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Harry Potter and the Imprisonment


This night would be they're first night out since the twins were born. Lilly stared down at them lovingly and full of worry. Her gaze landed on her son that was born first, Justin Remus Potter. She ruffled his dark red hair, that resembled her own. Justin stared up at her with James' hazel eyes. She turned to her other son, the second born, Harry James Potter, he had James' untidy black hair, but her green eyes. He looked up at her lovingly.

"Coo'ie?" He asked.

Lilly smiled. "I think I have an extra cookie I can give you." She went to the kitchen and got a chocolate chip cookie, and brought it back. Her smile widened when she saw him break it in half to give to his twin brother. Justin happily accepted half the cookie. "I love you both so much." She said.

"Wuv you 'oo!" Harry said. Justin had yet to say a word. But the healer said it was normal, and he would probably begin to talk soon.

"Mommy and Daddy are going out tonight, uncle Padfoot will be here."

Harry clapped, he liked his uncle Padfoot, he always made him and his brother laugh.

"You ready to go Lilly? Sirius just arrived." James walked into the room.

"Da'ay!" Harry yelled. He moved his arms upward, showing he wanted to be picked up.

"How are my big boys doing?" He asked them, picking them both up. "You going to be okay with Padfoot?"

"Yea'," Harry said with a grin. Justin grinned as well.

He sat them both back into the playpen. "Ready Lilly?"

"I'm worried, we haven't been away from them since they were born, and then that prophecy that Albus told us about..."

"Don't worry Lil's, Sirius will take care of everything."

"You doubting me Lilly?" Sirius asked as he walked into the room

"Pa'foo'!" Harry smiled.

Sirius picked up Harry. "Go on, me and the boys will be fine. Go and have fun! You've been cooped up in this house too long."

"He's right Lilly, we should leave soon."

Lilly nodded and gave each of her sons a good-bye kiss. "I'll see you in the morning when you wake up okay?"

"Kay," Harry said, he let out a yawn.

"You should put them to bed soon, it's almost eight." Lilly told Sirius.

"I have everything under control, go." He shooed them out the door. "Ready for bed Harry?" His response was another yawn.

"Let's put you two to bed then." He picked up Justin and went to they're bedroom. Since they were born Harry and Justin had always shared a bed and refused to sleep if they were separated. He laid them down in the crib and gave them a stuffed animal that played lullabies if you pushed it's stomach. The twins were soon asleep. He went back down stairs, after putting up sensory charms to alert him if something was wrong, and watched some T.V.

After a bit the doorbell rang. He got up with his wand out and checked the door, it was Peter Pettigrew.

"Peter? What are you doing here?" Sirius asked.

He looked slightly nervous. "Lilly told me to watch the kids, she said you should go home."

Sirius frowned. "She doesn't think I can do it?"

He shrugged. "You should go home and sleep, you had Auror duty earlier, I can watch them."

"I am a bit tired, with the Death Eaters around and all... Fine, I'll see you later Peter."

"Bye Sirius," he said.

He waited to make sure Sirius had left, then he lifted the sleeve on his left forearm and touched the Dark Mark that resided there, signaling his master. The door opened moments after.

"You have done well Wormtail, you shall be rewarded later." A figure dressed in black had said. Red eyes seemed to glow beneath it's hood.

"T-thank you master," he said, bowing at the figure's feet. It didn't seem to notice the man at it's feet and moved on towards the room with the children in it.

It came upon the two babies, one was asleep, while the other seemed to know something was wrong. Harry looked at it with his killer-curse green eyes "Who you?"

"I am Lord Voldemort, soon to be you and your brother's death," The figure said.

Harry looked up defiantly. "No!"

"I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter," He said. "I usually don't make a habit of killing children, but I don't want competition, farewell." He pointed his wand at Harry. "Avada kedavra!" The green light went towards Harry, but instead of killing him, it was bounced off -leaving nothing but a lighting bolt cut on his forehead- and went back to Voldemort. It had killed him. But Harry did not scream, not even when the house collapsed. He tried to keep up the barrier that he had put around his brother, but it was to much and Harry passed out. A piece of glass had fallen and cut Justin's right eye, the piece of glass landed by Harry's head, next to his cut.

