"So what are you naming yours?" Manny asked Emma as the two girls walked with their bags and babies on the way home

"Me and Jay named her Claudia" Emma answered

"You actually let him pick out the name with you?" Manny teased as Emma nodded

"didn't Peter agree to Bella?" Emma asked while glancing at Manny's baby

"No way, I picked it, he gets no opinions" Manny insists about Peter

"Harsh. Could be hard on a kid to see it's parents fight" teased Emma

"We're not fighting, we're just not on speaking terms" joked Manny while looking down at her kid

"Right" smiled Emma "Your going to have to be nice to another to do this assignment" she reminded as Manny rolled her eyes

"Same to you Miss Nelson" Manny joked

"what's that mean?" Emma asked curiously

"means, you and Jay Hogart got to be nice to another" Manny then smirked "But not too nice" she said nudging Emma

"If your trying to hint something Manny you can stop right there. Nothing will ever happen again with me and him. I like Peter" she said

"Like? Shouldn't you love your boy friend?" taunts Manny

"Not until we're both ready" Emma informs

"Riiighhtt" Manny teased with a little giggle, she loved playing with Emma. She was so fun!

She just hated the fact Emma actually gave Peter a chance. If she had to pick, Jay was better for Emma... no doubt.

"Whhhhaaa! Whhhaaaa!"

"What in the gods name is that?" Snake freaked out as he cooked dinner and Emma came from out of the basement with Manny, babies in their arms.

"I can't make it stop" Emma whined and Manny help her baby which wasn't crying, but Emma's wouldn't shut off.

"We fed her and everything" Manny insists to Snake who wimpered

"Oh no, your doing the parental assignment?" he feared as the girls nodded

"I thought it'd be fun" Emma muttered while rocking the baby doll back and forth

"Did you change her?" Manny asked repeatingly

"Yes Manny!" Emma exclaimed

"Maybe it misses it's Dada" teased Snake

"Hey!" Manny smiled as the baby stopped crying "It stopped" she sat down at the dinner table with the baby

"Finally" Emma breaths and did the same as she looked at Snake "And b.t.w Dad?"

'B.T.W?' mouthed Snake, clueless to what that meant.

"The 'Dada', would probably just scare it more" joked Emma.

Jay didn't seem the 'fatherly' type.

"Nothing like Bella's Dad could do" joked Manny about Peter.

Emma gave her friend a glare before smiling and shaking her head.

"Well, I'll go tell your mother we have a grand daughter" joked Snake, heading up the stairs

"won't she be pleased" Manny laughed

"teenage daughter" Emma said impressed "It'd be like a blast from the passed for mom"

"Who's the father by the way?" Snake asked from the stairs

"Jay Hogart" Emma mummered

"what?" Snake stared

"Jay Hogart" Emma repeated knowing her parents wouldn't be happy about this.

"SPIKE!!" Snake screamed.

Manny and Emma shared a worried look.