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He pokes and prods him when Green and Vio aren't looking, and he punches and thumps him when they are.

He antagonizes him constantly, belittles him with cruel names and derides him for being stupid and slow, even when he's right and he knows it.

He makes ugly faces and talks about him behind his back, even when he knows he is within hearing distance.


He makes sure he gets extra portions at meals, because no matter how much they all look alike it always seems like he is the smallest.

He tucks him in at night and refolds his clothes after he is asleep, to make them perfect.

He kisses his forehead and strokes his hair to chase away the nightmares that he never remembers when he wakes up, because he loves and doesn't know how to show it.

He thinks the bad things are all that he remembers, but he is wrong.

The one time Blue questioned him, Red said he never remembered waking up from nightmares.

Red lied.