When Zellogi had noticed that his lifespan was nearing its end, he managed to sneak away from Gukku and Deridovely for a while in order to go down to the holes that showed the human world. He chose one fairly out of the way, so that no one would stumble across him while he was writing down names. The holes were spread out over a wide, desert-like area that went on as far as the eye could see, but being on the outer edge of the large ring of holes, Zellogi could also see the area filled with large, spiked bones arranged in tunnels and caves, plus the occasional wind-carved rock formation. The largest, most prominent rock by far had been carved into a shining black tower, impossibly tall and elegant, yet menacingly jagged, from which the Shinigami King was suspended. The tower was the only thing of structure or artistry in the entire shinigami realm. No one knew who had carved it, or when…the idea of a shinigami having enough ambition to do so was laughable.

Zellogi sat and scribbled for a while, and he had killed about sixty years worth of humans when he decided to check out what Ryuk was doing. He'd been back in the shinigami realm for a while, and he'd told Zellogi a bit about the human world-it sounded like Ryuk was having a lot of fun down there. But then his death note was picked up by a human again, and he'd had to leave just hours ago. According to Ryuk, this was a part of some big scheme his human was planning-he'd told the other shinigami that it would probably be interesting to watch, if they were ever looking down on the human world. Zellogi wouldn't be able to find Ryuk with the holes because they were meant to find humans, but Zellogi had found Ryuk before by simply scanning Japan for him. It was easy to find Ryuk now; all one had to do was look for the human he was attached to. Zellogi concentrated on the human's face and thought "Light Yagami", and sure enough, there was Ryuk.

He was standing inside the lobby of a huge building, while his human and another human; a female, named "Misa Amane"; were talking. The humans finished talking, and the girl left the building while Ryuk's human went back inside… but Ryuk followed the girl, instead. Now, that was different. Why was Ryuk attached to this girl? Was it part of the plan Ryuk's human supposedly had? He kept half of the hole trained on Ryuk and the girl, and the other half on Ryuk's human, who went back to a room full of computers, with several other male humans wearing suits and another, odd-looking human crouched in a chair. There was another shinigami in the room, a white female that Zellogi didn't recognize. The humans were talking… they seemed to be discussing the death note. The odd-looking human and Ryuk's human were asking the shinigami questions…they could both see her? Did everyone in the room know about death notes? Now Zellogi was really confused. He watched while the humans talked, slept, then got up the next morning and started talking again. Things weren't getting as interesting as he'd hoped…Zellogi was tempted to kill one of them, just for fun…but suddenly, all of the holes flashed quickly and faded to black. Without the light from the screens or the sounds of the human world that the holes emitted, the area was eerily dark and quiet, like a graveyard with many round, blank tombstones.

Bewildered, Zellogi knocked on the side of his hole, and then kicked it, but it didn't turn back on. Wind whistled between the silent round devices, and Zellogi heard another sound…the rustling of wings, far away. He looked toward the sound, and saw something jump off the very top of the King's tower and fly over the viewing holes. "A shinigami?" Zellogi thought at first. "No, it can't be… shinigami aren't allowed to fly above the fifth level of the King's tower, and actually landing on the tower is even worse…" But Zellogi still wondered as the dark shape soared over the desert and out of sight. At a loss for what else to do, Zellogi sat and waited for the holes to come back on, since a measly sixty years wasn't nearly enough to make his trip to the holes worthwhile.

He didn't have to wait long before he heard the rustling of wings again. He looked up. The dark shape was returning from the same direction that it had gone…no, now there were two shapes, but they were too high up to truly see what they were. He was starting to feel more and more uneasy as the two shapes landed on the top of the king's tower, and seemed to disappear inside. Going inside the tower?! Zellogi didn't know the exact punishment for that, but he was pretty sure it was probably a harsh one. He looked at the King, expecting him to say something to the interlopers, to demand that they come out and receive punishment… but the King did nothing. He just hung there, utterly inert, his two faces blank, his many arms just dangling. Zellogi was starting to get nervous. This whole situation just didn't feel right.

Suddenly, a scream emanated from the tower, a scream of shock and terror and pain…and it scared Zellogi, not because he'd never heard a scream before; he'd seen several deaths in his lifetime; but because the scream was…alien. It didn't sound like it came from any human's throat. Zellogi forced himself to stay, telling himself that it wasn't shinigami-like to be afraid of anything…after all, nothing could hurt or kill a shinigami unless the King decided to punish one, and the King seemed to neither notice nor care what was going on…but he couldn't quite stop himself from trembling just a bit. When where the holes going to come back on, so he could finish writing and get out of here? Finally, they did come back on, and what Zellogi saw shocked him. Two of the humans were dead, the odd-looking one and the oldest one, but that in itself wasn't so shocking. In one of the rooms, there was a large pile of sand, half-covering a death note. While the holes were off, somehow, the female shinigami had…had died. Suddenly, Zellogi decided that he could finish killing humans some other time. He extended his wings and flew off as fast as he could.