At Hogwarts

Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk when he felt something shift inside of himself. "The wards have fallen." He whispered to himself. He ran as quickly as he could to Minevera McGonagal, the Transfiguration professor. "Get Lilly and James, He's attacked." She didn't question him and went to warn them. Dumbledore went past the wards of Hogwarts and apparated to Potter Manor.

The house was in ruins when he arrived, he heard someone crying under the debris. He used his wand and lifted it, to find Justin and Harry. He did a quick scan to reveal Harry's currently lack of magic and cut on his forehead, and... Something unknown. He did another scan on Justin, his magic was full, he would also lose the sight out of his right eye. He dared not heal it, whatever Voldemort had done to them, it might affect his magic and cause more damage.

"Where are they!?" Asked a frantic Lilly. She saw them by Dumbledore and ran strait over. "What's wrong with them!? What happened to Justin's eye? What's wrong with Harry!? Wha-"

"Lilly! I will answer your questions when we get them to Saint Mungo's." She nodded, she took Harry and James took Justin.

At Saint Mungo's

"Did Voldemort come to the manor?" James asked Dumbledore.

"I believe so, his magic surrounded the area, but he was killed, one of the order had found a cloak, that was covered in his magic as well." Dumbledore said

"K-killed? But how?" Lilly asked through her sobs.

"I believe he tried to attack Justin, which would explain the wound on his eye." He said.

"And Harry? How do you explain his wound?" James asked

"I had seen a piece of glass next to the cut on his head, he was probably hit by it when the house fell."

"But, what about his magic depletion?"

Dumbledore looked at him sadly. "I will discuss that with you later, along with the other members."

The Healer had released them an hour later. They had not been able to save Justin's eye, but they had been able to heal the cut on Harry's forehead.

They had met up with the order of the phoenix at Hogwarts, Lilly had not left the children, since they had left Saint Mungo's.

"Are you going to explain now?" James asked.

"I have some rather shocking news, though I haven't thoroughly checked it yet-"

"Lilly, James!" Sirius came running into the room.

James pointed his wand at him. "You have a lot of nerve showing up here! You betrayed us! You and Pettigrew!"

"No! I Swear I didn't! Pettigrew came and said Lilly told him to look after the kids, I didn't think he would betray us!" Sirius pleaded.

"How do I know you and he aren't partners in this?" James hissed.

"I would admit it under Veritaserum. I didn't purposely leave them in danger. If I had known, I would have killed that rat on the spot, and escaped with the kids. I swear, I never meant to harm them." He was close to tears.

James lowered his wand. "I believe you Padfoot." He turned to Dumbledore after Sirius was seated. "You were saying?"

"As I was saying, before the interruption of Sirius, I have some rather shocking news, though I haven't thoroughly checked it yet, but I believe a piece of Voldemort's soul resides in Harry." Almost everyone flinched at his name.

There were gasps around the room. "But how?" Mcgonagall asked.

"I believe when Voldemort attacked Justin, he was torn from his body, I think a piece of soul has latched onto Harry."

"What will happen to Harry?" James asked, looking down at his son.

"I believe it will remain dormant, for now. But it may cause a problem in the future. I believe it's in Justin's best interest if we leave Harry with someone else, just to keep watch on him."

"NO! I will not have my son taken away from me again!" Lilly yelled. "Justin may be our savior, but Harry is still our son, I will not have my family broken apart." James agreed.

"Very well. But at least keep him away from Justin, and watch him carefully." Lilly was about to protest when he interrupted her. "I only believe it will remain dormant, I am not positive. If it should awaken, it will most likely try to finish what Voldemort started."

"But how does that have to do anything with Harry's lack of power?" James asked.

"I believe the soul has taken Harry's power to stabilize itself." He said, he turned to a different order member. "How soon can you alert the daily prophet about Voldemort and Justin?"

"I'll leave strait away," the member said and flooed out.

When the order members left, Lilly and James stayed behind. "So Justin is the child of the prophecy?" Lilly asked the Headmaster.

"Yes, There won't be a witch or Wizard that won't know his name. Justin, The-Boy-Who-Lived."

End of prologue