Shark bait!"

"Oh, now you've done it. Come here brat!"