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Summary : First McAbby story. McGee has recently joined NCIS. He and Abby test a Virtual Reality Game ...

Warning: Adult content!!

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Abby worked late most nights of the week. But now a days she had a new reason for working late and his name was Timothy McGee. He was an MIT graduate and a computer genius. Now as a result of a new case, he was working out the kinks on a Virtual Reality Game.

He'd spent the last three nights testing the games in her lab, where he'd placed all the perps equipment. She watched him each night, memorizing his features and longing to touch him.

But he never seemed to notice.

Tonight it was the same thing. Abby stood in her office watching Tim through the looking glass. He was tall, built, blonde and sexy. He wore tailored slacks that flattered his tight butt and a white shirt open at the collar, the sleeves folded up. He reclined on a tilted couch that came with the VR game, his legs slightly apart, his hips tilted upwards. Watching him made Abby hot.

He reached for the goggles that were connected to the computer on his right. His fingers flew over the keyboard selecting the program to be checked. Easing back, he turned to look straight at her. He smiled and then placed the goggles over his eyes.

He knows!

Abby was motified. She turned away, grabbed her bag and left her lab.

The next day she avoided McGee's eyes and remained silent as she ran DNA analysis and tox screens for Ducky.

Later that afternoon as she prepared to leave, McGee approached her.

"Abby, I need your help tonight."

"With what?" Abby asked, not making eye contact.

"I need to test S7E4X1 and see if it works as an interactive model and could have been used in trapping the Petty Officer." McGee replied.

"Okay." Abby replied. It wasn't like she could refuse. When she could, but then Gibbs would get all grouchy and McGee would get into trouble and she didn't want that.

Later that evening, McGee followed Abby into the workroom and closed the door behind her. Then he connected a second set of goggles to the console and invited her to sit in a reclining chair next to his. She did as he asked and tried to relax. Her black minishirt seemed too short as did her puff sleeved white blouse with the deep v in the neckline.

"Ready?" McGee asked.

"Yeah." Abby replied.

Moments later, music filled her mind as did an image of a beach with white sands and bubbling blue water.

He called her name and she turned to look for him. He reclined on a blanket under an umbrella, waiting for her.

"Tim!" She gasped.

He was naked accept for the speedo that didn't do must to shade his assets.

"Come here." McGee said a smile on his face. "You know you want to."

Abby swallowed hard. She took in the beach, the hot sand below her feet, the ocean scent and the skimpy black and white bikini she had on and decided he chose the game. If he wants to play, we'll play.

She walked towards him, watching his eyes heat up with every step.

"Lie down on your stomach." He said when she was finally in front of him.

None of his usual shyness or geekiness was visible.

"Why? She asked nervous arousal skittering across her body.

He lifted a bottle of massage oil and let a few drops splash into his palm.

Abby shivered as she lowered herself onto the blanket, face down. She felt Tim undo the bows of her bikini top and throw them on either side of her.

"Relax, Abs." McGee murmured his lips close to her ear.

Awe! Abby sighed as Tim's warm, oil slicked hands settled on her shoulders. His fingers kneaded her muscles, erasing every tension knot and replacing it with mounting arousal. She felt him shift and almost shouted out when he straddled her hips.

"I've been watching you, watching me." He said.

"I ... I ..."

"Don't worried, I enjoyed it. I know you like me Abs and I like you too."


"That's why I created the program, just for us, to explore and admit ... how far we want to take this." Tim's hands moved in widening circles across her back all the way down to her hips, skimming the top of her butt.

"Mmmm." Abby couldn't hold back her delight.

His strong thighs bracketed hers. His hands enthralled her. His words made heat pool in her most intimate place.

Then he moved. Instead of straddling her, he was leaning forward, over her back, his hips against her butt, his chest against her back, his lips against her ear.

"Abs, how far do you want to take this?" He whispered, his hips gently rubbing against her.

"Oh God." She moaned. "All the way. McGee. I want to take it all the way."

"Good." McGee growled.

A moment later the scenery disappeared. Abby moaned in frustration. That was until Tim removed her goggles and moved to lie on top of her.

"I want it to be as real as it gets, no virtual game, at least not the first time round." He said.

"Oh Tim," Abby sighed as his lips settled on hers.

He devoured her mouth, entering, stroking and conquering. He swallowed every gasp and moan as Abby's arousal skyrocketed. His hands reached down her front, undoing the buttons at lightening speed.

Abby cried out when his hands closed over her bare breasts. He didn't let up. He'd wanted her ever since he'd joined his team a few months ago. And now that she'd said how far she wished to go, he was going to make sure he took her there and back as many times as he could.

They were naked soon after and Tim didn't let her do anything other than respond. And respond she did, to his probing fingers, suckling lips and swirling tongue and when he penetrated her hot, wet core, she shouted out in shuddering release.

He took her again and again, wanting her to reach new heights with each thrust of his hips. He put all his longing into every stroke and he groaned as her nailed dug into his back and her lips suckled his neck. Never had it been this intense for him and he suspected for her either.

Then it was his turn and Abby arched up to meet his driving hips as he made her come yet again. One final deep, thrust and he exploded deep inside her.

"Tim... that was amazing!" She moaned her lips showering kisses along his jaw and chest.

"You are amazing." Tim panted.

He leaned into her and kissed her deeply.

"Next time we play, I get to take the lead." Abby grinned as she curled up in his arms and they promptly fell asleep.


Author's Note:

Should I continue and let Abby take the lead..?