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Author's Note:I haven't read the book, and, after the emotional roller coaster the movie took me on, I probably won't. I just watched it about two hours ago, and this little drabble was born of my pain and tears. I'd love to hear thoughts on it.

Any Minute Now

I ran away from my father's house four days ago. That's what it is to me now: my father's house. It's not my house, and definitely not my home. It's the place that holds my three annoying sisters and my one good sister.

It hasn't been home since we found Terabithia.

They're out looking for me; I know they are. I've heard them. But the truth is that it's a big forest (kingdom) and they just can't cover all that much ground. Especially with the warriors protecting me.

I see them now. I see it all. The warriors and the giant troll and the squogres. I see them and I believe and I'm keeping my mind wide open.

And if I believe hard enough, she'll come back to me.

We ruled this place with our imaginations. We believed it so much it became real, and it gave us everything we ever wanted.

Now I want her back. And if I can just believe hard enough, she'll come to me.

I sit in our treehouse, my arms wrapped around my legs, my whole body shaking. I don't know if it's from the cold, or fear, or pain, and I don't care. I'm not leaving until I see her.

She'll come back to me.

Any minute now.

She'll come back.