Underlined speech is thought.

Italicized words signify emphasis put on the words or a change in tone. You should be able to figure it out from the choice of words and the character.

Sentences of thought that are completely italicized were spoken by another character while still being inside of the mind of the character that paragraph focuses on.

Bold thoughts are being transferred to the known recipient with others being unaware of the communication.


These are … interruptions in …speech caused … by things …like laughing,…crying, thought,.. and…others.


Words with tildes~ after them are spoken for longer~ periods of time.

Bold words are author notes.

(Previously on The Most Powerful Duo. Hurt by the Rasengan Naruto managed to hit him with, Kisame released the bandages surrounding Samehada. This allowed the weapon to take its true form. Kisame once again started fighting against the pair, taking whatever chance he could to attack the Nanabi jinchuriki. After some time of admiring Naruto and Hinata's level of skill, Kisame unleashed a massive amount of water through one of his jutsu. He then took Samehada into his hands and underwent a fusion with the weapon that made Kisame more shark-like than ever. Hinata could no longer push him back an Naruto's Rasengan was absorbed. Kisame used this chance to use Naruto's chakra to help him form a massive water dome. In this environment, Kisame easily dominated them. As he saw Hinata receive a fatal injury before his eyes, Naruto was pulled into his mind by the Kyubi. The demon tried to force his chakra onto Naruto, but Udekazari formed a barrier. When they left, the Kyubi had a conversation with his Yin half. After talking with Udekazari, Naruto woke again. He used the power of the bracelets they received to take Hinata's injuries on himself. She woke from her near death state and realized what was happening and tried to take back her injuries. In the fight to heal the other, both their bodies broke apart and combined into a new entity; Yondou.)


I've had two people mention to me that it would be a good idea to put a end to this story and split off into a sequel. I thought about it and decided that it would be a good idea. The first chapter will be a large recap of this entire story. The second will be the start up of the fight between Yondou and Kisame. I've developed a bunch of new ideas that only seem to make my story better.

New Story Name: The Greatest Sage.