Chapter Twenty – A Brother Divided

The following day after his injuries had been healed, Harry took a walk down to the battlefield. He arrived at a heavily burnt area and saw a mutilated corpse. He picked it up and walked out of Hogwarts gates with it, apparating away after he had left.

He arrived in a forest, where he set the body down, conjured a spade and began to dig. He dug for two hours, finally completing the grave. He climbed out and picked up the body, carefully placing it in the grave. He then filled in the grave again and kneeled down in front of it.

The grave was in front of a large tree...Neville always liked plant life he thought sadly. In to that tree he carved a few simple words.

Neville Longbottom

A Brother Divided


He then stood up, clearing away the tears that had been falling from his eyes. He surveyed the area, which he had chosen specifically. It was the clearing where he and Neville had been taken for their 'Camping Trip' when they were six. It was where they had become friends, where the team was born. It was where a part of Harry died now.

"Goodbye Nev, I love you man." He whispered, turning then apparating away.

He arrived back at Hogwarts and began to help with the clean up; all the Goblin corpses were being prepared to be taken back to the mountain headquarters by the remaining Goblins. The light wizards were being put in body bags, ready to go where the family wanted them. The death eaters, vampires and werewolves were being port keyed where Harry did not know, and did not want to know.

Professor Sprout was regenerating the damage to the grounds, whilst Professor McGonagall and Lily Potter transfigured and conjured replacement stones to go in the walls.

Once the clean-up had been finished, he paid a visit to Professor Dumbledore in the Hospital Wing, who was looking a lot better.

"Harry!" he smiled when Harry walked over to his bed. "Well done on your victories, though to say I have always believed in you would not be true, but I believed in you when I realized the truth about the prophecy" he said slightly embarrassed.

Harry chuckled. "What is that all about, Professor?"

Dumbledore explained his misinterpretation of the prophecy, it all made sense to Harry.

"I am not going to say I am not angry, but we all make mistakes. And besides, I am just happy that I didn't end up like Violet. Though to call her evil is a bit far..."

"She is not evil as such Harry, she just knows evil, and more of it than you it would seem..." he chortled.

Harry stayed and talked with Dumbledore for a while longer, talking about various things such as Harry's defeat of Voldemort, the possibility of him staying on for seventh year at Hogwarts and various sweets of the Wizarding and Muggle World (Dumbledore vowed to try a confection called Soor Plums).

Harry left Dumbledore when Madame Pomfrey shooed him out so that the headmaster could sleep. He walked up to the common room, where he hoped Ginny would be waiting.

She was, and Harry spent the rest of the evening snuggled up with her on the sofa in front of the fire, where they eventually fell asleep and woke up together the next morning.

In the Great Hall a few days later, there was a feast to celebrate the end of the war and to commemorate those that had died.

Dumbledore, freshly released from the hospital wing, made a speech early on.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today in high spirits to celebrate the end of the war, that has lasted over sixteen years... It however did not come without sacrifice there have been many over that period of time who have lost their lives fighting for what is right. I would ask that you observe a moments silence for them."

Nobody made a sound as for two minutes those who died were thought about.

"I would also now like to give a vote of thanks to the one who ended the war, by defeating Voldemort and many of his followers; Captain Harry Potter!"

The cheers and applause that came from everyone in the hall was almost deafening. It carried on for well over a minute, whilst Harry received countless handshakes and pats on the back (and many attempts at kisses, though he only got one, from guess who?).

Kingsley Shacklebolt stood after Dumbledore and echoed many of his sentiments. Then he did something Harry was not expecting;

"I would like to take this opportunity as Minister to award the Order of Merlin; Platinum Class to Captain Potter; bearing in mind that only one has received this before – that being Merlin himself!"

Again there was a huge cheer as Harry accepted his award, with a salute to Kingsley.

"And now, in the immortal words of our host here; Nitwit, oddment, blubber, tweak- basically let's have some food this week!"

He grinned as the plates of food came out, jampacked with delicious treats.

It was a night to remember!

Two weeks after the battle, when the various magical locations outside of Hogwarts had been repaired, the train was going to leave. Harry stood at the station with Ginny, hand in hand. Kingsley came up to him as they were waiting;

"Hello Harry, Ginny." He said.

"Hello Minister, what can we do for you?" replied Ginny.

"Well – Harry, I would like to offer you the position of head of the teams that will be rounding up the last few death eaters and also going to the two islands to regain them." He smiled.

Harry was taken aback – surely there was someone else better qualified – Moody or his father? He glanced over at Ginny, who had her head down looking slightly sad.

"Thank you minister." He replied, Ginny looked dejected. "But no thanks. I am taking a break, I want to spend some time with my family, friends and most importantly Ginny." He grinned.

Ginny's face lit up.

"I had a feeling you'd say that" muttered Kingsley, "Very well, have a good summer you two!"

Ginny turned to Harry, beaming; "You did that for me?"

"Well, when the war was on I was always going out on dangerous missions...I would prefer to spend it wherever I may be, with you, Gin" He leant in to kiss her on the lips, as the train arrived.

Harry said his goodbyes to Ginny, though he would see her every day in the summer, and went to join his family.

Violet Potter had NOT been in a good mood since the battle, she thought Harry had stolen her limelight and her job. Boy she wasn't going to be pleased when she found out the goblin-made jewellery he had promised Graspscrew was the stuff she had received on her sixth birthday and never wore...

Still he was her brother, and he had to be nice to her. He now looked forward to a normal life with Ginny, and no pressures of war or army.

He had come far. He remembered his Granddad's advice, and he knew that wherever he was that he would be proud of him as would Neville – his brother in every way that mattered.

It was time to live.

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