We decided to road trip down to Atlanta, before flying down to Mexico. I love road trips, but a road trip with Jeff? Hell yes.
Now he's on Smackdown, we'll be able to travel together, same as Shannon as Julie. I'm not a wrestler or a Diva, or an interviewer or a mindless slut, I'm a part time seamstress and the hair and make up with my friend Ericka, who mainly works with the Divas, especially on the PPV's.
That's how I met Matt- I did the make up on the MVP angle. He asked me out to dinner and the rest is history.
I believe only Vince knows my last name, and of course my brother does.
As I sit in Jeff's Corvette, the windows down with air pouring in, Ericka texts me.

LA, Michelle is driving me insane, girl. Just cause I haven't got the budget to finance the amount of foundation her hella huge forehead needs! Screw J yet?
E2TRICKA xoxo.

I just laugh and slide my phone shut, making note of the new 'LA' nickname she's given me. I guess I'm responsible for her 'E to the Ricka' one. I love that girl.

"Layna, do you have somebody else?" Jeff's question jolts me out of my daydreaming almost as quickly as I slipped into it.

"No, but that's not to say that I don't like somebody else."

Jeff's look is inquisitive, "Yeah? Adam?"

I laugh before I can think not to; Adam and I are close friends. "No, Jeff. Somebody a little closer to home."



"Shannon?" Jeff's voice cracks as I lean over to him and whisper in his ear;


"Me?" Realisation dawned on his face, "You want me?"

"Uh huh." I mean, what else do you say?

"Man! You had me there!" Jeff clicks his fingers, laughing, "That was a good one Na Na."

I guess that means conversation closed.

Jeff's POV

Oh man.
I should've seen this coming. I saw it with Amy, and didn't warn him. Now Helena! I can't tell him: he loves her. But as she sits on the balcony, drinking a beer in just a towel after her shower, light practically radiating from her and off her, something occurs to me.

I do too.

Helena's POV

I'm going to give this one last shot. If he doesn't want me after this, then I'll give up.
People say that you learn nothing from television. Those people obviously never saw the video for "Always" by Bon Jovi, then.
Jeff likes to draw, we all know that. Jeff especially likes to draw me, and now is no exception as I notice him drawing me now, sketching my outline as I lie on the lounger.
I bend down to reach my beer, the towel slipping away. He stares and blushes, stares and blushes.
And, by the time he has reached me, I do not have much work to do.

Another persons heart is a castle, guarded heavily but for one secret passage that only love can find.
Love can lay with you in white cotton sheets, on a grass verge and under the stars at night. It often takes you to places you never dreamed you would go.

Love is something that we often stumble over, but close our eyes and carry on oblivious to what we're missing.

You will want to know that I, Helena Cassidy Orton, took Matthew Moore Hardy to be my lawfully wedded husband, until his brother objected, then left me to pick up the pieces.

I no longer work for the WWE or have any contact with the Hardys.

I have set up my own hair and make up business with Ericka and have found love again, once again having to ruin a relationship to get it. Ericka is dating my brother Randy, who split from his wife shortly after the birth of their first child and her twenty thousand dollar a month purse habit.
I live in Southern California with Brian "Synyster Gates" Haner, no more than ten minuites away from his band members and from Ericka, who lives around the corner with Randy.
I still love Jeff and I write to him every month.
One day, I will send those letters.

People ask me if I have learnt my lesson in Jeff.
For me, there was no lesson to learn, more what I stood to gain or to lose.
Sometimes I stand on the beach at night, a gentle wave occasionally lapping at my feet, and I look up at the stars.

Always, I wonder if Jeff is seeing them too.